its totally assinine

no new stadium meant for CFL use should have less than 30,000. Even if they cant get that number now, what about 20 yrs from now? What if CFL grows in popularity along with pop growth? What then?

oh, I know, law of supply and demand. Tickets prices go up and up until there are a few empty seats at each game.

A brief browse of the internet seems to indicate that both ottawa and hamilton will have new stadiums of between 22 and 25 thousand seats.

hamilton had 3 games just over 25,000(including preseason) and 2 games around 30,000. What are they now going to do on labour day. How many people will be turned away. Guess it will be a good day for scalpers.

At least they are doing it right in Winnipeg. As a BC boy, I am almost jealous of them.

It would be very risky to have stadiums built with 30,000 plus what if a team does not do well and attendance drops 18,000 fans in a 30,000 seat stadium would not look good.

It's totally asinine.

I'm perplexed as to why you would be jealous of the new Winnipeg stadium if you are from BC.

Over half a billion dollars was recently allocated for the glorious BC Place, including the largest cable supported retractable roof in the world, the second largest centre-hung high definition scoreboard in North America, the highest grade artificial turf, not to mention upgrades to seating, washrooms, concessions, and luxury suites.

from Wiki:
"BC Place has been described as one of the most beautiful stadiums in all of North America and the Crown Jewel of the CFL.
TSN analyst and former CFL player Chris Schultz praised both the design and engineering of the new stadium"

The rest of the country should be envious of such a magnificient venue.
I know I am. :frowning:

The new Stadiums in Ottawa, Hamilton and Winnipeg have the room to increase their capacity to over 40,000 !

You guys don't get it. Smaller stadiums are the way of the world. You must create a demand for your product. Every person turned away means bigger demand. Every person turned away means the media in this country MAY begin reporting the CFL as it should be, as the second major sport in this country. Image a league were every game is sold out and what that would mean to the league and the image that would create of the league and the game

Hmm that would kinda look like most games in BC Place :roll:

Both Hamilton and Ottawa have stadiums that are built for specific Football/Soccer Fields. Both are built with the ability to expand capacity permanent or temporarily. The space may be in the end zone but as you see with the new temp seating they have in Saskatchewan they are not bad seats being very close to the field due to not have a 400M track.
Both stadiums have the ability and space to sell standing room tickets should a game be sold out shortly before the game they could announces that an additional 1,000 standing room tickets will be sold. Hamilton has good standing space on the two level patio in the one endzone and Ottawa has good stading space on the burm in the end zone.
Like Moncton both will have temporary seating on hand in storage for quick and cost efficient seating for an expectd bigger capacity that will push to 30,000.
Better to build smaller with the possibility of adding later than bigger, Commonwealth, where seating will be empty most of the time.
If the demand is for 30,000 in the future the stadium will adjust. Kind of bulding these two venues perfectly covering a lot of scenarios

I got into a debate with a Toronto soccer fan not to long ago what they want is for the Feds and Ontario to pay for a 80,000 seat stadium now i did question even if a stadium that size would work in Toronto and be worth it but my bigger issue is this idea it should be funded all by public money.

Here are some digital renderings of some possible quick temporary seating can be placed behind the goal in soccer or the End Zone in football

yeah, that two

I guess you missed the word ALMOST.

At least from the outside, winnipegs looks better. BC place is an eyesore having a negative affect on vancouver's skyline.

Also, if we had a wpg size stadium, we would probably have a lot less home game blackouts. :wink:

I agree- 30 000 should be minimum. Montreal has less but, they utilize the Big Owe which has drawn 50 000 for playoffs and, 60 000 for a GC game.

With that logic why not have a 15,000 stadium and charge stupid prices for tickets. Then it becomes vogue and everyone must have one.

Just one armchair, for $500,000.

Say a team has a 45,000 seat stadium but avg 22,000 is that a good thing?

My car seats four/five. Rare that there is more than 2 people in it. Should I sell it and buy a Miata?

People always refer to the Montreal McGill stadium success. But if the team did not have the Big O to host Grey Cups and playoff game they would have folded a long time ago.

But Hamilton, Toronto, and Montreal only averaged around 22,000. The Als move into the Big Owe for playoff games when they expect a bigger crowd. The rare time the Argos get more than 22k paying fans they have the capacity.
In Hamilton they will be able to put in some temporary seats for special games.

I don' think the plan in Hamilton is to have a 22 000 capacity for any length of time. I think the stadium will be expanded as soon as there can be funding available. There certainly isn't a proven way to make money or break even in the CFL with 22 000 fans. The only time the Als break even or make money is when they get a good crowd at the Big O and that pumps the season average to around 25 000 and that's with higher ticket prices than the rest of the league, their own TV contract and what once was a pretty big corporate sponsor base.

One thin is certain is that ticket prices in Hamilton will rise substantially over time if the demand is strong.

30,000 has to be the minimum.
What Winnipeg has done is awesome.
Regina is talking about the same numbers as Winnipeg as well.