Ivor Wynne vs. the Red Herring

Thanks for posting this BobYoungFan. I searched to see how much coverage I got from this, but didn't see this one. I will read it now.

Not a problem, Larry. I think that article was just posted to the Toronto Sun website within the last few hours. There was not much said about your website, but I'm sure you appreciate getting that media coverage.

As much as we all love IWS and will miss her when she's gone the fundamental problem with her is location as related to naming rights. Unfortunately stadium naming rights are a part of professional sports viability today. In order for the TiCats to get financially viable they need to rent out the name of the stadium to an advertiser who will get many daily views of their name on the stadium. Drive by Skydome on the Gardiner some day to get an idea of why Ted Rogers changed its name.

For sure. Any coverage is good coverage. I was interviewed by CBC radio and CBC and I was on The National last night but I missed it. I tried to view it online but the feed isn't working but others seen me and told me. I emailed CBC and said hey, the feed is broken and I want to see myself on tv. lol Just wondering what they covered as we chatted for quite a few minutes.

Well, if a company was to fix all the items needing to be replaced in the bathrooms, why couldn't they have exclusive advertising rights in the bathrooms for the life of the equipment or any such creative naming/branding rights around the stadium and be able to keep the name of the stadium which I know I love. I know there would have to be some comprimise with my proposal here, but these are the things I would fight to save anyways.

If someone paid to have all new seat backs installed on one side or all around, why not their company logo branded into the seats until they had to be repaired and give them the option to replace them with their naming rights, or allow bids to someone who wants to pay to replace them for branding rights.

How many other things that need repaired/replaced, could we get creative here to find a way to make more money/cut expenses at Ivor Wynne?

I understand Bob is a business man and although sports franchises do lose money from what many people say, I do agree he should have to stand by and lose his shirt forever either. But no one wants 6,000 parking spaces and bigt concrete slab lots anywhere in this city. How can we be more creative in generating more revenue for this team.

First we start by figuring out how to fill the stadium because there is no reason we can't sell it. Why aren't people coming and dont' feed me the area line because if that's the case, I want all the people who say that to go for a walk with me around the neighborhood and have a litle talk. Don't give me poor product either because we have had some beautiful afternoon/evenings for games and I don't know about you, but I like a cold beer in the warm summer sun and sometime don't even watch the game. I pay a $30-$45 dollar cover to chat with my friends.

How can WE sell this experience?

The other problem with IWS's location is accessiblity. Especially for out-of-towners it is not an easy place to get to. Highway access would encourage fans from neighbouring regions to start attending games.

The issue isn't 20,000 people seeing the name "Kohler" on a toilet ten times a year. It's about tens of thousands of people driving by the stadium every day. That's what a big corporate advertiser will pay big money to acquire.


       I just want to say it was great to see a fellow poster from this site making a presentation to Hamilton City Council yesterday.
       I know how much you believe in your save IWS campaign and I admire you for standing up in front of the Mayor and Council and making your case.
       When the night was over I kept asking myself...where were all the Tiger-Cat fans from this forum? I know a bunch turned out earlier in the day but I was very disappointed that not one ( other than you) made a presentation in support of the EM site, Bob Young...or whatever. It would have been great to see someone in a Tiger-Cat T-shirt on the record last night, supporting the team.

Thanks very much Mr62. Wish I knew who you were so we could have chatted. I seen a few Ti-Cats gear but it was a long day. Many wanted to stay late but I am lucky I have a flexible job because I though I would be there a couple of hours. Not all day. I didn't get to speak until around 4 or so and I was there at 9am making sure I had a seat.

The clerks office said it would start at 9:30 but perhaps I wouldn't get on until 10:30 or so. Delegations should have been first so all those that showed up, could have heard all the speaches including that old lady who spoke last and made me seriously cry. Did anyone see that? She is right and you don't truly realize it until you hear such a heart felt speach. We can't afford this thing and 'she' is the only who will pay DEARLY for a new stadium. So very sad.

There was no voice for the Cats there except Carmens and nobody get's teary-eyed about a big business speach even if they wanted to save the Cats. I wanted to hear from the 'people' and like you said, perhaps they had just left by that point. They did allow an open forum afterward and everyone would have probably been able to have their 5 minutes.

So why can't we put big 'Ivor Wynne ---> here' signs at the Burlington St exists, with a Coca-Cola symbol or whomever the sponsor is, in the corner of the sign. Why can't Coke put their big symbol in the top corner of the exterior of the stadium, and be happy with that instead of Coke Stadium? Why are these corporate sponsors so full of themselves that they think anyone cares that the stadium is called Coke stadium? There is no attachment to that especially when a new sponsor comes in 5-10 years and it becomes Seimens Stadium. I'm okay with a logo somewhere, but leave the name alone. Either keep the existing name (preffered), or name it after another local 'hero' or the neighborhood itself.

Here is the Ustream feed with all the delegations. There is a woman at the end of this feed, that everyone should listen to. I think she is last or close to it. A little old lady who will break your heart. I think she is at about 1:59:39. She wasn't a scheduled delegator, but she was aloud to speak after the delegators. "We are a creative city." I agree 100% with you. She unfortunately get's cut off near the end of her speach. Unfortunate.

There are some great speaches that should be listened to.

My delegation is at 1:50:00. Excuse my emotions getting the best of me, but I love the Cats and Ivor Wynne. I also was chopping my own speach as I was going along. 5 minutes isn't much time.

The baseball I passed around to council, was from Fenway Park. Trying to get the councillors to think about history and other cities who have worked hard to save their cities history, including Chicago/Wrigley Field. I thought it was cool that ustream feed zoomed in on the councillors looking at it and passing it along.


I've often wondered why there is no "IWS" sign to let people know which exit to use off the QEW.

I agree with you but naming rights is a big thing in professional sports these days. Personally I have never tried a consumer product just because they have their name on a stadium, but the top level ad guys have convinced the C level class that most consumers are affected by such exposure. Have you heard of the Golden Rule? The people with the gold make the rules. For Bob to compete on an even playing field he has to be able to extract naming rights revenues out of the advertisers. Why do you think no company wants to put their name on IWS?