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I truly wish that the coaches and media would start RESPECTING, READING and RESPONDING to what we write here because it doesn’t necessarily take me or any Voice Of Reason to realize that the decision this organization would be embarrassing to a pee-wee football organization. Currently, the team is not accountable to itself, its fans or its owners. Perhaps if Wally, Jacques and Mike looked and how their team has lost its faith in “the program” (Is there one?) and has lost its abilities to have pride and integrity in themselves. Yes, these ARE strong words and they ARE warranted. Sorry, but I have to get some things off my chest…

#1: Whether its Casey Printers or Travis Lulay (no, we don’t want Casey back but…) at the helm, this year’s version of a BC Lions “offense”…and I do put that in huge quotations there…continues to be a debacle which does not have the killer instinct to win and have the fight to have each player take care of their own business on the field for the collective whole. If you recall, dropping passes and overthrown balls was a big problem, especially during the first half of last season. New receivers may cause you to incur a few dropped balls and misses routes, but I agree with the Province’s Lowell Ulrich when he infers receivers and other players…Could we include a so-called veteran like Geroy Simon here…seem to be purposefully trying to get Wally and Jacques fired. What other team in the ENTIRE CFL right now has as many dropped balls and overthrown passes as we do?? It’s disgusting and embarrassing to watch the Lions offense act like a team in a community football league. Of course, as many of us have stated on this Forum, Chapdelaine has run the same predictable offense year-after-year. What does this guy do in preparing for games?? Could he possibly be, and I’m deadly serious here, the WORST Offensive Coordinator in the history of not only CFL football…but football period. I’d really, really like to know if he has an ounce of creativity in his head. Every single OC in the league has shown more creativity and effectiveness, not only this year, but during any campaign he’s sadly been a part of. I suppose getting fired more than any other OC (Is it 3 or 4 times now??) in CFL history might sum that up. But then again, “In Wally We Trust ???” correct? Isn’t it Wally who puts Jacques in charge. Ultimately, Wally has to take some accountability for this.

#2: The Lions defense…hmmmm…on their current pace, not that this stat is tracked I believe, would set a new CFL record, never to be broken again any time soon, for missed tackles. Again, isn’t tackling a community football fundamental??? Really. I don’t necessarily buy what Farhan Lalji had to say in the post-game show when he mentioned “Players are playing out of position.” When there’s as many missed tackles as we’re seeing…again…you have to start questioning whether they’ve tuned out their Defensive Coordinator, Mike Benevides and his systems/schemes. Subconsciously, maybe the defense has lost faith in Wally {gasp!} as well.

#3: Last, and I could go on, but I apologize as this is going on too long for this post, but for 3 straight games now, the Lions have not prepared themselves for game day. The evidence is on the field. The first first down tonight didn’t come until 2 minutes left in the first half…When was the last time, in ANY football game anywhere in the world, that has happened. The fact the Lions let Ricky Ray run two-thirds of the first quarter off the clock is equal evidence that the current state of the BC Lions organization would make any true fan, alumnus and undoubtedly Bobby Ackles pass out from wherever he’s watching above.


or there’ll be a scat few to fill that expensively renovated place on Pacific Boulevard in September.

The warning signs are there.

Ecellent post my friend--Very well written and it sums up our organization and the reality that come the new dome I expect crowds of less than 20,000 people.

One issue is the PRO LIONS radio announcers who are clearly watching the games with BLINDERS on. They defend every coach on the Lions organization and make exuces and hang up on any caller who is critical of the LIons--

We are fans, we pay the players salaries, we own this team-- THIS IS OUR TEAM---

Due to the high cost of living and many things to do in the city and an OWNER who obviously doesent care about the franchise it all amounts to this BLAME GAME-- Its becoming a toxic thing in Vancouver culture in which every body just points the finger at other people- The riots aftermath was everyone blaming different groups for the trouble while not personally accepting responsibility for the actions that they were responsible for.

