Ivor Wynne II gets Pan Am approval

at the end of this Season I want my Seat Board.....I Sat there for past 3 years and want it

As I've mentioned, wife and me park near Gage Park, have a picnic before games and watch birds and the gorgeous escarpment, mosey on down to the stadium about a 15 minute walk, never feel threatened at day or night, enjoy the walk immensely and coming back at night.

Honestly, I can't think of a better place for the stadium for us than where IWS is currently located. It's awesome.

There are areas in London, Ont the town I grew up in, snobby London that is, that are far worse than the neighborhood surrounding IWS and also, wife and me went house hunting near a locale near McMaster, good grief, just a step above a higher end slum really and that's close to a prestigious university. Student houses that are owned by people that just rent them out to students and they end up being run down big time. Would rather live beside the steel factories to be honest.

On last Monday I drove to Toronto (and survived!) I dropped my wife off near St Clair and Bathurst (for a course she was taking) and then drove to the Car Show at the Convention Centre. Some of the houses along Bathurst looked rightfully scary. How many crack houses per capita does TO have anyway? I know I wouldn't have felt safe walking in this neighbourhood. While there are some comparable neighbourhoods in the Hammer, I don't think we have it as bad as hog town. 8)

Most if not all major cities have problem areas. You wouldn't want to take a walk through Winnipeg's north end, nor Vancouver's east side either.

A ten event per year stadium is not going to have an economic impact on its neighbourhood sufficient to change anything.

IWS2 is better than nothing, but not as good as what could have been.

Exactly what could have been better? All options studied were not affordable and the only one that might have been affordable wasn't even studied. IWS was not only the best option it was the only option. The WH dreamers never understood that and are still trying to make any other option fail in a selfish destructive campaign to discredit the Tigercats. Its clear who the enemies of the city are.

Not true. You can’t paint all WH supporters with a broad stroke just as you can’t do that with any anti WH advocate, any Bob Young, Bob Bratina, Larry DiIannni or Fred Eisenberger supporter, any Confederation Park supporter, or anti Confederation park advocate, etc., etc., etc… There were many, many angles and opinions to this whole process.

As an ardent WH supporter, I also agree with you that IWS2 was the only option given the lack of funding. The only option was to build half of a stadium.

There simply was not enough money to build a brand new 25,000 seat stadium anywhere else.

I live close to Bathurst and College and walk past the houses I think you’re referring to on my way to and from work. There’s some sort of social centre on the north west corner of Queen and Bathurst. There are also a plethora of high end condo developments around the corner from there.

Bathurst runs through a diverse set of communities including the Fashion District at King, the eclectic but gentrifying Queen West, Kensington Market, Little Italy, Mirvish Village and The Annex. I don’t feel unsafe walking on Bathurst or taking the 510 streetcar.

Yeah there are some scary looking houses and people obviously afflicted with addiction and mental health issues, but they literally rub shoulders with students, working professionals and even the well-to-do who share the neighbourhoods up and down Bathurst.

I just think with higher density, you see more of everything.

Aldershot or Confed Park would have been better for the TiCats.

The RTH gang will move on to their next delusion eventually. I agree with you in that they do not have the city’s best interests at heart. Their’s is a selfish campaign to promote their political agenda, which even Fidel Castro has said doesn’t work.

It took me a while to figure that out as well about RTH as a group. I feel better not posting there any longer, the site just gives me the jeepies if that's the word. I like the fact than Ian Troop started posting announcements via the CNW group and avoid them as well. I wouldn't be surprised that he turned them down for interviews after doing one which I think he did.

And while the IWS2 option isn't the very best for the TiCats, it works well enough for the city, obviously since they are spending so much money on IWS2, that I'm happy. I've been going to this site for years and it works. Will IWS2 bring in fans that the current IWS with just minor upgrades from year to year as we've seen, couldn't? Who knows and as others have said, winning will be important. But the non-fans of the TigerCats or CFL will ridicule the team and league and Grey Cup, Canadians, regardless of location so why not get some building done right in the heart of the city. Makes sense to me. This allows for a longer term perspective on WH as well but of course many at RTH who are in love with Fred and hate BY will continue to say it's a lose, lose, lose outcome. Sad sorts those are. And I'm not including Captain in that group because I don't think to him it was about a love affair with Fred, rather he just really liked the WH location for a new stadium. And that is very, very fair enough.

I can and I did. Thats the sad reality. WH supporters don’t want whats best for the city, they want whats best for them. Nothing more nothing less.

Thanks jdv.

While possibly safe to walk in this neighbourhood, my short and narrow perspective, while driving through, was otherwise. Maybe I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?

A few years back I think it was, a girl got killed in some crossfire right on busy Yonge St. You just never know. You could walk a 100 times in a drug invested area and never have a problem but once, in an area not nearly as likely perception wise to have a problem, you could get mugged or killed. Just the way it is.

Not sure where to put this, apologies if it offends anyone to put it here but didn't want to bury it in the 'other'' thread but good take on stadiums. But good article from the league down south.

Don’t penalize taxpayers - NFL must keep public’s role in mind as possibility of 2011 lockout looms

[i]It’s not for us to meddle in negotiations between National Football League owners and the Players Association—those sporadic talks to avert a lockout. But it’s worth reminding both sides that a horde of investors will be affected by the outcome. They are the taxpayers in communities that have poured billions into new stadiums and support agreements so they can taste the economic fruits of NFL excitement.

It’s as true here in Buffalo as anywhere. Erie County built the Bills a stadium decades ago and its taxpayers now provide the team with about $3 million a year to upgrade or modernize the facility as the team sees fit. Taxpayers also cover “game-day expenses,? and they allow the Bills to operate the stadium as their own, keeping any revenue the structure can generate.

Those who believe the agreement makes sense emphasize that the Bills home games draw outsiders who spend money here, and the players themselves drop chunks of their huge salaries locally. The bottom line: Erie County taxpayers invest annually in the stadium and the team to keep the Bills kicking off in Orchard Park and to avoid having to build a new multimillion-dollar facility. It’s the current reality of the league, not to mention big-time professional sports.
[/i] ...

[url=http://www.buffalonews.com/editorial-page/buffalo-news-editorials/article344322.ece]http://www.buffalonews.com/editorial-pa ... 344322.ece[/url]