J.C. Superstar!!!

If he keeps at the current pace, JC Sherritt will finish the season with 158 tackles. The League record since going to an 18 game season is 129. That is truly incredible, barring injury you might as well mail him the Defensive Player of the year award now. Add to that he leads the league in interceptions as well, you might as well give him the Most Outstanding Player honours as well! :thup:

Sherritt has pretty much already won top defensive player for sure, but Chris Williams is the Most Outstanding Player.

Toss up but Williams gets the Special Teams award hands down. Guess we'll see how the year progresses.

Haha, JC Superstar. I'm not an Eskimo fan, but I like that one.

What about Owens? Didn't they say he was on pace for 4,000 all-purpose yards, and that he'd be the only person in league history to have 3 consecutive seasons with 3,000 all-purpose yards? That could put him in the running for Special Teams, which might give Williams the MOP.

But I agree that Sherritt should be leading the pack for Defence so far. :thup:

JC is almost superhuman....


At this point in the season, I think half of the awards have pretty much been wrapped up. Sherritt on defense, Williams on special teams and Andrew Harris as top Canadian look like near shoe ins (Cornish could make a run at top Canadian). That leaves lineman, rookie (which, at this point, is likely to be Chevon Walker, IMO) and MOP. I think we could honestly see a rematch of top rookie from last year for MOP this year. Calvillo will be in the conversation as well (if he throws for 6,000 yards it will be hard to overlook), but if Sherritt and Williams come even close to keeping their respective paces up, I can't see how they aren't the two finalists. I think Williams has the edge, but it's not by a large margin. But as you say, we'll have to see how the year plays out.

That's about the most hollow record in football. Barker likes to hype it up because he can always point to the time he ripped off Trestman in a trade to justify keeping his job as the GM in Toronto.

Chris Williams is the player Toronto wishes Owens could be. There's no comparison in the two. Williams is a much more explosive punt returner and a WAY better receiver. Except that Owens gets all the kickoff returns in Toronto to pad his all purpose yards.

I have been saying this for two years. When 1,700 of your 3,000 yards come on kick returns, that's not a stat that should be celebrated. Having that many kick return yards means one thing: the teams your playing against are kicking off a lot which means they are scoring a lot of points. Owens is, in my opinion, one of the most overrated players in the league. He's performing better this season now that he has a capable QB, but he isn't even in the same stratosphere as Chris Williams.

Sherritt has fantastic pursuit, every team would love to have that guy on their team.

Having grown up a fan of both Alberta teams, I had the great fortune to watch first hand who in my opinion were the 2 greatest middle linebackers in CFL history. One was Dan Kepley who nobody I have seen comes close in terms of intensity and sheer ferocity in the CFL. The other is The Thumper, Wayne Harris, who I believe was technically the greatest ml the CFL has ever seen. Sherritt reminds me of a great deal of Harris. He is all over the field and has great ball sense. Both men should be honoured by the comparison.

Maybe someday Sherritt will get his stamp.