Ivor Wynne Name Change?

Here is a story in today's Spec...

[url=http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20Sports/article/440548]http://www.thespec.com/Sports/Local%20S ... cle/440548[/url]

Not sure how I feel about this...for a couple of reasons.

IF (and thats a big if), we get a new stadium as part of the Pan Am bid, chances are it would have a new name anyway (and potentially some corporate tie in meaning more money).

And, this is the controversial part, as great a man as he was (and he was a great man. I've met him a few times and have nothing but the utmost respect for him as a player, coach, and human), the impact in Hamilton he had was only for 10 years. Some would argue that for several of those years, they'd rather forget them. I could see something like this taking place in Regina, I'm just not sold on it here.

i dont like the idea. i know people love him here but i think if were going to rename the stadium we should sell the nameing rights and make some money out of it.

I don't like it either. No disrespect to RL, but how do you just decide to change the name of a stadium that is already named after someone else. It would be different if it was not named in honour of someone, but to me that's like saying that Ivor Wynne was only good enough until someone more important came along.

Ron did a lot for this organization and I'm sure they could come up with something equally fitting to honour him.

I dont necessarily have a problem with a change FROM Ivor Wynne…afterall…he does have other things in this city named after him.

HOWEVER, I think the best suggestion I’ve heard about honouring RL was an award for QBs named after him.

Absolutely not, don't have a good reason why other then it doesnt feel right. Would love however to see something like the 23 yard line dressed somehow in remembrance of RL.

I'm not thrilled about this either.

I know I'm repeating other's sentiments, but 2 cents are:

  1. A name change is suitable for a NEW stadium

  2. A new stadium in Hamilton will probably have it's naming rights sold off anyways, if Bob's involved.

  3. Ronny has a strong tie to Hamilton, but a much stronger one to Saskatchewan. They should dedicate something in his name instead. How's about The Lancaster Turf at Taylor Field at Mosaic Stadium?

Excellent idea.

I must admit that I never liked the change from "Civic Stadium" in the first place back in 72. Having said that it is Ivor Wynne and should remain so until such time it is replaced, hopefully soon.

With all due respect to Ronnie, I think as others have said that it more fitting for Regina to recognize him with this type of honour. We have people who have had a much greater impact on football in this town, Jake Gaudaur comes to mind, who we could look at for a name for a new stadium.

I like the idea of a trophy and markings on the 23 mentioned above. Maybe we could name the entry gates after some of the notables of the past, ie Sazio Gate, Lancaster Gate etc., something as simple as that.

I don't like it....no way.
Plenty of other honourable options out there.

I agree, no name change. But do like the gate idea of matelot.

8) I like the ideas that you mentioned !!

I agree. Its not right to un-name a stadium that is in honour of someone. I also think Regina has a bigger claim to using Lancaster in their stadium name. The gate idea is excellent.

It is too soon to Rename it after Ron …
Right now Ron’s death is too fresh in our Minds
How about we let Family Grieve in peace.

I Rather Go back to the Civic Stadium Name .

I think that if there is a name change, we should rename it "Craig Yeast Place" :lol:

I also don't think the stadium should be renamed for similar reasons as above, and also:

  1. I'm not sure this stadium will be around much longer, and
  2. While I love watching games at IWS due to the great seats, and I have many fond memories of IWS, let's face it, the place is a bit of a dump.

I'm sure something will be done in Regina, and there are other landmarks that can be named after Lancaster, like gates, or even a street. He will also no doubt be added to the Wall of Fame, if they still have any room left.

A Street Would be a good Idea
We have Faloney Way

What not Rename Beachwood Ave to Lancaster Boulevard

Just wait until a new stadium is built and lets get a sponsorship name just like - Mosaic stadium, Scotiabank place, air Canada center, etc

Why can't we have a street outside the stadium name after Ron. Lancaster Avenue or something similar.

Why not Blue Jays Way? :wink:

One thing I could never figure out in Toronto is the Argos have won so many Grey Cups and then the Blue Jays win 2 World Series and they name the street Blue Jays Way? Sad but true.

It seems so far that everyone is in some sort of agreement that Lancaster was a great guy :thup: but we do not want to rename the stadium after him for a number of different reasons.

I also like the suggestion of naming the gates. i.e. Angelo Mosca gate. You could name one of the gate that are never opened after Mosca since he always stopped people (oppents) right in their tracks and did not let them past him. (haa).

If the team wanted to rename to stadium to get some money to fix it up (ie Dofasco place) that I could understand. Then we could bid on the 2010 Grey Cup. To me the skydome will always be the skydome.

I like the gate naming idea the best........Moreno-gate, Flick-gate, soon to be Printers-Lumsden-gate............