I've got a confession to make.

I bought a Saskatchewan hat, t-shirt and hoodie today.

No not because I'm changing teams, I'll bleed orange for a long time. No, I bought them because I got all three for $19.99. I mean around here they can't sell Saskatchewan stuff unless it is hyper-cheap. And, really all I wanted it for was the hoodie cause I like hoodies. The other two are just thrown in.

The cool thing though, is a few days ago I finally got my B.C. hat from the online store and I have already gotten compliments on how good it looks. And, it does... next in line is a official CFL Lions jersey. :rockin:


....You should've bought a box-full.....headed to Regina for the next game....sold em there and had the game/trip paid for????...whoops....there i go giving away my trade secrets..... :lol: ...Seriously....that's a good price for the green guys gear..

It's not a hoodie. It's a bunnyhug.