Ivor Wynne Gallery

I'm not sure if anyone has shared this here before, but here is a great gallery of IWS just before it was demolished:

[url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/-jm/sets/72157632042796695]https://www.flickr.com/photos/-jm/sets/ ... 2042796695[/url]

Beautiful in its own way, and it also helps give perspective on the new stadium.

It's hard to believe THAT stadium was still in use in this league only a couple of seasons ago.

THF is a big improvement.

To be fair they mostly show the south stands, which was the 80+ year old part; most of it anyway.

The north stands were far from perfect, but in much better shape overall. The north side was just build in the 70's.

.................I think the south stands at Ivor Wynne were rebuilt around 1959, so they would not be 80+ years old. approx math indicates 56 years......................

....and I went to a game with my parents as a youngster, to the then brand new south stands, and I am nowhere near 80 years old at this point....although I do have hope of achieving that age. :thup:

Maybe I'm wrong... but when the south stands were rebuilt, didn't they just add-on to the foundation that was already there? ie. the lower 4 boxes were the original part. That was how some older man at the hall of fame explained it once.

Also, why would they call it 82 years old if nothing original was left?

I will miss the old girl... Had a lot of great memories there (Ozzie vs the Als on the last play for example).

The new stadium is truly great but IWS had a lot of grit just like the teams that played there for many years.

However, undefeated at THF sure has a nice ring to it!

Thank-you very much for the excellent pictures and the stroll down memory lane. :thup:

X2 :thup: :thup:

My memories are very limited (as I was only 3 or 4 at the time), but it looked like, to my adult eyes, that it was a complete rebuild. Originally, before the new north stands were built, there was a cinder track that ran outside of the football playing field (I went to a school field day there once in the sixities). When they built the new north stands they extended the south stands (from their original beginning height of approximately 15 or 20 feet) right down to the sidelines (5 or 6 feet above the field). This replaced some bleachers (which sat on the south part of the cinder track) which I think (?) got moved to Brian Timmis Stadium.

So much for the history lesson from one old geezer. If anyone else has info, please share it. Remembering our past is a worthwhile timewaster in my book. :rockin: :rockin:

It would be good to know the full history.

Also, I have a question. Where would this bar have been? The vaulted ceiling looks like it's under the end zone seats.

[url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/-jm/8197220937/in/album-72157632042796695/]https://www.flickr.com/photos/-jm/81972 ... 042796695/[/url]

Must have been a bar for players and coaches.

Although I never was in it, my brother-in-law Kent, who was a high school football coach in St. Catharines, knew Bob Krouse (as the football coach at Salfleet (?) ) and I think it may have been the Alumni Lounge. If it is, it was located at the South-West end on the South Stands. We had an open invitation from Bob to go to the lounge during a game, but sitting in the North Stands, we did not wish to miss any of the game so we never took up the offer. It is one of many regrets I have over the old IWS (Civic Stadium).


All I can say is that those were the best urinals EVER! Little kids didn't need to be "lifted up" to relieve themselves, or wait forever for a stall to open (yuck).

I was in that room in the '90's. On walk-thru days, prior to home games, the media conferences for both teams were held there. It was definitely under the South stands and, as I recall, it was on the left as you entered under stands from the field, pretty much at centre field. On game days, I expect it was an Alumni or VIP lounge.