I've narrowed my list to 3 teams

So help me decide on which one should be my CFL team. The teams that have been eliminated are:

Toronto - too big of a market. also a dome team.
Montreal - too big of a market, plus they're in Quebec. a dome team?
Vancouver, BC- Love the Pacific NW, just not for football. Plus they play in a dome, i cant cheer for a team ithat plays in a dome.
Hamilton - Too small, plus too close to Toronto.
Ottawa - Too poltical.
Saskatchewan - Love the name, but Regina is too small, and in the middle of nowhere.

Teams left:

Basically this is what it comes down to. I live in Nashville, which is a small market by American standards. The city itself has about 600k ppl, while the metro area is about 1.3 million ppl. Plus, N'ville is proud of it's country heritage, and although it's a relatively large place, it still has that small town feel. Although N'ville also has a pro hockey team, and some local colleges, the city is 100% crazy about their pro football team. So which of the above 3 teams best fits that bill? So far, from the limited knowledge I have of those 3 cities, it seems like Winnepeg has a lot in common with NSH.; but then again, it also seems calgary and edmonton also have a lot in common witht the 'ville.


You might want to choose Calgary as that city is also known for it's country heritage. The Calgary Stampede is the world's largest rodeo.

Winnipeg , is the birth place of Canadian rock and roll.
Sort of like a small , CHICAGO.Our windy city famous for it cold in winters.

Edmonton , has the oil [in the area] and the worlds biggest mall.

EDMONTON , always has a good football and once won 5 GREY CUPS in a row, with WARREN MOON, at QB. It is know as the CITY of Champoins......because of the ESKS and the hockey OILERS.# 99 used to play their.

Most of ALBERTA [Edmonton and CALGARY] is like a TEXAS North.

But I have to agree with the above poster that CALGARY , fits your model. It has the Canadian Country Hall of Fame and the worlds biggest annual rodeo.

It had the 1988 Winter Olyimpics , and there are beautiful HUGE mountains a half an hour drive , away.You can see them from, CALGARY.

Even though I am from TORONTO, it is one of Canada's most fun cities.
I have been there many times. :smiley:

Downtown , it has that friendly feel and if you want more , they tend to be conservative in the way they vote. [just a joke] :smiley:

This was fun...........thanks.......good luck. :smiley:

I think Calgary is a good match with Nashville.
As for Montreal, they play all there games outdoors, except for the last game of the saeson and playoffs, where they move indoors to the Olympic Stadium, because it seats 60000 as opposed to Molson stadium which seats 20002.

Smokey, reconsider Ottawa.
With you being from the Home of Country Music, did you know that Charlie Pride's son once played for the old Ottawa Rough Riders? Geez, even the late Bob Marley's son once played for us.
C'mon Smokey, politics has nothing to do with the CFL.
Hop on the bandwagon son!

Go you Capital Punishment Bastard Renegades Go!!

What's that supposed to mean?

The city may be too politica, but make no mistake, the football team isn't. Hell, it isn't even politically correct! :stuck_out_tongue: The local politicians seem to do everything they can to force the team out of business.

If that's an excuse for taking that city out of your list, how come Winnipeg is still on the list?

Buddy, this is Canada. You won't find Nashville in here. And anyways, shouldn't you focus on football reasons to pick a team to cheer for? Like if a team has Nashville born guys on the roster, or guys that went to a university in your area, or former NFLers that you like, etc.

Nice retort T & T! Not to bring politics into this (being from Ottawa and all), but you should run for office!! lol. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Toronto does not play in a dome! The roof opens and closes and has only been closed 2 times in the last 3 years. Don't base your selection on a false assumption. Argonauts have been playing since 1872 and are the oldest professional sports franchise in North America. Also... how can you complain that some cities are too big, then say that some, like Regina are too small? Makes no sense. Like another poster sadi... base your selection on football matters... not the city i9n which they play.


LOL best reason you could think of to not cheer fot the Ti-cats to close to Toronto lol. Oh well its all good. of the three teams that youve picked I dont know. There all very nice cities (been to all of them) Edmonton has the biggest mall as some one has stated already. And Calgary has the Calgary Stampede Which somebody else mentioned. But Winnipeg lets see. Well Winnipeg is fairly close to the middle of Canada (East to West middle) Theres actually a sign that says where it is to. Winnipeg is also the home of Winnie The Pooh. Just some stuff to think about.

The Bombers play like pooh too!!!

Two things

  1. Kanga will you spell it right just once its FRENCH not FREACH.
  2. Kanga have you ever been to the Big-O? it sucks.
    Ok 3 things
    Smokey I have to ask as well what does the fact that Montreal is in Quebec have to do with a football team? If the Als wanted to seperate from the CFL
    I would understand but as it stands now-----

Mind you as I read your reason for not likeing other teams I am begining to understand :roll:

Speaking of spelling:

  • It's spelled "merged", not "meaged";
  • It's "Gatineau", not "Geutiue" (and it doesn't even exist anymore, because it "merged" with Hull);
  • It's "very true", not "very ture".

I have a French/English and an English/German dictionnaries at home. Anybody has an English/Kanga-Kucha one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that for baseball and football or just football?

Well man, having just been to Edmonton, It is a nice city. I know Calgary has the country stuff, but the stadium in Edmonton is NICE, and the atmosphere is even better.

Don't you wan't a team that's gonna win? Edmonton has made the playoffs 33 consecutive years. (North American sports record)

Depends what kind of football you like, to choose what team you like. If you love passing attacks, choose Edmonton. If you like running attacks, choose Winnipeg. But.. Winnipeg doesn't win much. They're starting to come together now, but.. still.. 3-7? I think.

If you like touchdown dances.. Choose Calgary. They do it after every TD scored.

Hmmmm.. thats about it to say. Pick Edmonton!!!

Auugh I just wrote a good reply but it times out...here's the gist, and if the other one made it through which I dont think it did, i apologize.
The Eskimos are the only team to play on natural turf, which may make a difference to you. E-town is also a great sports town in general 90,000+ for a champ car race recently.

and jeez kanga, the term Eskimo as used by the team is NOT hostile. They are referring to the original Innu name eskimo which means meat eater, like after a hunt of seals or wild game or whatever. That is why their mascot is a polar bear, a great carnivoire. It was only after ignorant foreigners invaded their land that the term was applied to the Inuit as a whole after their hunting culture, a real shame. But the term as the edmonton esks use it is referring to their actual innu language word, NOT what the ignorants appropriated it as. It also makes sense as edmonton is the most northern city in the CFL. its like the innu term igloo...which means house. I live in and igloo and you do too. When I go to America and say Im from Canada they ask me if I live in an Igloo and I say yes...and you do too!

How can you not go with a team that never misses the playoffs? The Eskimos are dubbed the "flagship franchise" of the CFL. Their winning record and history of being a class organization are among the best in the league.

If your criteria includes a winning record most every year and a team that is committed to excellence, then they are your obvious choice. TMac is right about Commonwealth stadium. Even though it is getting a little old it is still one of the nicest in the league. We like the grass just fine (not weed) lol,

Ray, Tompkins, Jeanty just to name a few rising stars 25 and under that will help ensure the tradition continues. The bandwagon is never too full here, but there is one catch. Once on, we want you to stay through thick and thin just like loyal fans here in Edmonton!

Welcome aboard,

Cool I gotta remember that

I never Realized Ray was under 25. Hes missing a lot of hair for a guy thats under 25 :lol: