Ivor Wynne embarrassment

This article appeared today in the Winnipeg Free Press:

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/story/3995778p-4610707c.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 0707c.html[/url]

As a Hamilton native living and lifelong Tiger-Cat fan now living in Winnipeg, I can tell you that this only reinforces the image of Hamilton to those who have never been there, and goes a long way to explain the resistance of some to the potential of the NHL coming to Hamilton.

To Bob Young,

Hopefully this was a temporary state of affairs that has since been rectified.

Within 20 minutes of getting that hot water issue resolved, bobblehead Bettman will be dropping the first puck. :roll:

CALL A PLUMBER ASAP :roll: :thdn: It does look bad on us!

there is one guy responsible for this debacle.
dan adamson, who runs IWS is your guy, him and his flunkies that are "IN CHARGE" of the day-to-day operations obviously cant get this issue resolved, apparently its happened in the past.

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Another opinion from a person from another town!Please get serious!

Another opinion from a person from another town!Please get serious!
It's not really a matter of OPINION. The hot water either WORKS ... or it DOESN'T.

If it DOESN'T then it MOST ASSUREDLY should be considered an EMBARRASSMENT to the Rinky Dink Collaboration of 8 Teams (otherwise knows as the CFL).


To be perfectally honest.. Hamilton really needs a new venue for the Cats. Ivor Wynne is really really beat up and old. Its the 2nd ugliest stadium in the CFL with Taylor Field being the most ugly.

Box J 4 ever,

So, I guess being born in Hamilton and living in Hamilton for half my life makes me someone from another town.

Nice warm welcome to the forum.

Winnipeg has a lot of nerve!!! How quickly they've been able to forget that they used to INTENTIONALLY turn off the hot water in the visitor locker room during the Cal Murphy years. They also used to blast sideline speakers where the visiting team's warm up area was before the game! Remember Wally Zatylny threw a football as hard as he could at one to break it! What about the 1992 playoff game when the "fans" were throwing ice balls at the Tiger-Cat sideline to the point the players didn't dare take thier helmets off! I 100% agree it is unacceptable to not have hot water, however Doug Brown needs to look at his team's INTENTIONAL history before trashing our entire city!

The stadium is a liability, and the City is broke.

If the City wasn't broke, they would pay Bob to take it off their hands. Hey, its like Fenway Park, what a steal.


Winnipeg is the white trash capitol of the world.. Nuff said..

It's not a major upgrade to get hot water in a dressing room.

Oh, and I'd rather fly out of Hamilton than Pearson anyday. Oh, and perhaps Mr. Brown could make a reservation at Shakespeare's next time he's in town.


So how does a problem with a stadium in Hamilton equate to Winnipeg being the white trash capital of the world?

We don't need racist comments like that on this site!

I am white myself so its not a racist comment.

Besides.. what I said is 100% true.

the 2 comments are just random ramblings of truth :slight_smile:

there jus tpist we beat em 2-0 in the preseason

This is a revelation? LMAO

The condition of the visitor's dressing room has been an issue all my life, whether in its Civic Stadium state or today.

It does speak to the need for an eventual overhaul of the facility or a new stadium. As part of his role on the team, Scott Mitchell is charged with lining the ducks in a row to get the private sector and government on board to accomplish either of these alternatives.

Oski Wee Wee,

Not having hot water in the visitors locker room is reason for concern and should be addressed .I have heard they are in grave need of an up grade .

I wonder if Mr. Brown bothered to ask anyone about where to go for a steak dinner . What about the Sirloin Cellar ?

I wonder if his article would have been as terse if the Bombers would have won the game .

Easy for Winnipeg to criticize now that they have Asper about to build them a new stadium (with the help of a lot of public money). Besides, I like IWS.

An Argo-Cat fan