I've suddenly become a huge Roughrider fan

Let's go Riders!!!

(At least for one week)

I hear you.

Go Als :slight_smile:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

They all admit it eventually.

....go second 'string Riders'...Will Austin get even with his former club ???...and give us a hand to get top spot :lol: ... Well at least if the Riders don't beat them...Kent... please send someone out there to kick this dirty Belli guy in the a$$ ... we didn;t get a chance cuz he got chucked....watch your private parts around this jerk... :thdn:

AH, yse evryone watching the game accross Canada seen the play. Grounds for a suspension I believe.

From baritone to soprano in a hurry. Seems it has happened more often this year. Gee! guess it has come to this...cheering for the Riders. Thank goodness it's not one of those 'Try it, you'll like it' type of thing. Go Riiiiii... Go Riiiiddddeeerrrss. Ouch!

Thank you...but they certainly wont be playing for the fate of the Blue and Gold.


I was wondering where jm02 was today.....then, after looking at the Eastern standings, I realized she was at her sewing machine, making up a bunch of Green Jerseys for those Bomber fans. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I don't sew...like ever...

Thats too bad jm, I've been out taking orders and I was only going to charge you 25%. :lol: :lol: :lol:

We have a potential to get rich. After this week of taking Green Rider Jersey Orders, if Montreal upsets the Bombers, I would suspect Body bags will be in big demand next week as the suicide rate goes up in Manitoba! :wink: :wink:

Why not just buy a whack fo green jerseys and sew a crying towel on each. Bring them to BC and sell them after the game. They'll be in great demand. Surely JM can tack on a towel with stapler. hehe

Not very funny at all actually. How bout you get up there on the wall at BC Place and we'll play pin the tail on LeBirdy????


You go first, by the time the game starts I would not want to be on any wall even if I could fly. Come to think of it sometimes I am flying high, me & Keith.

Kel I thought you were a rider fan?

The more I think about it, the more I convince myself that second place isn't such a bad thing. The way the Bombers are playing a couple more games, against the Als, without AC, might be a real good test and an opportunity to gain a little momentum, or an early exit.

I hate the thought of them sitting around for two weeks the way they have finished off the last half of the season. They definitely have to improve to have any chance of going anywhere in the playoffs.