It's Time To Make Better Use Of The BIG TV.

The Ticats organization, and/or the league should work together with TSN or even our beloved taxpayer funded CBC and put together a highlight show.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a recap of the previous weeks games.

They could play it on the BIG TV as fans enter the stadium, just before the game. (Instead of the 10 commandments thing with the nun.)

And, if there is no half time show, play it again at half-time.

TSN/CBC would get the promotion of their network and brand.

If they did a good job, I would even put up with the odd commercial.

They could spend 5 minutes recapping each of the previous weeks games, to make a 15 to 20 minute show.

I don't think it would cost that much, and fans would like it because it would put the focus on the league.

Sounds good, can play it after the teams warm up, so it does not appear you are throwing it in either teams face, and before the teams come back up for the game.

Why was there no half time show last game anyway?????

I would say that it isn't good form to have a halftime show at a wake, but that would be trite. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

There's.... something.
About an hour or so before the game there's either a recap of last week's games or a preview of this week's. I don't remember which because I never pay that much attention.

Is there?

That's good.

I didn't see that because I can't get to the game early.

Well, for this to happen the Cats have to pay the CFL's marketing group to create such a clip and it's no that cheap.


You would think that with all the advertising, that the league would be one step ahead and would be making these clips, and then playing them in every venue that has a TV.

TSN might do it rather cheaply, after all, they will get free advertising and exposure for their brand.

Anything that keeps people focused on the CFL and the CFL brand can only be good for the league.

Spending all that money on the TV and then using it mostly for advertising is not thinking big IMHO.

First... let's fix the screen then figure out what to watch on it. Nothing should be shown on it until they fix the geometry.


Dude, i continue to agree.

BIG SCREEN.It's ok with me I REMEMBER LIGHT BRIGHT :o :o :o :o

Is there anyone who is connected to or knows anyone involved with the TigerVision that can explain why the current graphics are being used the way they are??


PM me if nesessary.

I know they've used that tiger vision for other events, such as movie and on one occasion to watch game tape. Ive been there and seen it. PS movies own. I saw Jurassic Park there with my little sister and it was intense

whats the point,, ticats wont be in any highlights..

It’s actually getting to the point that I miss the “Light-Brite”.
The use of the new “Dofasco Commercial Delivery Device” is out of hand.
The new font for the “scoreboard” portion of the screen is almost unreadable.
And they pull down the “scoreboard” portion all the time to show commercials and advertizing.
Four out of five times that I look over to get the down, yards or line of scrimmage the “scoreboard” portion of the screen is not even showing.
Now I don’t even look at the “Dofasco Commercial Delivery Device”.
I constantly look at the old scoreboard over the East Endzone to get the games status.
You might as well bring back the “Lite-Brite” because the “Dofasco CDD” does not add to the game day experience at the stadium.
If I wanted to have the game interuptted by IKEA commercials, I would stay home and watch the game on T.V.