Ivor Wynne what happened?

Being a Ticat fan for years I am use to losing however I did know one thing. At the next home game we as fans would let them know how we felt, you know what I mean but thanks to the TV commercials and the never ending music from the PA system they probably wont even here us. The Ticats have not only managed to remove the fun from the field they have managed to remove their own fans from the game!!![/b]

I agree - get rid of the music so the teams on the field can here the fans. Give the fans something to chear about and the fans will create the atmosphere in the stadium.

Huh ??

I agree too! I don't mind music and dumb, patronizing remarks from the announcer if they remain in the background.
I go to Ivor Wynne to watch football and participate with the fans in cheering or booing, as the situation warrants and NOT to listen to all the crap that is several decibels above a healthy hearing level.

I love the music, and so do my kids.

We have no problem standing and yelling and cheering and booing.

The music pumps us up even more!

The game day experience is next to none.

We're in section 7, below the speakers. Sometimes we wonder if the players can here the play calls because it is so loud. It would be nice to here what other people are saying, 2 rows behind us but it is impossible. It's OK when we're winning but it is irritating when we're not, which is becoming close to most of the time. It was interesting to watch the games in both Calgary and Montreal and not her music, just crowd noise.

i donmt find it loud i sit section 24

the stadium experience is lousy..they make the game secondary...we are there to watch a game, not to be bombarded by jason farr's rediculous announcing or the music blaring all the time...ahh to have bill stirrup back and a football atmosphere,not WWE or NBA!!!!!!

Ditto. I am in Section 6 and 2/3 the way up.

Especially before the game....the sound is a bit harsh too

I can hardly talk to my neighbours between plays.

and I seldom see any replays between plays this year.

What fun is that?

I agree, use the music for the cheerleaders for there dances but that is all you really need!! It causes no one to get pumped up, just annoyed!!!!!!!!


I think it adds to the Ivor Wynn experience for the ppl who may not be all that familiar with the game. :smiley:
Everyone that I've ever gone to the games with really enjoyed the music, they say it adds to the experience.


If you speak the same way as you write, I'd guess you're already deaf.