Ivor Wynne Stadium

Hey All

Now, we've all had our opinions on the West Harbour Stadium aired here in one way or another, and my intention here is not to restart it again. We all have our own reasons for our own beliefs, valid or not. :wink:

But as I'm sitting there this afternoon in the hot sun, I found myself wondering what is wrong with IWS and why it is the TiCats can't make money there?

Is it seating capacity?
Is it parking?
Advertising opportunities?

Why is it SO necessary to replace this gem? Could an overhaul or rebuild of the facility address the teams concerns and alleviate their financial losses?

Did you really need to start this thread?
All your questions have been answered many times. It would cost way to much money to fix the stadium up.

The stadium is fine but the IMAGE of the stadium is not. As an IT head where I work guy said to me, and he would represent someone who isn't someone who goes to the stadium but considers himself "better" than IWS, a new stadium is needed. A lot of professional sorts feel that IWS is what is "wrong" with the CFL, it's just so "not with it" image-wise. That is why around these parts where people got spoiled with the fancy Skydome and MLB there (even though we know the Skydome turned out not be all that great) now more or less expect something fancier than IWS. Yes, these people are less than casual fans even but they are the sort that are needed to get the TigerCats into a situation with 20,000 season ticket holders I believe.

And of course you don't build a new stadium where IWS.

Unfortunately your questions may all have the same answers even if there is a new stadium.
I don't think IWS is the main problem.
Lack of interest in the CFL ( and maybe most sports except NHL hockey) all across the Golden Horseshoe is a bigger problem.
If the Tiger-Cats and the Blue team play on the same day in their own stadiums...just look at the turnout.
Maybe 24 thousand at IWS. Maybe 25-30 thousand at Rogers Centre.
From a population base of 8 million? Then look at the western teams and the bigger crowds they attract with a much smaller population.
Can a new stadium in Hamilton provide consistently higher attendance?
I wouldn't bet on it.

What is wrong with IWS is the same thing that is wrong with the west harbour site.
No parking.
No access.
No main highways.
No visability for advertisers.
In a residential area.
Need I go on??
Don't get me wrong, I think IWS is great. Its just not in the right location. So why would the city want to make the same mistake all over again in the WH?
Only the mayor can answer that question.
Anyways, lets hope the facilitator sends this project to a large open, and easily accesable site wear there is a ton of parking.
Go Cats Go!

the residents around the stadium put up alot of kicking and screaming about any kind of expansion and building and whatever of IWS ...
they are a big factor in things around the stadium with a big whiny voice.. until gameday when they all put up signs "park on my lawn for $5" or $10 whatever they charge these days ...
they are a big if not the biggest reason why there is not more stands at IWS .. my favorite excuse " stands in the west end zone will block our sunlight"

IWS is surrounded by a bunch of rediculous people ..not all but the majority ..most of them did not buy their houses before IWS was built they got them after the fact then started to complain about the stadium .. it's like the morons who buy a house next to an airport then complain that the planes are loud