I've pass the 1000 mark!!!

I just noticed that I’ve got 1033 posts!!! FANTASIC! :smiley:

Geez, I have no life!

Eskimos32001 should be far behind.

I was thinking of starting a poll…When does everyone post?
(A) At work when the boss isn’t looking
(B) At School when the teacher isn’t looking
© At home when us retired old guys should be working and the Wife isn’t looking.

You’re right KK We need a life!

I go on most of the time cuz I have a summer job as a landscapper and I haven’t go any orders in yet so I’m prety mucj just sitting on my butt at my mom’s home most of the time.

The other day, I was sick and I couldn’t get on.

…work for me…

KK I’d take Red & White up on that offer. From what I remember about Calgary from 3 years ago, is no Prov tax, nice people, good bars, good looking women, (Shhhh, don’t tell my wife that I noticed.) Good places to eat, decent weather…(Other than this years floods in the outskirts)

Did I miss anything R&W

I’ll work for you when I come up to Canada in 2010, when I can pay the airfare up there and I’ll work for you to pay my way back down.

No ofence, but I like to live in the Peg. Nice small metropolis! I know the taxes there are a bitch (I’ve heard from others) but at least I know it’s going to good things like the universal heath care and the tsunami releif fund. Unlike here in america where my tax dollars are going to Bombs and shit !

I think what R&W meant was he is using this forum while he’s at work.

But hey, while we’re at it, R&W might want to hire some people to do his job so he can devote himself 100% to this forum…

…sorry, missed this one for awhile…3/10 is right in his assessment of what I meant, but hey KK, we’re always looking to hire…basically the Unemployment Rate in Alberta is comprised of those people who will simply refuse to work, you’d have a job here in no time flat…

…hmmmm…full-time on cfl.ca…let me think about it…I could punt the Playmaker from his spot and actually write something sensible…