IWS Demolition?

Does anyone know the day they are actually going to start the demolition of IWS? I just would like to be there for the first day..


isnt that like slowing down when passing the scene of an accident :stuck_out_tongue:

The city turns the land over Decenber 1st, so its anyones guess after that ? There will be prep work before it comes down. I plan on driving by once in a while. I will update.

Should be interesting to see for sure.

I plan on going down a few time and doing a video myself! :rockin:

Stadium tree plan has 38 trees being cut down for demolition and construction to be replaced by 120 trees.

Check out the tree plan here http://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/49D ... W12099.pdf

Thanks for that.

That spruce tree that blocked the view of the tigervision from the old smoking area would look good on a front lawn somewhere :wink:

Maybe the city will get smart and allow someone with a "tree spade" to come in and save it from the chainsaws. :thup:

Demolition of the south stands is tenativley set for December 10th.

I hope your right about this Captain. I plan to drive down there every day to see if I can get and old plank or two since I'll be on holidays then. I don't care if it was my actual seat, I'll just paint it and mark 3 and 4 in marker and make a coffee table for my man cave. I'll tell my friends it used to be my seats from Ivor Wynne. I'm sure they'll believe me.

Fencing should be going up by now.