The difference between a WINNING and a LOSING culture is ACCOUNTABILITY-

Saskatchewan was getting hammered by Hamilton and you hear coach GREG MARSHALL-- Its a wake up call, I told the guys that we need to wake up and start playing football-- He didnt call out any single players--

Wally calls out Dante Marsh and other players, now while I agree MARSH was not performing but a better thing to say is this-

We didnt play well in the first half at all- we were unprepared to play and will give it all of our effort in the 2nd half and come back in this game--

In any organization if you are not challenged many employees slack off and start taking it easy-- We have numerous guys that basically are coming to BC to earn the pay cheque without putting the effort on the field--

BRENT JOHNSON played with heart and effort- He gave it everyting he had today- Him and the injured TAYLOR were playing their hearts out their--

You make mention of community football, but in reality we are not that far off with the smallish makeup of our defense, we can get blasted off the ball, we can get thrown on--

We were giving RAY for ever to find a receiver in our weak zone--

I believe the major issue with this team is we really dont have anyone really good with the young players---

People talk about ELIMINEAN, but I can assure you that he is not as good as Malik Jackson, Rey Williams, Jamal Johnson, Jerrel Freeman, Joe Lobendahn, and Shea Emery-- So basically our best player on defense is not even the best at his position

Successfull coaching in PRO football now is younger guys, the old dinosaurs are being weeded out of the leagues-- Look at Bill Parcells, Joe Gibbs, Don Mathews, Don Schula, they are no longer coaching as the game is changing fast--

The fact that we cannot even call a RUNNING PLAY and execute it makes me wonder if we even practice running the ball at all in the pre season or during practice?

The main issues we need to rebuild this team are the following----------

We need professional coaches who are in touch with the way the game is being played now- We need coaches who accept criticism and dont throw players under the bus.

We need players who are MUSCULAR and work out and are not smallish defensive players- Even Dobson Collins is so skinny he cannnot make a catch in traffic-- Geroy gets out muscled by CGY every time. We need to draft bigger taller more physical players who are big hitters and play physical right in peoples face-- Just compare every single other team with BC and you will be astonished how small we are-- Hence why screens work for 60 yard gains on us and QBs run all over us also- Last year RAY rushed for 135 yards on us, if thats not a sign we are too small and too old i dont know what is?

We need to ABANDON BENEVIDES ridiculous schemes- Im sorry CALVILLO and RAY wont get confused when you rush 3 guys and drop 9 in coverage and give them 6 seconds to find a receiver open. Benevides schemes are based on the philosophy that you are playing QB;s that cannot read a ZONE defense-- Benevides defenses are fooling no one anymore--

Most importantly we need to bring in players who are HUNGRY- Go to a game at EMPIRE field, there is no HUNGER at all in the eyes of the lions players-- Look at when Foster scores a late TD vs edmonton, he throws the ball in the crowd? ACt like you have been in the end zone before buddy? Thats sunday beer league antics-- The other teams we play against want it more, you can see it, they are hitting harder, running faster--

Watch closely at the lions receivers, they run off the line so slow and some are not even running full speed anymore- GEROY jogs off the line so many times and does not accelerate like a pro should---

We cannot in the CFL let good QBS pick us apart short all the way down the field-- While sometimes they do only get the field goal they tire out our defense as we cannot rush 10 play drives like we let RAY do to us- Ray was not confused at all and knew exactly what defense we were in.

A good team has DEPTH- We have no depth at all. one injury in the secondary resulted in 3 player CHANGES? IS THIS A JOKE?
Franks gets injured then a new guy comes in, we shouldnt moves sanchez to safety, Hyland vs the CFl's best receiver and Travis williams to corner--
What about playing KOREY BANKS to replace FRANKS and bring in a new linebacker???????
Look at MONTREAL and CGY they have tons of depth--

Kenyon Rambo and Malik Jackson and Corey Mace missed the game at BC for CGY- All 3 replacements played well and actually made game changing plays--
Jamal Richardson misses the game for MONTREAL, 2 new receivers dominate, one had over 100 yards and 9 receptions--

We are about 8-12 good college american players away from competing again--

Chapdelaines offense is basically a TOUCH football offfense-- The principles of the offense is touch football---- This offense only worked with DICKENSON because he had an offensive line that gave him time to PROGRESS through his reads--

We had a CLERMONT and SIMON in thier PRIMES of their careers and DICKENSON was a good QB to throw in the touch football offense--

The patterns are touch football patterns, goes, posts, ins and outs, there is no stacked formations, have you seen a SINGLE PICK Play with receiver or RUBS?
We run a simple offense in which PRO DB's can easily stop touch football patterns--

If you dont have an Offensive line like MONTREAL has you cannot run CHAPDELAINES offense--

Its not complicated, PRINTERS and JARIOUS do better in CHAPS system because they can hit the deeper and intermediate routes and can make the longer throws that the touch football offense allows--

