Ivor wynne Stadium Pronounced Safe

I finally got some responses from the City of Hamilton regarding my queries about the safety of IWS.
I received emails today from Bernie Morelli, City Councilor in Ward 3 where the stadium sits and from Gary Makins who works for the Community Services Department managed by Joanne Priel.

Gary Makins tells me that the stadium is inspected annually and that it has been pronounced as “fit” for public safety. He speaks only in terms of concrete, however and suggests nothing about x-rays to suggest that the steel supporting the concrete is safe.

I suggested to Bernie Morelli, my main contact at city hall, that the steel could very well be the reason for crumbling concrete around the structure as it oxidizes and swells, thereby causing the concrete to break up.

I also told him that I would accept the word of the city’s structural engineers for now but I would hope that more could be done in the future to check out the interior of the structure. (Meaning the steel under the concrete).

Two flights of concrete steps have been replaced for this season with four more flights due for next year. These repairs along with other areas have been taking place and will continue on an annual basis.
A total of $1.5 million has been spent to support this.

These actions, however, don’t convince me that the stadium is structurally sound, although it does sound promising. I would definitely go to watch games there since the structural engineers may have, in fact,made some checks of the steel structure and Gary Makins neglected to note this in his response to me.

At any rate, I feel that I have done due dilligence here and will leave it alone for this season unless
I hear back from one of the many contacts I have been persuing over the past couple of months.