Ivor Wynne and Tim Hortons Field

It has been suggested that the press box at Tim Hortons Field may be named after Ivor Wynne to keep his name associated with the new stadium. I like the idea of keeping the name connected, but I don't know if the press box will keep the name in the public's mind. How often do you think of Foster Hewitt Gondola when you hear the ACC?

I would like to see the plaza out front of the stadium along Cannon Street named in His honour,
"Ivor Wynne Plaza at Tim Hortons Field."

This would be a place for the public to gather, just like the old stadium. The press box, Not so much.

Any other ideas?

This is a very thoughtful idea and I hope that it is considered.

Personally, I think the Ivor Wynne name connected to the plaza is a great idea from the OP. As for the press box, I would like to see a tribute (read naming) for Perc Allen. If not, I could even support the press box to be named after Ron Lancaster for his stellar work as a longtime CBC broadcaster, providing a nice tie-in to his legacy as Tiger-Cat coach.

Oski Wee Wee,


You could add Norm Marshall to the list as well.

Excellent idea, I'm sure somehow they will have the Ivor Wynne name prominent in some fashion, that needs to happen without a doubt.

Last year was in Montreal,I dont know if anybody else has visited the BELL CENTRE.But outside they have a magnificent plaza,complete with beautiful statues of some of their greats(LaFleur,Belliveau etc.)all around the plaza there is plaques of all their Stanley Cup Championship teams complete with history and rosters.Its to say the least quite impressive.With all our teams history I think something along this line would be fantastic,just imagine statues of Mosca,Henley,Winfield etc. 15 championship plaques surrounding it and a walkway replete with the rich history of our CATS!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

How about naming the plaza IVOR WYNNE WAY!!! :smiley: :smiley:

I like your Percent Allen idea for the media area.

just a thought but again at the bell centre u can pay a few bucks and by a brick for the walk way in honour of whoever u wish i think its a great idea

Tim Horton's Field at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

End of discussion.

Roll Up the Rim to Wynne Plaza.

I agree with the OP...excellent idea.

I said this as well… and was scoffed at.

Here's another way to think about it.

I can't claim to know anything about Ivor Wynne's career or his contributions to the City of Hamilton. I assume he was a great guy and did a lot of outstanding things for the city. And he was duly honoured, with his name on the stadium for over 40 years.

Now we are building a new stadium. I don't think it takes away anything from Mr. Wynne, or the respect that was paid to him for all those years, if we move on. I'm sure his name will be visible somewhere in the new complex.

I am also sure there are others who have contributed to civic life. No doubt there have been a lot of people in the history of Hamilton, and of the Tiger-Cats, who are deserving of recognition in their own right. In choosing outstanding individuals to honour, the city should not be limited to one period of its history, or to one man.

You weren’t scoffed at, we just don’t agree. IWS is gone it’s a new stadium lets move on.