It's time to trade

I'm seriously thinking we should look at a major trade.

Sorry to say but perhaps we should trade from our strengths to fill our Lumsden and Printers to either BC, or Calgary, or Edmonton or even Saskatchewan for ........THEIR ENTIRE COACHING STAFF!!!!!!!!

Amen to that.

I especially liked Taffee challenging the spot near the goaline without a challenge left.
Instead of 2 and goal from the 2, it was first and goal from the 1.

If I knew, why wouldn't a coach making $300,000/year who is paid to do this know?

He does not know because he is a buffoon.

Not only was he out of challenges, you also cannot challenge the spot of the ball unless it was third down.

So even if he hadn't used up his challenges, it still would have made no difference.

but my problem is not with him talking to the officials, my problem is the refs inconsistency when applying the rules

it's true, that taffe deserved a penalty for delay of game, i have no problem with that

my problem is with the argos challenged earlier in the game, withdrawing, and not getting a penalty

please, if you are going to apply the rules, apply them across the board and not when it's convenient

taffe threw the flag cuz he never thought he was going to get a penalty. it had only been applied once in the grey cup last year and i was so po'd in the 500 level because it hadn't been called all year

look, we are all homers here but and i mean BUT this is a serious case of a ref fouling up and i'm sick of inconsistent reffing

the flag was a joke. coaches throw the flag all the time on things everyone knows you cant challenge and all the refs do is inform them. in a game like this why would you throw a flag?

didnt dickerson retire the other day? they must need a qaurter back now! Hmmm look at what they have! Printer should give you alot!