Its time to fire...


The Ticats year in and year out have tried to make CONSTANT CHANGES BECAUSE OF THE FANS in an effort to make IMPROVE the team and IMPROVE everything Ticat related on and off field better for us… The FANS!!!

And all we STILL do is COMPLAIN!!

Fire this coach, get rid of this player, run this play, hire ANOTHER NEW coach, find some new top notch talent from a mythical island of CFL players that can block and catch and throw, the new PigSkin Pete looked at my kid the wrong way, the mountain on my Coors Light can wasn’t blue enough, the sun reflection off the SCOREBOARD is in my eyes, the music is too loud, the music is too low, the bathrooms smells, Bob didn’t say hi to me when I interrupt him in the middle of a conversation, this fan was standing in the middle of a play, what’s wrong that player, that player sucks… MAN Enough is ENOUGH!!

You don’t think the Ticat management are already AWARE of what’s wrong with the Ticats and are trying whatever they can/could to make things better on and off the field?

Haven’t they tried to improve things by ALWAYS bringing in NEW players, NEW coaches, NEW systems and NEW front office staff year in and year out in order to TRY and improve things?

Maybe what the Ticats need is a YEAR WHERE NO CHANGES ARE MADE!!!

Ever think that bring in so many new players, many with LIMITED CFL experience will take some time to learn a new coach system and to learn the CFL game? As we all know and seen, it takes some time for someone who has been playing basically NFL style football all their life to learn the CFL game?

Look at all the teams that are successful in the CFL now? BC, Sask, Montreal… They too had some rough early years. But they kept that core group of players TOGETHER and PLAYED within the SYSTEM at least 2 years before the constantly winning started.

And I truly believe the present Ticats team has a core team of key Offensive and Defensive players that, if given a chance, to play together under one constant coaching system. That will RULE the EAST and the CFL in a next year or two.

And then, mark my words, there will be one game early NEXT YEAR, in which the core group of offensive and defensive Ticats players who’ve played together now for years under a constant coaching system. Will come together and truly dominate the game on both sides of the ball. And that will be the game in which the new era of WINNING will begin in Hamilton.

There are numerous of examples, past and present, in all leagues where this philosophy of getting a core group of players and making small, minor improvements year after year will usually result in a winning championship team.

And I truly believe we have this NOW in Hamilton. And make any more short term knee jerk reactions now will only cause MORE misery in the future.

Yes it will be tough to watch them lose, but as we all can see in the last 2 home games… they are slowly making the game competitive and respectable in some aspect of the game. Ex, tonights game, the defense played a good game and if the offensive line played better, we would have won that game. But they didn’t because one aspect was lacking.

As someone once send before, “Good teams always find a game to win. And loser teams always find a way to lose” The team didn’t find a way to lose tonight. No, they played well enough in which could have won. But they just couldn’t find the gear win tonight. And that will happen.

And if you don’t like watching a team grow together and becoming a winning group of one. Then maybe its better you stay home and off the and the Fifth Quarter. As you’re constant barking and constant complaining for new players, new coaches, new everything isn’t going to do any good in the long term and makes the typical Hamilton Ticat fan look bad.

Sure it took sometime, but we now have a smart group of PROVEN CFL EXPERIENCED FOOTBALL PERSONAL running the team. And they are already aware of how improve the team for the LONG TERM.

So sit down at your seat at Ivor Wynne and get ready to enjoy the rocky road to the Grey Cup in 2010!!

And if you don’t like waiting… tough.

STILL come to the game to show BOB and the TEAM that we are the BEST CFL FANS ANYWHERE!! And we’ll always be there in the tough times!!

Oskee Wee Wee to you all!!


This is why Obie is Gm and not anyone on here. Hopefully he sticks to his plan!

Looks like most of the drunks have passed out.

Good post.

Crash wrote,

Looks like most of the drunks have passed out.

Good post.

Now, that`s a good post :thup:

Good post LotJtailgater,

I agree with, most of what you said.

I believe we have our man in Bob Obillivich. He is a great football mind and ofcourse he is aware of the problems in the ticat organization.

You can`t blame people for their disapointment. I believe this is one of the worst, losing record streaks in Ticat history. People that are passionate about this team are truly upset about what has happened to this team over the years.

I believe we can turn this around. We should keep all our players. Im still not convinced about our coaches. I say give them another game to see how well this team has progressed. Taaffe has been at the helm for a year and 5 games now. To me,if the team keeps losing, thats saying they arent receiving the proper coaching. Something will have to be done. Other than that, yes, we do have to wait it out and eventually this team will find its stride.

Let's Go you Cats!

And the beauty of it is

this isn't a jury trial in
a court of public opinion

this is a trial by judge

and Obie has the final say.

The fans can do nothing about it.

