Ivor Wynne vs The Roman Coliseum

Ivor Wynne vs The Roman Coliseum

On of the Forbidden Website Board of Directors just emailed us after visiting the Coliseum in Rome. A few jokes bounced back and forth:

“Did you find our seats??
“What’s the Alumni Room look like??
“Are the visiting dressing rooms up to Doug Brown’s standards??

But it really got me thinking. IWS is like a modern Roman Coliseum. What if we had been owned by Hadrian, Nero and Tiberius instead of Ballard, Braley and Grant?

Dancing Don MacPhereson would have been stoned at center field

Adrion Smith would have never played for the Argos – he would have been hung from the goal post after the dropped interception against the Western Riders kept us from the playoffs. The same goal post that a drunken fan climbed and sat atop for over an hour at the end of that game.

Anthony Calvillo would never have won a Grey Cup with Montreal. The Tiger in the end zone would have been unleashed upon him during his disastrous 1996 season.

Ozzies two finger gesture to the crowd was reminiscent of the Emperors “thumbs up or thumbs down? judgment against a fighter.

Would TC still be allowed to drive his “chariot? around the battlefield?

Ivor Wynne – a modern Roman Coliseum.


Add a lance and shield to the Box J Boys wardrobe and we've got perfect attire.

Now if we could only convince the powers that be to allow "drinking from chalises". :wink:

From a societal perspective, I often feel as though the Barbarians are at our gates.

If Bob is walking around in a toga next game then I'll really start to worry.

I believe you were allowed to smuggle water into the Coliseum and there were public washrooms in the parking lot.

I bet they had troughs for whizzing in. Then again, Ivor Wynne has the sinks.

I saw an argo fan making liberal use of the west end zone vomitorium (aka the bushes) a couple games ago.

You mean a blue team fan.

Liberals make me feel like vomiting too.

The lance and shield would be fitting. Just ask 1989 Most Outstanding Ticat Defensive player and owner of 31 career interceptions Lance Shields!

  • paul

Last year, they broke right through the gates, just as our Imperial Senate was imploding under its own hubris. All the attention given to forbidding chants and confiscating sippy cups blinded them to the need to outlaw the weapon-toting hordes descending upon us from Toronto. If not for the quick action of the Forbidden Website (who promptly reminded them how the Argos $uck!), they may never have been driven off:

[url=http://www.argos-suck.com/images/thefans/thefans/target26.html]http://www.argos-suck.com/images/thefan ... get26.html[/url]

That does it - togas on Labour Day.


What Say we get a "Toga Tailgate" Together?

Hey...that even has a nice ring to it!

I know that "BLUTO" (Argo Fan) will be there.

LET'S......... DO IT! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

Sounds like a plan…

I think I have the perfect sheet for a toga - an old NFL sheet from when I was a kid. Think of it - a “Fall of the Roman Umpire” toga…

"drinking from chalises", now where have I seen this before. :wink:

One thing I'll say about Ivor Wynne, and I've been a proponent in the off-season about a new stadium, is that once the season starts and I go to the games, wooden benches and all, the old girl is one fine specimen even with it's warts and rusty spots. Guess I'm sort of a nostalgia freak afterall.

OK...You're ON! You talk to your people ...I'll talk to mine...lol. :wink:

This could be a lot of fun! :thup:

Hey woody....make sure your toga has a big Winnipeg Blue Bomber logo on it, now that you're officially in the "Blue Bombers to win the Grey Cup" camp. :roll:

P.S: I'll never let you live it down. :smiley:

I thought we had been there:


"There's only one thing left that we can do."
"Toga party."


I am eagerly awaiting Mark's and Russ' contribution to this thread.