I've now got Best grey cup seats!


Early in the season I was able to get excellent seats (first row on the second deck on th fifty yard lin as a matter of fact). I had my hotel rooms booked and everything! But this last week an unfortunate event happened to my family, my dad had three heart attacks in five hours. They used the paddles on him all three times, and I am proud to say that he survived even though the doctor told him due to the blockages to his arteries he should be dead! That made me realize how lucky I am to stil hve him here and I decided to give my tickets away to my buddy. But I am not sad. No No Im not! Football is one of the few things I have in common with my dad, as in we both love our Riders, and I couldnt be more honored to spend my time watching the grey cup by my dads side, in a hospital room, on a stiff s**ty chair, with a 13 inch tv right beside my dad.

I just wanted to shere that.


Glad your Dad's alright. You sound like a helluva son. I myself am watching the Grey Cup with my father as well at the Game. We go every year together (along with my two brothers) and I wouldn't miss the time with him and my brothers for the world. I know you made the right choice.
Now lets hope that the Riders win for the health of your father's ticker.

I wasn't sure which team I'd be cheering for on Sunday, until now.

Go Riders!

...great story Rick, hope your dad gets better!...

Good call Rick...I dont doubt that you guys will be celebrating shortly after the game regardless of the outcome.


Best wishes to your dad for a speedy recovery Rick.

Dito here Rick!