LULAY is a weak armed QB who is not that great in the pocket- He is not better than BUCK PIERCE was --- LULAY doesent throw with velocity or with confidence-- Sure LULAY has all the leadership and good guy qualities but he may not be much better than a RYAN DINWIDDIE or another CLEO LEMON ------

Other teams have seen GAME FILM on this offense from 2002-2006 and now its 5 years too late to run this offense---

SASKATCHEWAN also runs the same type of offense and no surprise they got 1 first down in the 1st half today vs Hamilton-

Doug Berry is their offensive coordinator and he is equally lost as CHAPS---

THE CFL is a league of Coaching-- TOP TEAMS all have good head coaches- Trestman, Huffnagel, --

I wonder whether the game has passed Buono by. I know he’s one of the all-time coaching greats, but at some point, as a coach, you pass your best-before date. It happened to Don Matthews. I’m sure it will happen to Trestman and Hufnagel down the road. And it appears to be happening to Wally right now, if for no other reason than the fact that he continues to employ what I consider subpar coaching talent in Chapdelaine and Benevides, coaches who can’t put their players in a position to succeed.

I think after this season Wally will pass the torch to Benevides and Wally will move upstairs you can't fire Wally . To do that would have been like benching Gretzky .

First of all... the second half of that sentence makes no sense.

Secondly... I'm glad they don't read and respond to the posts here. Otherwise they'd be wading through all the crap like people suggesting that players are dropping passes and throwing bad passes to try and get coaches fired. Or that Buono is betting on the games the Lions play and that's why we're losing. Or that boycotting games in a gate driven league will save us from losing the team. Or because of the cost of living here that players are not giving their all because they are too busy selling drugs to make money. Even if they did read and respond to comments like those... there is no way anyone with half a mind could respect them.

There has been so much CRAP posted here over the last couple of seasons that just checking in and reading a few posts leaves a bad smell in my nose for the rest of the day. It smells worse in here than a drive through Chilliwack. People who think everything is as simple as changing the coach... like he's the one making bad passes, dropping balls, taking penalties, not tackling, missing blocks, not covering the right man.... and so many other stupid mistakes the players make in any given play. Posts by people that only look at the end result of the play and not what happened during the play.

There is a reason that we are all on a forum and not the sidelines somewhere getting paid the big bucks.

Pro sports is full of peaks and valleys. Right now we're in a valley. It sucks, but it happens to EVERY team.

Good one Chronic :thup: , I know, it's like one of those old western movie's where one guy get's a posse going to hang a innocent man.

There has been more positive posts from other fans . Lions fans need to chill your going through a rebuild give it time . I think a lot of people expected better, IMHO this was created by the sports media here in Vancouver they were selling this team as Grey cup contenders when I can say I think they are a couple of years away from that.

There was a young fellow who posted on the Lionbackers forum about how negative his dad is and how he can't even watch a game with him anymore because it's so bad. If Gridiron Guru isn't this kid's dad, then he is cut from the exact same cloth. Just say ONE positive thing about ANYONE, or any PLAY or ANYTHING that has taken place over the past three games, PLEASE. You are one big ball of GRUMP-ASS. Football is important to me to, but not to the point that I post 8 pages of ranting on a web forum. If you think your ideas have merit, why not give Dennis SKULSKY a call and tell him your 10 Point solution to solving the LIONS WOES. I'm sure he won't hang up on you....


Where do I begin to reply here as there is just so many colourful comments above with not much substantiating them. Sitting back like a wallflower is something I won't do here given some of the posts above. Let's begin...

First of all, Gridiron Guru and I are not related, but in our summation of what's been happening to the Lions SINCE they won their Grey Cup in 2006, perhaps we're related in thought. Nonetheless, if you can stop for a moment, put down your pom-poms (As "cheerleading" the current state of the Lions and thinking things are just overall gosh-darn rosy will not get us anywhere either) and carefully read through the insightful, provocative comments he's written, you might learn a thing or two.

Second, interesting that you think "I'm a kid". Although I do appreciate that you feel I have a young, fresh opinion on matters...I'll take that as a compliment.

