It's Your Festival

For those here who havent' checked it out, wife and me went Friday night to check it out at Gage Park and see Mobile who put on a great free concert. Picked up a nice decorative bridge for the pond from one of the craft tents, very reasonably priced. April Wine playing tonight and Tom Wilson tomorrow night.

We went on Saturday with the girls. My 7 year-old won the Hamilton Spectator grade 2 spelling bee. It was great!!

Congrats to your daughter bg!


Can she spell whoop-do-doodly do? :slight_smile: As in congrats to your daughter!! Well done.

I kan spel tew. I thinc she and I shood hav a speling be of ouwer own. Ef I win, she has tew ware an Argo kap fore a dae.

An Argo-Cat fan

Thanks, BF.

Not only would I not agree to that, but she wouldn't either :wink:

I went to see Mobile too and they were awesome! I liked that cover of a who song they sang "teenage waste land" It was done very good.

I was surprised there weren't more people there. I have Mobile's album with See Right Through Me and Out of My Head, listen to it a lot and love it.

I seen them three years ago at the winnipeg grey cup and I bought that cd there.They were opening up for Three days Grace, Theory Of A Deadman and The Trews. They were so good I had to buy the cd while my friend bought the Theory Of A Deadman cd. I was a bit miffed too that there wasnt much people there too. The trews are coming here next month to gage park too.

Paranoid Freak, cool song!

April Wine were awsome last usual!!