Ivor Wynne not up to Code!

Seems here that Ivor Wynne is not up to par with the ontario building code...drastic improvements need to be done quickly or a new stadium must be built!

"Stairwells at Ivor Wynne Stadium are safe but do not conform to the Ontario Building Code and city staff are recommending council spend $850,000 to replace them all before 2010. "

here is the article from the Spec


I vote new stadium.... preferably not in the downtown area

I Vote fix it ..

Just build it!! we need a new one

Here's the Good & Bad & the reality.
(Like everything in life)

  1. The Good......Don't renovate, but spend the $ on a new stadium with the same / similar design & make it more corporate friendly. Additionally ensure that it is a multi use stadium for Field sports (Football / soccer etc) but don't burn the spectators with a track as it removes them from the field / game. It's a simple design really as you can already use the current stadium sight lines as a template but make the new stadium better.
  2. Now the bad. Hamiltonians are some of the cheapest peolple I know with a "lets live in the '70's" attitude so increasing their tax base to assist is out. So it's now over to the owners / corporations and Prov / Fed governments......
  3. The reality.......the debate will continue and nothing will get done / improve........same reason why Hamilton will always be the Class B city with a big heart but jealous of Toronto......but then again, do you want Toronto's problems?

Well said, Catattack1.

Unless your home was built in the last 5 years, it probably doesn't conform to code either.

Context is very important.

I used to be an Ivor Wynne all or nothing type of feller. But now I think the best thing for the Cats to do is build a new 35,000 seat stadium. We need to build on the Buffalo Bills model. We need ample parking for tail-gating. The games need to become more of an all day event. IWS has no parking, no highway access and no watering holes within walking distance. Let's face it. We should have had the foresight to build a multi-use stadium with Mac, but alas we did not. I would miss IWS, but I think more fans would come out if we had a more up-to-date and accessible venue. I also think the only way it will happen is if Bob Young foots the bill. Think of it... Bob Young Stadium!

Not true according to the article.

It says spending only $14m by 2014 is an option. I wouldn't call that "drastic" nor does it "need to be done quickly". But we may be arguing semantics.

Yer right, Cap'n. No need to panic.

For an investment of $14,000,000
in stages over the next 7 years

the City can have a structurally
sound stadium for years to come.

The City must invest this money.

IWS is too important
for the high school
and minor football programs in Hamilton

NOT to upgrade it.

And regional High School football
playoff games rent it as well.

whatever is better for the long run for this team. We as a city and team should have learnt by now quick fixes have never solved anything

Good simplified point David c!


I love the place but it's time. They did it to Maple Leaf Gardens, The Forum, The Boston Gardens, Chicago Stadium, The Olympia in Detroit etc, etc, etc.

It's time to stop living in the past. That's the biggest problem with this city.

Let's do it!!!

Unfortunately all the arenas you mentioned with the possible exception of the ACC lost their aura in the new vintage. Let's renovate!