Third, Chronicguy...Peaks and valleys DO NOT happen to every team. Montreal, ever since they came back from being the Stallions in the mid nineties has been a class organization that has been a veritable winner EVERY year since. Look back at the stats of that team. Calgary has not had any "down years" since Dunigan stopped coaching the team. Before him, in the days of Calgary's "Wally World" during the 90's, you might remember that they had the best record in the CFL for most of the decade. Granted, there are teams on the other end of the spectrum too like your Hamiltons (althought they seem to be turning it around slowly) and Torontos, but that doesn't mean that the Lions should just be status quo for know and "ride out the storm". Furthermore, I take sincere issue that you MIGHT be insinuating that either Gridiron Guru or I write "crap". I know you didn't mention us directly with that statement in your post, but...you didn't exclude us from being "crap artists" either. I'd be willing to put my knowledge of football, officiating and the Lions in general up against you any day. How many years (or months) have you been following the Lions? I don't know where the "bad smell" you mention is coming from, but I do like your Chilliwack reference. I like it because it reminds me that this team, like a farm (smelly or non-smelly...it doesn't matter) in Chilliwack, needs to start "growing" things in the right direction. Currently, and if you truly look carefully at what Guru and I are driving at, this team is growing or going anywhere. We realize that it's not, as you say, a "simple fix". In fact, the problems that the Lions are having now have been "growing"...rather rotting for a number of years. Wally used to have a "program" you'd buy in to. It is a fair question to say that players are not buying in to his program. As a result, game preparation, pride, how hard players try, etc. etc. starts to be an infectious disease that eats away at the foundation. Geroy Simon is a perfect example of this. He may be "Superman" and once played like him, but even Superman may start to realize that if BC locker rooms are filled with kryptonite...what's the use.

Next, Lions1...I don't think that I'm Jesse James or Billy the Kid or whoever. Speaking for Guru, I don't think either of us are coming riding in to town, guns blazing, any time soon. Regardless, inferring that the Lions, Wally, Jacques or any of the players or coaches are "innocent" speaks volumes to my previous point above that everything is not simply pink teddy bears, unicorns and magic gum drops that will fix the Lions "back to normal" in a game or two. Conversely, the Lions are guilty in many ways...starting with being guilty of NOT being accountable to themselves, the organization and the fans especially.

2 last points...sorry for the length of this but I just can't believe how some have responded to Guru and I...

I'd LOVE to speak with Dennis Skulsky, but even mentioning that shows you have little to no knowledge of the "impact" talking to him would have. That is, he's only been club president for a short time now and I don't think Wally, Jacques, Braley or anyone else would give much credence to "football input" from him. Regardless of what football knowledge he has, speaking with him would have zero effect.

Last, I'd LOOOVVVVEEE to hear from one of the Care Bears here about the positives of the last number of years here in BC. The fact that there's so much negative is because, well, there is a lot of negative. So please, grace us all with some of the positives of the situation and recent games...preferably laced with something that the Lions can build on. Maybe that way we won't be a bunch of, what was the word..."Grump-Asses".....What is that anyhow??


  1. we are fortunate to have a cfl team in vancouver
  2. every team thats down eventually comes up.
  3. Its a great feeling to know that one had contributed to the rise and improvement by continued support of the team
  4. the lions are not the riders this yr.
  5. win or lose, good football can and is played, if not by the lions, then by the other team.
  6. Travis should get better
  7. Mike reilly might be a future gem

well said football. the beat goes on.

my Pappy used to say the only time you worried about a guy was if they ain't complaining.

Voice of Reason - Seriously?

Do you think that anyone within the BC Lions organization even cares what anyone writes in these forums, or gives it an ounce of credence? It's fine to state your opinion and vent a little bit when you are frustrated, but 7 or 8 pages of rhetoric by "Gridiron Guru" about how to fix the Lions or boycott them into submission is not going to result in anything positive. You'd have more success posting comments on the Lions facebook page -at least they have someone who reads those. My suggestion to call Skulsky was meant to be tongue in cheek, but by doing that you would have more chance at success than volumes or untargeted ranting on here. He may actually listen and then at least you have the ear of SOMEONE in the organization who has the potential to at least discuss the ideas with someone else who has the power to implement them. No point trying to call Wally or stop him on the street 'cause he'd blow you off in a flash.

As for referring to you as a kid - not sure how you arrived at that. I was referring to a young fellow on the Lionbackers site and suggested that Gridiron Guru and that young fellow's (kid's) dad seemed like one and the same person. I did not imply anything else, so how you inferred you were even part of the post is interesting... of course your nickname does indicate a certain level of arrogance. I will also infer that you don't actually digest what others write, because none of that really matters when your opinion is the ONLY reasonable one out there.

Whole lot of fail in this thread, all coming from two sources.