What an embaressment the bombers are, i will conceid that we are absolutely the worst team ever, even worse than the reinbold era, ouch.

Time to start cleaning house and getting ready for next year, first FIRING Cartwright and Berry, 3 points in 3 1/2 quarters.

Bombers need to seriously think about the aweful team they are fielding, is it the players or coaches? Well common sense says the coaches will be packing there bags outta here.

Glenn looks like the Glenn at the start of the year, what a BIG problem we have on our hands, team has no heart, team is not responding to these poor coaches, why is Glenn still in the game? why did the coaches tell Armstead to run the ball out of the endzone?

It all comes down to the coaching, just plain aweful, that's all i can say about these bums. Roberts should not be back if he keeps running into the defenders, i have no clue where to start about the players on this team, oh wait, Glenn has to go with the coaches.

What an embaressing year for us BB fans, it can't get any worse, can it? Time to get Randall and Dinwiddie some reps and see if one can step up and be a starter for this team, Glenn is just not getting the job done, period.

...you have to remember this after a seventeen day lay off....and playing a green qb. with NO receivers of note....what a bloody disgrace,,,,heads are gonna roll after this one....at least i hope...or higher people in the head office will be heading out of town...this team is in crisis mode....

....lol lol what a great way for Glenn to go out ....an interception on his last play as a Bomber....Kevin you just plain ...STINK....bring on the qb. that will be starting for this team in the future... :lol:

can anybody explain to me why we didn't grab Bishop when anybody with any common sense can see that Glenn just plain bites. Has he ended a single game that they were down and coming back without throwing an interception. We probably have the best receivers in the league, but a qb with the arm of a 2 year old. And Berry has got to go.

B&G and Papa, ...yep, that sums it. I don't even invest any emotion anymore, like watching reruns of "Everybody Loves Raymond".

....Berry is making the same ol excuses in the post game.....I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THE EXCUSES....There has to be major changes on this club and it better get done soon....or watch how many empty seats at the next home game...There wasn't one positive coming out of this game...9 games left of excruciating, painful, disappointing football left, if nothing is done....just a disgrace...

I really questioned the missed field goal run back decision today. Sounds like what Troy said on Aug 10.

Coach has lost team.

You know something. . . that was gold.^

...Doug Browns comment after the game...'those that are still around for the Banjo Bowl will seek redemption ...lol lol....i'll bet he's still around ...as for a few others....so long....WE'RE TIRED OF WATCHING CRAPPY FOOTBALL ...time to put some players with heart and desire on the field .....Watch the lack lustre tackling....the poor efforts at sustaining a drive....not one offensive play worth a damn....No urgency...this team is total crap ...i think i'll take a break and leave the Bomber brass to fix this mess....obvious remedies will be totally ignored...and a comment by Taman saying that he's standing pat....leaves me wondering?????...Brenden ..listen-up ....you don't have a winning hand.....time to discard and get something that'll work... :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm. Think of making a FUTURE to do list:

Get rid of Taman. Check.
" " Bauer. Check.
Doug Brown-noser with a 2-7 record. Check.

...changes will happen this week papa, you watch...


;;;here's the way i see it....Defence is acceptable most times ....dbs. should be brought in...The shocker to spark this team and get everyones attention....CUT GLENN...Start Dinwiddie till he flops...and he will ....get a look at Randall...and Chang...We have to start looking at next year...What a disappointment 08' has been for Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans...I guess Milt leaves with his record.....BUT minus a ring... :frowning:From Grey Cup penthouse to out-house sure is hard to swallow...

I say make a petting zoo at Assinaboine Park with a sign that reads "do not feed the animals" in defiance of the assets this team has procured. This follows: make a personal appeal to Lyle Bauer that begs the team to report, while trading places with our animal friends, establish a non-negotiable agreement with the city's bureaucracy only to redeem the value of a never before used venue. (That way we can expose the vermin of species into the wild.) Finally, last but not least tell the players that act on incentive they must prepare to bag all their own groceries on a yearly basis.

I can. Did you see the second half? That is the real Bishop. Unless the winds are blowing at 70 km/hr., he’s useless. Though he possesses the strongest arm in the CFL, most of his passes are wild. Bishop’s only success came from his running and dink and dunk stuff, which does NOT suit the WPD (Weapons of Pass Destruction) that the Bombers have.

Glenn looks washed up. If Chang or Randall can’t get the job done, the Bombers will fizzle out this season at a pathetic 5-13 (+/- a win) and the Bombers will be seeing wholesale changes, which I hope includes, Cartwright, Berry, Taman, & Bauer.

2009 will definitely be a rebuilding year with old guards Stegall, Roberts, & Glenn gone, not to mention the rush for free agency after so many of our players took pay cuts for a Grey Cup run this year. This whole organization needs an enema, as far as I’m concerned.

How about this for a Berry-ism. . .

Sask. only managed to score under 20 points and still won. Funniest thing shouldn't it be us winning, Doug?

;;;I guess we should have known that Glenns success against the Ti-Cats was only an apparation...the real Glenn was on the field today in Regina....so-long Kevin...you're a great number 2.... and everyone can finally agree...time for a permanent change ... what a waste of time this guy has been...I don't care if we have to look at numerous options at the qb. spot from now until the end of the year...I'd rather suffer with an in-experienced qb.for the rest of the year, than with an incompetent qb. who in 8 years hasn't really grasped the position.... :thdn:

I guess we should have known that Glenns success against the Ti-Cats was only an apparation
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thanks, zoo.

The real goat today is Kit Cartwright. If he were able to do his job, Glenn wouldn't have been forced to call his own plays. It's one thing to have success against the Tiger-Cats calling your own plays for the first time. It's quite another when you're facing the defending Grey Cup champions.

Glenn wasn't great today, but IMO he is not in a position where he can succeed.

Give me a break.^ The receivers we have are few and far between. Enough said. (Not to sound hyper-sensitive.^) But, come on. . . really. No more excuses.

Berry brought this upon himself. His players are tierd of being berated by him as if they were children. The man lacks compassion for his players. They have just stopped playing for him. A new coach should be put into place immediately and perhaphs the team will turn it around, if not at least the new coach will have ideas as to what postions need replacing next year. I know it looks bad on Winnipeg, but it does on the CFL too. This man is a disgrace to the coaching profession at present. Best of luck at turning it around.