J Johnson Out, Knowlton Back

8) According to the Cat depth chart that just was released, it looks like Markeith Knowlton is back, but Jamall Johnson is
   out. (added to injury list)

  Looks like newcomer Dominique Harris will replace Johnson at LB, and another newcomer DT Terrance Moore will get the
  start at DT.   McElveen has also been added to the injury list.

Torrey Davis is also back from injury.

Johnson was put on the IR before last week's game. The "outs" this week, in addition to McElveen (IR) are Campbell and Fournier both moved to the PR.

With 23 IMPs among this week's 46 it'll be interesting to see who the 4th Reserve will be -- Hennessey, Kelly, one of Boudreaux, Peguese, J. Smith, and ? Young?

Where is Bruce Davis, I don't even see him on the roster...

8) Good question !! You're right, he is not listed anywhere on the team roster at all !!
  Has he quietly been released ???

Interesting discovery Makaveli. It's either a staff clerical slip-up or he's been released just today. I expect it's a slip-up as he was extended on the IR up to today.

8) According to the CFL Transactions, Bruce Davis has indeed been released !!!
       No mention of that fact at all from the local media people.

too bad, I thought he was a keeper but I know for some reason that Creehan did not like him, and I would not be surprised he ends up on another CFL team like a number of others that Creehan has dumped.

lets hope we can get to the quarterback today and stuff the run…