Its your call- do you sit Durant for next week?

Although his injury is to neck and shoulders... would you sit Durant for next week's banjo bowl to make sure he is healthy for the rest of the season? Maybe suit him up and have him hold a clipboard, only insert him into the game if the sitaution warrants it.

Well I would sit him for sure.

If, and I do mean IF, the Blue Bombers were planning on lying down and offering no resistance whatsoever like they did last game.

If as they said - that removing him from the game was only precautionery - then you have to start him. After a few reps the coaches will be able to tell if they should pull him and let Drew have a go. After having dropped 5 in a row it makes our prospects for the playoffs a lot less rosy so I think we have to go with our best chance to win this game and that would be Durant.

I'd start him,he will be watched by the Coaching Staff to see if there are any signs of after effects of the blow he took.He maybe sore but that is expected after taking a whalop like he did.Wacted a repeat of the game and I'm sure I will again before the Game on Sunday. :smiley:

Even if he wasn't injured last game I still would sit him. Willy showed that he is capable of playing in the CFL. Why not give him a shot at the start?!

Start him
"IF" the Riders should be fortunate enough to capture a big lead, put in Willy.

DD apparently looked good in practice, so should be good to go, but I am sure they will be watching closely. If he is tentative on taking off early in the game, then it is worse than expected and pull him.

You have to play him. The reps were fantastic for Willy, who didn't look rattled or lost out there, but Durant is the present. I think Willy has a bright future in this league, but he went in against a deflated Bomber team, giving him the start would be completely different.

You don't change anything from week 9 and play it the exact same way. If we get a large lead, Drew goes in.

Unless he is injured or there is a large risk of him being re-injured you play him. You don’t sit your starting QB in the middle of the season when we absolutely need wins for any other reason. Especially coming off a game like he had last week! We need to keep out momentum rolling and our best bet for that is Durant.

So like I said unless he is to injured to play or there is a very large risk of re-injury he plays.

Play him. Tabloids are saying he practiced today.......a full practice.

He has 3 more days to get better. Play him............short leash however. Get up by 40 points and then Willy can play some more

Start DD. IF he gets knocked around, or is feeling the after effects of last week, bring in Willy. Better to have DD in pads.