I've heard rumours today.....

.....that the Riders signed WR Kareem Kelly, and also that Cortez has been added to the coaching staff.....anyone heard something similar?

Wasnt Cortez Added a while ago?
And i dont know anything about Kareem Kelly

Condell was added a while ago. Up until last week, I'd only heard rumours that Cortez was the leading candidate for the position.

The rumour ive heard is that Shivers wants to bring in Allen Pitts as an asst coach.....

Sambo I heard that as well whereas Cortez was rumored to sign with a team in Texas.

Pitts may have been a great receiver, but that does not make you a good coach. We have some good coaches now, so I fail to see why he would be brought in

Since I made the first post, I also heard that Barrett made the announcements about Kelly and Cortez at the AGM today.....haven't verified that yet, though.....

JMo2 yes it is true George Cortez is with the Riders and this is my prediction he will be your head coach by next year or somewhere else. This guy was the success of the Stampeders in the 90's Rider Nation should be smiling right now. Pitt's maybe a guest coach at the Stamps camp!

Did you get this verified, rw05? I can't seem to find anything.....where did you hear it?

It makes more sense for Pitts to go there to be a guest coach RW05, but I wont get into the reason of why Shivers wanted to give Pitts a shot at coaching…

It was on the radio here and they said there was some kind of luncheon and he was announced as OC for the Riders. This is exciting for rider fans for sure this guy will put Barrett to shame.
It is also now posted at www.gostampsgo.com

Yah Its On the Riders site that Cortez is O line coach.

Did some looking up of this Kelly guy. Looks good. he was a sprinter at USC. I like having fast recievers.

[url=http://usctrojans.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/kelly_kareem00.html]http://usctrojans.cstv.com/sports/m-foo ... eem00.html[/url]

USC quarterback Carson Palmer: "Any time you're a quarterback and you've got a guy like Kareem, you love it. With his speed and the way he goes after the ball, you can't not have confidence in him. The desire he has for catching balls and making plays just makes it easier on me and the whole offense." USC tailback Sultan McCullough: "He's a deep threat. He's agile and, with his speed, he makes plays. When he's out there, the defense can't just key on a certain guy. They have to key on him and it opens up the running game." Former USC tailback Chad Morton: "He's going to be one of the game's greats. That's the Biletnikoff Award winner right there." USC cornerback Darrell Rideaux, his prep teammate: "He's competitive on the field and in the classroom. On the field, he's got this macho, flashy athletic appearance. But he's got a sensitive side. He makes people feel comfortable…He's got good hands and he's physical. We battle all the time…He has confidence, and it oozes. You can't miss it." Steve Bisheff, Orange County Register: "Kareem Kelly catches the ball with more flair than anyone at USC since Lynn Swann. Keyshawn Johnson? Sure, he was a great college receiver. But he was more physical, exuding power and strength. Kelly, like Swann, is about finesse and acrobatic, ballet-like moves. Kareem is R. Jay Soward, with even more speed and a better attitude…Neither Swann nor Johnson could run as fast as Kelly. Few can…He is the playmaker at USC. He is the home run hitter. He is Ken Griffey Jr. in a helmet and shoulder pads." Karen Crouse, Los Angeles Daily News: "Kareem Kelly has more tools than a carpenter. Before he's through, he could add on another wing to Heritage Hall. He has height, heart, great hands, a gazelle's gait and as many gears as a Ferrari…He's just naturally equipped for success…He is an astute student of the game. On the field, the only thing churning faster than his legs is his mind." Long Beach Poly track coach Don Norford: "His gait is so smooth and relaxed that you really can't judge how fast Kareem is. It's like when a cheetah attacks the gazelle. The gazelle doesn't realize how fast the cheetah is until it's right into him. With Kareem, a cornerback thinks he has an angle on him, then he shifts into another gear. And Kareem has about three or four more gears he can use."

My only question on that is do we the QBs to get him the football??

In case you missed it we signed Kerry Joseph...

Yea... We got Kerry..