IWS Has An X-Box?

Apparently Box X at IWS is sold out. Does anyone know where X-Box is? I wonder if they have t-shirts or anything special like that?

Yes IWS has always had a Box X as I remember it was for VIP's and it is located on the South Stands above the Entrance to where the officials come out at the 55 Yard line. Not sure of the amount of seats though.

Looking at a Seating Chart It is between Box C and Box D at the 55 yard line

I prefer a WI.

Considering how Mr. Young made his fortune, I'm sure IWS has no Microshaft affiliation...

Kind Fit Cause he was Mr X Before He was Bob to US
Plus He has MRX as Company

Sounds like you'd get lap-dances in that one!
Sign me up!

Yes, I would think there wouldn't be an "X-box" section. Maybe there would be a section titled Oskee Wii Wii. :slight_smile:

Nicely done, BYF (even if I misspelled Wii on the serve). I was waiting for that reply. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I'm sure you can always count on one of us here to follow through after setups like those.