Thats my point! And the constant complaining and whining & the fifth quarter about the same thing over and over and over again isn't going to change ANYTHING.

We have the most active CFL forum and from the outside this forum makes the normal CFL educated and thankful we still have a team folks look bad. And its gotten to the point were the team isn't embarrassing anymore, NO, its those nutty fans that just don't get it and they are making it embarrassing for the average Ticat fan.

I can foresee a time very soon when it might be a good idea to just "turn off" the forum. As its really doing no good except give those complainers another anonymous place to bitch.

And its got to hurt the hard working Ticat personnel who are driven to deliver the BEST CFL EXPERIENCE every day even more when people are doing in on a site where the Ticats are paying for.

I say enough is enough and turn off the forum and the fifth quarter. Its embarrassing and does no good.


This line of thinking reminds me of some poor devil at a slot machine he has no control over... who continues to hit the play button despite his mounting losses in the hope that he will eventually hit the jackpot.
As Kenny Rogers sang: ..."you have to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em."
Sorry Lot J...but the losses are mounting again and its time to fold 'em.
At 4 wins in 23 games, its time to start over again. No shame in that.

There sure is shame in that. You can't "start over" year after year and expect to become a good team. Building a good team is a process not something that happens over one off seasaon.

You're probably going to argue that this has been multiple seasons. And you're right but it's because the team keeps blowing things up.

Sorry to use your OWN POINT to prove you wrong. But wouldn't folding the team NOW just be the exact same thing as hitting the spin button again and hoping the next turn of the cards is a winner?

Why not hold those connected off suited cards and see what the flop brings?



With Charlie's record, I'd say making a change that will improve things won't be much a gamble.
Ask Montreal.

Montreal fired Popp in the off season.

LotJ and Ron:

I have posted elsewhere that we need someone like Dave Ritchie to come in for the rest of the season on a temporary basis to show that we will do what it takes to be competitive for the rest of the season. That allows more time to narrow the odds and find someone else for next year.
If no change comes before September then its too late. This team will, in my estimation, be irrelevant for the rest of the season and the inevitable will happen anyway.
And...if I remember correctly, Montreal did not look this bad at the same time last year. Last season they had 8 wins and 10 losses. We had 3 wins. They made a coaching change. We kept ours. Which team is better off?

Sorry but I do not agree with your post. The HC and OC are totally lost out there and do very little to give me the impression anyone of them have a clue about CFL football. Edmonton has a tremendous pass rush - what do the Tiger Cats do to stop that rush - absolutly nothing. No leadership - no communication - no - sence of urgency.

armchair: :thup: And you have only touched on a small part of this teams problems. What about the deliberate neutering of Jesse and Zeke? Its insane.

I agree with the fact that our head coach and OC, among others, (although, these two individuals are the most glaring) should be on a very short leash at this stage. Their play calling and lack luster attitudes are doing absolutely nothing to make this team better.

I still see a lack of discipline on both sides of the ball, weird defensive formations that lack any real pass rush threat, dropped balls and lousy tackling. (exception, Ryan Glasper)

I see a very frustrated Casey Printers and frankly, I don't blame him, since he is continually running for his life and has little to no time to set up, despite the fact that he is known as a good scrambling quarterback. On rare occasions, when he does have time to pick an open pass receiver, we see nobody open or perfect passes being dropped.

Our offensive line play continues to be a very big question mark. Regrettably, it appears that changes will be made again through NFL cuts in September, with special emphasis in this particular area.

"To me, the most important part of the game, is from the linemen who actually win or lose the game in the trenches".I frequently heard former coaches; Sazio and Trimble, in particular, make statements like the one just quoted. Is it possible that their theories do not apply to today's game? I doubt it.

I'm not sure what the overall answer is to this team's inability to win games, although, in my ignornace, I'm sure I've stumbled on one or two of them here.

Our fans appear to be stuck with the most inept team in the country.

The cloud that frequently hangs over our city isn't always industrial pollution, but seemingly, one of doom and gloom from our fans, myself included.

Well... its still only football. Its not life and death.
The fans who want change ASAP have not given up. We see hope. We also don't think its such a big deal to make coaching changes. Pro football is a business where change is the order of the day.
Change will come soon on this team. There is no choice. And the Hamilton Tiger Cats will continue on until the next set of problems need to be addressed. And so it goes. We will improve through change. We will win another Grey Cup sometime in the future.
I am happy to have been along for the ride since 1961.

As a Rider fan who went through similiar years of "rebuilding". It's tough but you have to stick it out, the Ti-Cats show flashes of brilliance out there. And once they figure out how to put it all together they will be a force in the East. This is a good year for them to be in this kind of shape the East if fairly weak so they can struggle and still keep themselves in a decent spot to make the playoffs.

Stick with it and the best of luck I am rooting for them. Unless they are playing the Riders.