J.P. Bekasiak Back To Defensive Line

According to Drew Edwards latest blog, J.P. Bekasiak will be back competing for a spot on the defensive line when training camp opens in June. Good news in my opinion. Never liked the idea of him being converted into an O-lineman.

Thanks for the information, mightypope.

I agree with you. Given the additional non-import offensive line depth in Simeon Rottier (and probably Zac Carlson via the supplemental draft on May 11/09), it makes sense to move J.P. Bekasiak back to his natural position on the defensive line. It will be interesting to see how he develops under the supervision of defensive coordinator Greg Marshall and defensive line coach John Kropke, who were both solid CFL linemen back in the day.

This is a smart move. The Ticats couldn't draft anyone better than Bekesiak in the draft for the nose-tackle spot, so they just shift him back over from O-Line to compete with Kirk and Reid. Hope Bekesiak knows that he's been getting a free ride the past two years (being paid and not playing), and that the money train is being cut off unless he brings his A game to TC.

Do remember Bekasiak has been putting on the weight to bulk up for the OL. The transition may be more than just changing the position beside his name. With that said it should prove to be the right move.

Had Legare been available at #3, I doubt Bekasiak is moved back to DL.

had they picked Legare #1 they could have got Rottier #3 But ,imo the args surprised them by picking Legare#2, Instead of high profil Lee#2, then Obie made the trade with B.C , (Not sure why obie picked a nonimort running back?)This was a very interesting draft with lots of Nonimport Talent out there,and Very good to see it broadcast on TSN :thup:

Good move. I wasn't impressed by the move to start with. I thought we gave up on him way too soon. It will be interesting to see if he can drop the weight he gained for the switch and be effective.

They never should have switched him to the OL in the first place. He is a natural DT all the way with his frame and instincts. His size alone will help plug running lanes in the middle. He does need to be more aggressive though.

A great thing about a guy his size at DT is if he starts to have success then opposing teams will start to put 2 blockers on him which will free up other pass rushers.

I think the move back to DL is more because of the great off season pickups on the OL plus drafting another 2. Along with the fact that the team needs all the D linemen it can get to compete in camp.

IF playing Middle Depending on Weight now he may not have drop much.

I agree that the move back to DL is because of the great pickups on the OL, but I think this will be a make or break year for him. If he was moved to the OL last year it might have been because of perceived weakness on the OL, but in any case, he couldn't have been considered such a great DLine prospect if they tried to put him through learning to be on the other side of the ball. He didn't seem to be very effective in his first try on the DL. He has the size, but I heard from somewhere (two guys at a bus stop, i don't know) that he just doesn't have the speed or the aggressiveness for a CFL Dline. Who knows, maybe he's improved and there'll be a good competition for the spots.

They say that to be a great football player, you need to be smart enough to understand the game, but dumb enough to think it's important. Maybe J.P. is just too smart...

Bekasiak is home again on the DL. This is where he played his university ball and where he belongs.
This shift to the DL will be his acid test. I agree with the theory that he needs to be more aggressive.