I've got an idea

Before we build a new stadium for $400M to supposedly be ready for 2015, let's rebuild this team so we once again have a winning product to fill the stands in said new stadium. This province is worth it, and the fans are more than worth it. BC seems to have gotten it right with their product on the field, and they had to drop another $560M into a facility they already had. Let's spend less and get our team and facility right the first time. Just a suggestion. What say you all?

no team can stay on top of the league every year. honestly, you have been to 3 grey cups in four years. all leagues have teams in cycles. you build a stadium reguardless of the current success of a team.

I agree absolutely, it is just hard to go from that competative of a team to nothing over night. The Als have been a great team for many moons, and are dipping this season, but at least they are competative.

'ceptin' look which division they are in. The div gets stronger and they ain't doin' so well. Coincidence? I think not.

Oh, don`t get me wrong, the improved division is definitely a huuuuuge factor, but they are losing to teams from the West as well this year, something that did not happen a bunch the past few years. The East is LEAPS better this season, but still.

Totally agree. Two separate issues. If they continue to play so poorly, it could be decades before we see a new stadium. :cry:

not the case.

the provincial Govt of Sask is waiting until after the election to make any comments.

this stadium is coming.

I don't get it. First you say that you agree that they are two separate issues. Then in the very next sentence you link the two issues intricately. Which is it?

Both. I see it as two separate issues. Their success on the field has nothing to do with the replacement of an ancient stadium.

A lot of people don't see it that way. Only if they keep winning as a team do they deserve to get a new facility. Hence my comment on it taking decades to get the new stadium based on their recent play.

Ah, I think I get what you are saying. You mean that you personally think that the building of the stadium should have nothing to do with whether they are winning or losing but that, because there are many irrational people walking the earth who don't understand that, they link the two and won't get behind the stadium unless the riders are winning. And you premise all that on the assersion that the riders won't win again for decades, correct?

Yep, right on. If I didn't have to type on the iPad I'd post longer comments. Tend to truncate my comments.

The Riders not winning for decades, hence no stadium built for decades, was tongue in cheek. I'm just saying the last two blow-outs were so bad it maybe decades before we see the winning team we all know they could be again, if that is they type of effort they put out there. They will win again this year, but not make the playoffs. I do NOT want to revisit the 70s and 90s for subpar seasons, 4-14.

The stadium needs to be replaced, it has lasted a long time and we definitely got more then our money's worth out of it. A new stadium, in what ever form, is needed. We can't hold this off any longer.

winning or not, the stadium is 100 years old, and 1/2 of it is TOC concrete

I didn't mean to make it sound like one thing, the stadium, depended on the other thing, the team. I merely meant to say that since the stadium is going to happen by 2015 anyway, let's start building a good team ready to play in it.

Every comment in this thread is missing a main point. It’s not like the Franchise is trying to fail.

They are trying to build a winning team. This idea of rebuilding is bogus.

:thup: We have some great rookies and 1st year CFLers that can do big things now and in the future. :thup: We have a young QB, who despite this sh!tstorm season and irrational fools calling for his head, is still committed to being a Roughrider.

i don't think most people feel a need to fully rebuild. They just need a few things.,..

  • a solidified o-line (1-2 guys, who may already be in the Rider's system
  • one top caliber DE
  • not sure on where they actually sit with RB, but feel it is time for a changing of the guards.
  • One more top end DB would be nice, but they are likely fine with a great DE or changing of the formation.

AT LEAST 1 top caliber rush end.
2 DBs (or more) who can play man.
a consistent kicker with decent range.

Other than the last couple of games (the Calgary game especially) the o-line has been fine this year.

As for the running game, it seemed to dry up as soon as Doug Berry left … I’m starting to think that is more than just coincidence.

I don't think the team needs a total overhaul, just a few key players in key places. Just show me a team that can be successful while being competitive and entertaining.