Ivan Brown a tiger cat

Ivan Brown was claimed by the tiger cats from the All's practice squad as per RDS

Isn't the rule that Als have to put him on active roster for next game so they don't lose him ?

IIRC, last team that tried to pull a fast 1 like that on Popp (I think it was Ti-Cats or Argos), he played the same game with them later during the season when they were down on Canadian players...

Jim will remember & strike when no one expects it ! :slight_smile:

Obviously they felt that it was not in the best interests to activate him. Too bad too cause the als invested 3 years in him and are commited to starting a NI defensive tackle... he's not the first guy to fall for Obilovich's lines :slight_smile: If either Bekasiak or Robertshaw got hurt, he was in... so I hope he made the right choice.

I think Herb was the first one to announce it:


Oh yeah, it's on! Hamilton made a legal move in doing this, but not one that will be liked. Brown had 3 sacks in 2 preseason games, is a non import as well. Probably has a good knowledge of the Als playbook. Popp must not like this...

I don't think the Als can add him to the roster. From what I understand, the rosters are now set for the first game. During the regular season, they would have the chance to add him to the game roster. I think the rosters from training camp are set for the first game. Richard can surely tell us if it is possible or not.

I think Hamilton is playing war games. Bring it on!

It goes both ways, we grabbed Chris Leak who walked out of the Ticats camp and drove straight to Montreal and we grabbed Mike Giffin who was headed back to school. It was "on" before and it will just keep getting nastyer if the Ticats are competitive.

Surprised Mtl didn't activate Brown in response but I'll have to trust that Popp and Trestman know what they're doing. We're not exactly swimming in defensive tackles, let alone NI tackles who can back up Bekasiak.

As long as they play him and not just for one game, I don't have a problem with if they are adding him just as a depth guy then you got to wonder. The guy had a great camp so maybe he didn't want to spend a third year back and forth on the PR. Let's hope they keep him once Matt Kirk gets back...

As has been said, if Popp didn't like it he could have stopped it. The fans will make a bigger deal out of this than Popp or O'Billovich. It's not like no one has ever made a claim on a player off another team's PR before.

BTW, the Winnipeg media are reporting that Moton Hopkins (import, DE), who was with the Bombers last season and was one of the last TC cuts this year, has been signed by the Als although there hasn't been an official announcement. He was definitely a victim of the ratio and Lapo speaks very highly of him as both a person and a player. He only played in 3 games last season. I believe all were starts when Dorian Smith was injured. He had 7 tackles, a sack and an interception that he ran back for a TD.

Absolutely agree. Brown was on the PR on and off for 2 years and this would have been his 3rd. A guy has to eat and take chances sometime in this business. Fact is the Als still have anywhere from 5 to 10 bodies that will have to be released or traded so preventing Ivan from leaving if that was his wish would not be wise, Als have a great locker room and it has to be kept that way. However It was a position where we didn't have a lot of room to maneuver so adding Hopkins makes sense. We won't be keeping 4 running backs and 12 receivers with 2 kickers and 4 QB's on the roster that's for sure.

There is also the possibility of losing OL Barrette too.

[url=http://alsinsideout.com/the-snap/als-prepared-to-risk-losing-barrette/]http://alsinsideout.com/the-snap/als-pr ... -barrette/[/url]

Barrette is not ready or the als would have found room on their roster for him. If he does that. There is a good chance he'll never suit up for his home town team. He would be far better to listen to his coach and go back and play for Bryan Chiu for a year. But I remember what it is to be in my early twenties, a year was an eternity :slight_smile:

Barrette can sign elsewhere if he wants. We're loaded on the O-line and didn't have a spot for him.

I wish Brown the best in Hamilton, and like Hfx, I hope that they aren't signing him just to start one game. And I'm looking forward to seeing what Hopkins can do.

Precisely. would hate to see a local boy in his early twenties be swayed elsewhere. :slight_smile:

When a team signs a player from another team's practice roster, the team that signs him has to place him on the active roster for 2 games; he may play or could be included with 4 players not "dressed" for the game. After 2 games he could be released.

Hamilton had to do something,since they had only 5 players-3 I and 2 N- on the defensive line.

Last July we released Brown; he was brought back in September because we had many injuries to our non-imports.Yes,he had a good training camp but he was not a long term solution on the DL.


re Barrette, maybe so. However Als not loaded with a local boy on OL.

When other team are picking our NI on PR & cuts...it just shows that Popp & his team of scouts are doing a heck of a job of finding the best canadian & other CFL teams aren't even close to what our GM & his team does !

Herb writes that the Als have signed Sean Ortiz -DL,N- and placed him on the 46 player active roster; Ortiz was released by BC last week; if so,it is further proof that they were not that interested in Ivan Brown.

Who will come off the active roster? a probable addition to 1 game injury list. Spencer? Hecth? Jones? Marc? Ridgeway? Stay tuned!


A player's hometown should not be a criteria for a coach when he picks the lineup. I sure would not want Emry or Bourke to think that way... The als have 8 NI with six possibly seven who would start on any team in the league. Barrette needs to mature and grow. Before he goes and sits on Tillman's nine game faked injured list he may want to call St-Pierre or Frenette and check a few things or talk to Jourdain.

The thing is Popp checked with Chiu and asked "is he ready?" and he came to camp and he got beat by EIGHT ni olinesman, they all had more experience than he does and with the experience of a full training camp and a shopping list of what he needs to improve going and playing a fifth year at Concordia and staying close to the Als, he could have returned next year and there may have been a place for him.

Absoluetly agree. I guess I should have worded it along the lines that it would/will be nice to have a local boy playing for the team at some point down the road if he does decide to follow the management's suggestions and works hard. I realize there is no guarantee eveen at that for him to be a shoe in for the team down the road.

Sean Ortiz was a last cut (June 23) by B.C. He is primarily a long snapper.

This will beg the question of whether he will be answering questions from Alouette coaches the next 24 hrs. or so.

Coincidence or gamesmanship that he has been picked up?