Ivor Wynne Renovations

So the team was pretty quick to unviel draft plans for different locations that were proposed during the stadium bidding process. When will we see designs and proposals for what's being referred to as "Ivor Wynn 2"

I'm curious to know if the new stadium will include space for the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, or not?

what about retail space or resedential condo's?

how about multi-level parking?

Training and medical facilities?

Are we going state of the art(ish) or are we just getting 2 new grandstands and shinier concessions and bathrooms?

Move over red tape, I wanna know what my teams new home is going to look like!

we all do ..

But don't expect alot trills no Football Hall of Fame
Expect bear bones

One does get the impression that everything is being done on the fly.

It would be nice to get the HOF in there, but that might be difficult with construction scheduling and budgets.

Expect bear bones
During excavation, I'm expecting seagull bones, pigeon bones, chicken wing bones and maybe a few Jimmy Hoffa bones ........but not bear bones :lol: :lol:

It won't be for a few months yet. IO hasn't even short-listed the design/build teams that they will invite to submit bids. Here's some info about an upcoming event:

[url=http://www.infrastructureontario.ca/en/panam/networking.asp]http://www.infrastructureontario.ca/en/ ... orking.asp[/url]

Living out of town, I don't see alot of what is going on in the Hammer. Have there been any concept drawings released for IW2?

I've only seen this preliminary concept ( scroll down to Appendix A)

[url=http://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/A25A74C5-8B4E-47C7-8F9F-5E2DE6D4C89B/0/Jan24Item71.pdf]http://www.hamilton.ca/NR/rdonlyres/A25 ... Item71.pdf[/url]

But we know it won't look exactly like that since the office idea has been abandoned, and as kicker says, designs have yet to be submitted let alone chosen.

From Page 95.

i. The current Ivor Wynne proposal does not anticipate a"25,000 seat+" stadium, rather a new building consisting of a 15,000 seat stadium, in addition to a renovation of the existing North-Side stands of Ivor Wynne Stadium.

I'm hoping that the Football Hall of Fame goes to Ottawa.
Ottawa would be a great home for a Hall of Fame. They are building a great complex there and the historic Aberdeen Pavillion which was built around 1900 would be a great home for it.
As Ottawa is the Capital and has millions of visitors every year a lot more people would get a chance to see the Hall of Fame.
It is not a shot at Hamilton, after all it has been in Hamilton for over 40 years. It's time to move on and let more people see it.

I've not seen any but it nice if we get back to Civic Stadium Look with a Modern Seats and Addons.
I just love look of Civic Stadium,,








I wish I find Photos of Outside of the Stadium and Arch way that part of Civic
But I been an able too

I am going Search Hamilton City hall and Hamilton Public Library
for Prints and Photos of the outside of the 1930's Civic Stadium

Hey great pictures and memories.

I think the future is more about modern seating, private boxes and club seats. I posted this a couple of months ago about Cincinatti - they have 7,600 club seats and 114 private suites. The revenue they generate from the suites alone is incredible.
The 114 suites sell from $46,000 to over $100,000 a year!! that's over $10 million for the suites and not including the Club Seats. Even if IWS averaged 30,000 a game at $40 a ticket would only generate $9 million.



   Thanks for the link. 
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The same Ottawa that's folded a couple of times now?

I am all for a return of an Ottawa team, but back when the HOF was awarded it was unanimously voted to land here. I see no reason to relocate it outside of Hamilton.

I for one would like to see the Hall of Fame at Ivor Wynne. Now if for some reason it had to be relocated out of Hamilton, I'd much rather see Regina then Ottawa.

Are you making a point?

This has always been part of the IWS reno.

Did I miss something?

Frankly, as long as we get softer seating with some actual leg room, a couple new bathrooms and more/faster concessions (beer service particularly) then I'll be more then happy.

Yes, and all the more reason to have substantially more than 25,000 seats.

I know, I know. thats' all that is budgeted.

Absolutely no more bench seats as all must be individual with backing only.