Ivor Wynne Renovations this year...

My family and friends who went to the pre-season tilt very much enjoyed the new coat of paint on our seats in Section 30.

What also supplied us with some laughter was the - again - numbering using magic markers. Several rows below us - around row row M or so - the person wielding the marker had made mistakes and so various numbers were 'x'ed' out, and new ones placed in seemingly random locations.

We're hoping that these seats will be reserved for Argo fans. It should be fun....

It really is sad that in this day and age we don't have individual fold up fibreglass seats.

I think with the Asper take over in Winnepig and his plans for building a stadium there that some of the ideas will rub off on the business community in Hamilton. Igor Wynne really does need to be replaced.

The Count and Igor Wynne (on the right).

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

It really is sad that in this day and age we don't have individual fold up fibreglass seats

Well, that is a novel idea of magnaminous proportions I think. :wink:

To be sincere though, I don't think at this point the city or private sector should be spending much money on the stadium until it is decided to renovate big-time or go for a new facility. No sense wasting a few million on a few seats when this is only a band-aid solution for something bigger sooner rather than later.

Is it too much to ask to have either a working hand dryer or paper to dry your hands with in the bathrooms? I've spent a lot of time teaching my 4 year old about washing and drying his hands. The bathroom under section 22 is the one I was taking him too. It sounds like a small beef, but hey...the women have flowers...gheesh!

Don't pee on your hands.

I agree boxb , it`s sad that they cant get these things working . It would lead to less mess in the washroom if thier using air rather than papaer towels to dry your hands .

You're giving me flashbacks to a bad Dana Carvey movie, shilling for air dryers like that.

I can't believe they used magic marker for the seat numbering again. Who green lights something like that?

8) Only in Hamilton !!!!! :oops: :oops:

And of course in today's Spec there is an insert booklet "Hamilton Discovery" with all sorts of stories and photos. In the sports section no photos of IWS or Copps to show our facilities for tourism? Why? I bet you can figure it out.

I can, Hamilton is so busy wasting money "rejuvinating" Barton street they can't afford stenciling seat numbers.
Just for a chuckle, load up your vechile with the family and drive along Barton street and the "rejuvinated" area...the signs and roads look great with the back drop of closed down / for lease decrepit buildings.........You've got to love that spend. :cowboy:

One of these days on game day, we are all going to go to the game and find out that we can't get into the stadium because the locks on the gates don't work any more from rust and that and no one from the city bothered to check into it. Ok, I'm being facitious but you know it actually wouldn't surprise me when I think about it. :wink:

People, this place is old and way beyond it's usefullness!

There will be millions of dollars needed just to make it safe, never mind comfortable. (granted this will be in another few years).

While these renovations are being done where will the Cats play?....Scott Park?

Let's start planning for the future. We don't need a SkyDome but let's build a stadium.

At least you have magic marker on your seats. The new seats in Box J are blank!!! Having sat in the same seat for 21 years, I knew where to go, but for others??? :roll:

Glad to see someone at the city is thinking about spending wisely - many of the people in Box J never sit down, why waste magic marker on giving them seat numbers. :wink:

A few months ago, I wrote a post about how currently bad and potentially dangerous the stadium could be in the future. I was surprised at the number of posts that defended the stadium and somewhat questioned my accountability after actually working on the stadium. I find it funny, that after only one game, the complaints are already flowing in. Water doesn't work, seats are terrible, signs are falling apart, etc. LOL, I told you the stadium was falling apart and the past renovations of the stairwells was only a bandaid to a more serious probem of the whole stadium in about 4 years time! There will be no more major renovations on a stadium with a gloomy future, only ones that HAVE to be made. For example, stairwells, that practically "fell apart" when the demo crew was taking them down.
While the stadium is currently safe and a disgrace, it really needs MAJOR repair or demolition in less than 5 years. This was not a revelation to any of those working around the stadium and as many have seen already for yourself. I said you just had to look around while waiting for your beer.

with winnipeg getting a new stadium, maybe the ticats can buy winnipegs old seats, and paint them gold and then magic-marker numbers on them and place them in IWS...lol

Didn't bob say at the beginning of the year in one of these discussion board posts something along the lines of he has a surprise for us regarding the stadium? I dont have a link and I'm not looking through 25000 posts to find it.

But by the end of season, IWS will be scheduled for demolition and the new stadium would be called the Michael DeGroote Stadium..or the David Braley Stadium. lol....then the lions would feel right at home when they played here!

PS The area around IWS, those schools on either side....are they still being used or are they closed down?

My friends, well there is not a Ticat fan past or present that did not or does not love the atmosphere of Ivor Wynne the time has come for a new stadium. Failure to do so within a short period of time runs the risk of a very dangerous injury. I have a young son who desperately wants to go to a game but given the most recent revelations regarding the stadium I am thinking twice about it. I am a life long Ticat fan and if I am thinkng this way a potential new fan might be even less likely to take themselves or their family.If my son cannot use a proper seat, washroom or run the risk of injury on stairs, we will not be going to Ivor Wynne in the forseeable future. This is very sad given that some of my earliest and greatest sports memories of going to Ivor Wynne with my Dad.

Could someone who really knows the facts, tell me how safe the stadium is?

In the interest of full disclosure my kids have been to the ACC, so going to Ivor Wynne is more about the atmosphere then the ammenities at this point I realize, but is it safe or not?