Ivor Wynne press box article by Scott Radley

Take a look if you haven't seen this yet.
Basically the press box was always meant to be named after Ivor Wynne but has never been publically acknowledged as such.

I sent Scott an e-mail in response suggesting that since we are coming up to 10 years since the last game was played at Ivor Wynne, maybe the last game of the year would be a fitting time for a halftime tribute to Ivor Wynne and an official naming ceremony.

I'm wondering what Ticats fans could do to advocate for this



Way back when, I said the area in front of the stadium should be named IVOR WYNNE PLAZA AT THF.

The press box is ok, but its not really something people generally think of.

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If anybody can help to get this done it is Scott Radley. He is really good at championing these causes. A few years ago his lobbying helped to get the Twin Pad Arenas in Flamborough named after legendary NHL player and Hamiltonian Harry Howell.

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While I completely understand the reality of the times, I was disappointed that the new stadium on the same property wasn’t going to retain the name Ivor Wynne Stadium.

When I heard the name Tim Hortons Field my knee jerk reaction was to name it ‘Tim Hortons Field at Ivor Wynne Stadium’. I guess that’s impractical for two reasons. First, the shear length of the name, and second I doubt Tim Hortons would take a chance that the common shortening of the name became Ivor Wynne Stadium instead of Tim Hortons Field.

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How about the Ivor Wynne Concourse? :smiley:

He talked about another idea in the article that I tend to agree with, which is sometimes it's ok to let old names go, especially when a new building replaces an old one.

Who was Ivor Wynne? Without googling, i think he was a manager of sports facilities for the city decades ago or along those lines?

I'm sure he did great things, but do thet rise to the level of stadium naming? Without the old barn, I'd bet most of us would never heard the name Ivor Wynne.

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Since we’re on the topic

So he had a lot to do with the upgrades to the old stadium and also athletics at McMaster. The gym at Mac used to be named after him iirc before it was renovated and renamed for Braley who made a large donation there.
It would be nice to keep the name alive and honour some of the history behind the old stadium. I would also think there should be some tie in to to Brian Timmis with his history with the old Tigers. I’m not aware of anything bearing his name at the moment since they took down the adjacent stadium when THF was built. The club areas and private suites might have some naming attached to them - maybe this is a place to start.

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I doubt they counted on "The Donut Box" either.

Coming soon, after naming rights expire (2023?): Stelco Field, aka "The Blast Furnace." Will make us sound way tougher and less like pastry chefs. No offence to pastry chefs.

Although I heard Stelco just demolished its last blast furnace. Apparently you don't need those anymore to make steel. Regardless, nicknames don't have to make sense. For example, Timmies only generates a small proportion of its sales from donuts these days - they are all about the coffee.

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How about calling THF, "The Bakers Oven" ?Sounds a little tougher than The Donut Box.

I believe I read that they are going to name the promised entertainment precinct around the stadium after Mr Wynne. I'm sure after 8 years it should almost be complete.

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The Blast Furnace sounds great. We could also go with The Coke Oven. :smile:

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Should be called 'the coffee grounds'. No argument possible. :laughing:


Agreed - that's my favourite as well.

But Donut Box is absolutely locked in until someone else gets the naming rights.

I called it that the day it was announced.

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I remember our conversation online.

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The caretaker promised it to get this high visibilty site

So in other words they are going to place a statue or plaque outside the McDonalds on Barton Street then . :grinning:

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