It's Time to Talk Turf!

Some one on the CHML phone in suggested different spikes/shoes might be the answer.

I was thinking maybe QBs, Runners, Receivers should all wear some dort of soft knee brace as a protective measure.

from another thread but worth repeating

On the Masoli injury. It seems his leg/knee got caught up in an area of the turf that looked liked it had been recently brushed to remove prior ads or Forge logos etc. Who decides if the field is playable ie after brushing are all the rubber pellets evenly distributed to present a safe playing field. Can anyone advise?
On that note it sure looks like Masoli steeped into a hole or bare spot.

It seems to me, or my memory, that all these turf related injuries at THF are happening to TiCats, though IIRC a Bomber QB suffered a lower body injury a few years ago but he was being tackled on the play and injured not running or moving on his own.

Anybody remember any visiting team knee/leg injuries possibly related to the turf?

If not, are the Cats wearing the “wrong? footware/cleats for this turf? Besides training regimen, I do not see why or how visiting teams avoid serious leg injuries using similar moves, on the same playing surface.?

One is natural, the other artificial.

We might as well take a look at the field and see if there is a problem

Didnt STE get hurt in Montreal?

Torrence Toliver the receiver remember his… will be interesting to see if our soccer team the Forge will sustain any turf related injuries different sport same turf different cleats??

I believe he was hurt at BMO in Toronto.

I’d be curious to know whether there’s been more ACL-type injuries in the 5 or 6 years of THF turf than in the entire history of the franchise pre-THF.

Or to narrow the question a bit: Ticats have had two starting QBs in the THF era, and both have had their knees wrecked by the turf. Did any of the dozens of starting QBs of the previous 50 or 60 years ever have a similar injury?

Believe it or not, there was a time when it took a lot more to take out a player for a season than stepping on the carpet the wrong way.

The green turf monster has always been an issue at THF since being installed for the Pan Tax Games!

I have been saying it for a few years, but I think that today’s athletes have tuned their bodies (ie: muscles and therefore tendons, especially around joints) to such an extent that their ligaments are simply not strong enough. Ligaments are what they are - connective tissue that hold joints together. They can never be strengthened, but they can be stretched and torn. IMHO athletes can now exert so much force on their joints that these injuries are happening more often.

Also, in the past, players wouldn’t actually report bad injuries - they just played through them (and end up crippled later on in life)…

I read an interesting article that said a European soccer team doesn’t allow ankle taping. They blame it for knee injuries. Ankle injuries are less serious.
They said the tape saves the ankle but the knee blows out instead.

I wish Masoli broke his ankle.

Fantuz also comes to mind when talking about THF turf induced injuries.

It would be useful to know how many players have had non-contact injuries at other football venues compared to how many at THF. Then we might have some facts to back up the call for new turf.

NFL had a study done in 2012 showing that there is a 67 percent increase in ACL sprains and 31 percent increase in ankle sprains for field turf .

A previous study showed there was a 88 percent ACL injury increase compared to natural turf .

Natural Turf has shown to have higher percentages for different types of injuries such as concussions .

It’s give and take .

Im guessing that the City is responsible for maintaining the field. Given the number of events at THF I hope the City is following proper maintenance guidelines for Fieldturf.

Google Fieldturf and see for yourself.

The Seattle Seahawks Century Link field had to replace their field turf in 2016 after installing a new one in 2008 as the field turf became matted down .

They have field turf revolution 360 .

Not sure if this is the same type as the one installed in 2014 at THF .

I think it’s likely this injury wouldn’t have happened on natural turf. There’s always a little give. I think it’s a shame that every field, except Toronto’s, is this horrible artificial surface. I used to enjoy watching games from Commonwealth Stadium solely bc they still played on a natural field, but then they too sold out to the astro turf industry. Football is meant to be played on grass not plastic. Does everything have to be imitation these days? And this crap is carcinogenic. WTH!

THF turf is listed as Fieldturf Revolution…for what its worth.

Just browsing some info on field turf. States that risk of injury increases significantly if proper infil is not maintained. Infil is the pellets. There is a sq foot recommendation for infil…has anyone on these forums ever seen a city crew using the proper equip doing maintenance on the field…