Ivor Wynne Parking Advice For A Newby?

I’ve never been to a game before - only miscellaneous “lesser” events with much less than a capacity crowd . Even at that, finding parking was challenging. And then leaving afterwards? Grrrr.

Can I have your best advice? Where? Price? Whatever seasoned advice y’all can offer! thx.

If you are a season ticket holder,may I suggest Parking Lot"J" which is across the street from IWS.But if you are a newby like this thread suggests get to the park early and there are lots of homeowners in the area who will rent out their front lawns for the game.If you arrive just before game time you maybe out of luck.

Just park on a side street. Don't waste your money to park in a lot. You will get stuck. It will also be slow if you take King st.

My suggestions, get to the game about 1:15 early, and park facing towards main street. You will be able to get out a lot fast and get a good spot.

Remember, you can't park on King St. during the week until 6.

The team used to have a parking map on the site, but I wasn't able to find it quickly.

Didn't there used to be a parking item under the "Tickets" menu on the site? I couldn't find it. I also looked under "Tickets->Directions" and "Tickets->Ivor Wynne Stadium". The "Tickets" section includes "HSR Ticket to Ride", so it would seem consist to include a "Parking" item in that section... Maybe the parking map is being revised?

Regardless of WHERE you are going to try to park, getting to the stadium early (an hour or a bit more) is the best advice if that's an option for you.


Make it easy on yourself.
Park downtown, at the Limeridge Mall (free!) or other locations with the free bus service to IWS.
I drive down from Peterborough and find it much better and quicker than looking for a parking spot that could be blocks away from the stadium.
This way you get to meet some great fans too. :thup:

I suggest the centure mall. its close with alot of parking http://maps.google.ca/maps?hl=en&ei=PWM-SuzyN6bMMaGM0egD&resnum=0&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=centre+mall+hamilton&fb=1&split=1&gl=ca&cid=0,0,14333429482431662865&ei=P2M-Sq6TJ5agMsjiqaQO&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1

every spot within 2-3 blocks fills up at least a hour prior (speacially with argo games). center mall is a great idea since that can. tire store moved (and there is a beer store so u can brown bag yourself a roadie for the walk/bus). I live across the street from scott park (prospect st) and most of my neighbors rent out their driveways/lawns.

You will have no trouble finding a parking spot on the side streets
if you come an hour or so before the kick-off of the game

and besides, you get to enjoy the pre-game festivities.

That starts when the stadium opens at 5:30

I like to park a distance from the stadium.

That way I can make a nice getaway and avoid traffic jams
when the cars near the stadium pour onto the streets.

If you come into the city off the 403 onto Main Street E.
just stay on it heading east until you get to Sherman Ave.

Somewhere in the next three to six blocks
past Sherman, turn right towards the stadium

and park on any street anywhere in the next 3 blocks.

[or you may even be able to park on Main St. itself
because the meters are free after 6:00 pm, I believe. ]

Walk in the direction your car turned

until you get to the next main street, King St,

you will see football fans tailgating in a parking lot
and the stadium across the next main street, Cannon St.

  1. Walk along King Street to the stoplight

    That corner will be King and Melrose Ave.

    Walk along Melrose, it takes you
    to the west end of the stadium


  1. Walk east along King St. towards and past
    the old Scott Park High School to Lottridge St.

    and walk along it to the east end of the stadium.

The attendants have been letting us in at any gate lately

but for a stranger is is better to go in the correct gate

The Beechwood entrance is around the corner
from the Melrose Ave. and Lottridge St. gates.

Hmmm.... east on Main, then past Sherman turn right.....
Then what does he do when he runs smack into the escarpment? :lol:

It take it that you were inferring that I should have said 'turn to the left.'

Correct, Sir!

I salute your significant contribution to a wonderful description
of how to find free parking on the street for Tiger Cat games.

Without it, our out-of-towner from Peterborough
would have been lost and confused in Hamilton.

It's priceless how much fear and dread you saved them from.

What a team we are, JFL. :rockin:


I have reviewed in my head the thought process that lead to such a gaffe.

The fact that I live west of the stadium caused the mistake, not me.

I was sitting a my computer far to the east of the stadium
when I visualized those street corners on Main St. East.

and from here I visualized that car turning to MY RIGHT. :wink: :smiley:

LMAO :lol: :lol:

It’s bad enough that JFL has me wounded and bleeding.

Now somebody is letting the dogs out.

Please don’t let any more out.

They will pick my carcass to the bone.

Lot J Scott park is the place to be it is a tradition that goes way back , a few Brown Pops before the game :rockin: also I find having a parking pass for the season is great as J fills up fast and if your coming late they will still let you in with your pass while others are turned away.

Now I am normally the very soul of decorum and hospitality.... but darned if I'll tell anybody where my secret spot is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :slight_smile:

You're welcome.
I do what I can.

take the bus! its great, and free with a ticket.

ronfromtigertown wrote:
"Without it, our out-of-towner from Peterborough
would have been lost and confused in Hamilton."

On the contrary.....I used to go to Central High school so I know the area well.
I suggested the bus 'cos I know how crazy it is trying to find a parking spot near IWS.
Sounds like you are the one who is "lost and confused". :roll:

I was responding to a poster named mrstrk
who asked for parking information, mr62cats.

See quote below.

Why would you think that I thought you needed directions?

We discussed our mutual history in pms a couple years ago?

If someone is confused it is you, mr62cats.

Your memory must be shorter than mine Ron. I am the one from Peterborough you mentioned.
Cheers anyway and let's hope we can both enjoy this coming season. :thup: