Ivor Wynne seat feedback

I have the chance to move my season tickets from the flat "slat" seats (above row 10 in box seat sections?) to an area with built-in seat backs.

IIRC, when I tried out the formed seats at an open house a few years ago, they seemed more restrictive and you were "locked in" to the seat vs being able to spread out on the slats. More comfortable shape (back and bottom) but less room to maneuver?

Being broad shouldered and at 200lb, I'm not sure how comfortable (or confining) the fully "backed" seats would be.

I would be closer to the field but I think I place comfort (sitting for over 3 hours) over position.

Any opinions, personal feedback or experiences would be appreciated.

I actually moved from the seats with backs to non-backs for several reasons, but one of them was that there just really didn't seem to be enough room in our row. Two of the people were larger and even though the seats had backs they took up more than their two seats and my sis and I were jammed in. It was not comfortable at all. You're better off to buy one of those little seat cushions with the backs on them and sit on the non-back seats.

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hey just sit at the very top of the stadium. you get the extra room of the non-back seats but you still get to lean back against the wall.


those are the best seats in the house

Haven't sat in the seats with the curved backs, but I would think the lack of armrests means that there's still a chance of getting squeezed off the centre of your assigned seat, which could lead to discomfort due to the shape of the seatbacks. On the flipside, with those curved seatbacks, the position of the seats themselves is more well defined so it seems there would be less risk of jerks making the row more crowded for everybody by sneaking in an extra one or two buddies who don't have tickets for that row. That's pure speculation on my part, though.

With the long straight wooden backs, there's even more chance of getting squeezed off the centre of your assigned seat, but being off-centre by any amount shouldn't affect the comfort of the seat back. Also, when things get full, the occupants of the "flat-back" rows can rebalance more readily to account for the natural variance in the size of the spectators.

There's lots to dislike about the Skydome, and I feel a bit like a sardine when I'm in one of those seats, but at least the armrests there stake a clear and inviolable division of where one seat ends and the next one begins.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

The in-laws and I have decided to try out the new season ticket "individual" seats for this year (they were only being held for us until 7pm last night) and see how it goes, figuring we can likely move to other "flat/slat" seating next year if we find things too uncomfortable. They are closer to center field and the field of play so we hope they work out.

Which leads to a conundrum... if the TiCats have another losing season, we'll have a good choice of seats next year (if we decide to change back) BUT if they have a successful winning season, ticket demand might go up and seats I may want would be hard to find.

So I'll make the big (potential) sacrifice and hope for a winning season (and that the season ticket "formed" seats are livable), next season's possible seat choices be damned :slight_smile:

@ argotom... don't many of us wish we could have a new, modern stadium (with Ivor Wynne sight lines) but Hamilton usually gets the short end of the stick when it comes to such infrastructure funding. Perhaps being from Toronto (?) you could put in a good word for us as Toronto often had good luck (cough) getting stadium/theatre/museum/gallery/etc money :wink:


I personally dont like sitting in the sections with the backs.

The rounded backs are uncomfortable and there is not much room. The straight backs are a little bit better but they aren't comfortable.

I prefer sitting up higher. I usually lean forward anyways so the back rest does nothing for me. You also get a better perspective of the game and better depth perception.

Every labour day when I'm at the Ticat store, all I hear people complain about when buying their tickets are that they are up too high and they dont want to sit on the North side!