Ivor Wynne Tmrw

Tomorrow is the halton Jr and Sr football team championships at ivor wynne. the Jr teams are Lester B. Pearson vs. St. Thomas Aquinas and the Sr Teams are Lester B. Pearson vs. Burlington Central. Come out and support these teams! :slight_smile:
the junior game starts at 9:15 and the senior game is 11:30. Tickets are 5$ at the door i believe.

City championships go today as well.

O.park v.s. SWC bulldogs @ 4pm (maybe 3pm)

Ancaster v.s. Westdale @ 6pm

Go Ancaster and SWC !

Go Royals!

Everyone, come out to Ivor Wynne at 3:30, check out SWC pound on OP.

3rd year our boys have been in it, lost the last two, time to bring one home!

Who won the games ??

friday is the catholic schools championships stm and br play at 1 or 3 i forget but that game is goin to be hot! last game was like the nfl! after that at 5 is the juniors and cardinal newman and sjb are playing thats goin to be a good game to come check it

churchill bulldogs won 11-3. and the second game is starting now...

Burlington Central: 14
Lester B. Pearson: 0

St. Thomas Aquinas: 14
Lester B. Pearson: 0

I'd guess that 100 Central students were AT Central today - we had 13 full buses packed and sent to Ivor Wynne (I decided I'd take the day off :stuck_out_tongue:)

I play for Central Back in 80's
Congrats to Them Go Trojans