IWS Chris Schultz' football mecca

For me, in many odd and realistic ways it is my football mecca,
I am sure that everyone has a physical structure that they identify as significant - a building or a location that was a building block or area that shaped perception. Perception of the future and what you want to do with it.

For me it was that stadium. I go back as far as when the home of the Tiger-Cats had grass, which transferred to AstroTurf and not field turf. At certain points it was very pristine and perfect, at other points in its history beat up and run down. But the charm of that football stadium will be within my mind forever. From my very first CFL game watching Joe Zuger punt with such unique excellence, to the last game I played knowing the end was now


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b [/b] You know what I remember? When the brand new north stands were built in 1971 to match the South stands built 10 years earlier. We had a practically brand new stadium in '71, the year before the '72 Grey Cup. A stadium that the City commissioned engineers' reports in 2007 stated would last another 35 + years with regular upkeep. Remember when permanent structures were built using concrete? The Coliseum comes to mind. (The '07 report is available online.)

b[/b] Commonwealth Stadium ( finished in 1977) in Edmonton is only 6 years older than about half of Ivor Wynne Stadium....while McMahon Stadium in Calgary is 10 years older than that half of Ivor Wynne. Yet, nobody in those cities talk about tearing down their stadiums. I think there's a reason why their Premieres aren't bailing out right about now. Ever think that Maybe Dalton, Bob, and Scott Mitchell sold us a bunch of #%&@ ? Ontario residents owe more money per capita than Californians and the citizens of Greece, who are among the world's worst economies, yet nobody including our lib media says boo. HELLO. Ontario's public debt is $236.8-billion while the non-public debt is around $16 billion.

b[/b] We end up paying over $2 billion for 2 weeks of track and field and replace the best stadium already in North America for watching outdoor football. Well, at least we'll have more parking like Bob and Mitchell always wanted. At least we'll average more than the 21,000 that Bob and Mitchell said we needed to survive. At least we'll draw back all those fans that stay away because they don't have biggie-sized seats with backs. Yet, all the while average attendance over the last 6 years is around 24 000, the the highest ever in the history of the Tiger-Cats dating back to the early '70s.
You make up your mind. Or let Dalton and Bob continue to do it for you. I think we need to speak up and put an end to the idea of a new stadium for Bob and the ridiculous spending approved by a non-existent Premier.

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/videos/news/world/1225519502001/ontarios-debt-crisis/1775805695001]http://www.torontosun.com/videos/news/w ... 5805695001[/url]