Ivor Wynne was on Fire


I'm suprised no one had mentioned this. In the second half smoke began billowing from underneath a plank running between the benches and sheet metal siding in end zone section 14 on the northeast side.

There were some flames that began licking over the edge of the plank before security and event staff arrived with a fire extinguisher.

Yes, I did see some stadium personnel walking in the east endzone with fire extinguishers and found in kind of odd. Thanks for the update.

I heard something about a fire after the game. Thanks for the info. Nobody I asked seemed to know what happened

Not sure what happened so if someone can tell us that would be interesting. (Hopefully no one set the fire). There were alot of morons at the game yesterday. Four guys ran on the field. My goodness. I was also shocked the players basically checked them to the ground. Not one of Hamilton's prouder moments with these guys.

There was at least one person having a cigarette in section 14 a few minutes before the smoke was spotted. I don't know if it was the butt that started it.

I didn't want to say anything not knowing for sure.

It looked like it was coming from the visitor locker room from section 9, anyway.

Well at least all of the lights stayed up. Bring on the new stadium! 8)