IWS on How I Met Your Mother

Anyone watch HIMYM tonight. Lots of Canadians and Canadian references on the show. Dave Thomas is talking about the singing career of one of the characters who is Canadian and that she played the halftime show of the 96 Grey Cup at Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Ontario. " Just outside of Guelph" I think the Guelph reference by Thomas shows how current he is on the Cats stadium relocation. Local boy in touch with his team and roots.


Well it is about time Guelph got its due on screen. Chuck Tatham , the writer, has been working on various Hollywood shows for years.

The fact that his roots are in Guelph and his mother is very active in Guelph means that he should have dropped the references long ago!

I believe I remember the snow at that 96 IWS Grey Cup game, but I don't recall much about the half time show. Perhaps the script stretched it a bit.

Oskee wee wee from my location

IIRC, it was Trooper...

actually, The Nylons performed during the '96 Grey Cup in Hamilton.
Trooper played at the '97 GC in Edmonton, one of the most frigid games in recent memory.

That’s right. Both were horrible though…

So.... Robin Sparkles/Daggers would have been an upgrade then....

There was no half time show in Hamilton. It was cancelled due to weather and the entire half time was spent trying to clear the field of snow.

A truly made in Canada halftime show. The only thing better would have been a massive snow ball fight.

I was on the volunteer committee for the Great Canadian Tailgating Party for that Grey Cup.

The half time show, believe it or not, was the group that brought you the "Macarena"

Poor South Americans, wearing very little, freezing to death

WOW so who was at that Grey Cup Halftime … funny how ya got so many different answers here

well let me google that for y’all


Hope it helps

Ok that was cool. Helps us lazy people lol.

From what I recall (and what I told one of my teachers that year) the whole GC was cancelled due to weather and there was no '96 Grey Cup. :wink:

That's because the Argos won with a little help from the officials.