It's time to face the facts Gades fans...

well, I hate to say it, but the fact is, is that our team isn't as good as most people though, and I had hoped. All through their first successful 1st half I was wondering whether this team was for real or not. People kept telling me, yes they are. I was skeptical.

It was painted very bleakly tonight I think, and I think that the real Renegades are starting to stand up. I wish it wasn't so, but let's face it. They beat a Saskatchewan team that has been ravaged by injuries, a terrible Ti Cat team, the first game of the year, that they should have lost. Their only real complete game was the Calgary game.

I hope I'm wrong, I really really do. But I think that this team is nowhere near as good as their record is right now. Which is 5-5.... Maybe they'll prove me wrong....


Here it comes now, the beginning of the end for the Renegades.....I hope not but who knows! Typical Gades loss, most of the time they have teams ripe for the picking and they just hand it to them. Same ol story, can't protect Joseph, Ranek can't get going, other team floats to a victory. Since about game 6 of last year with the exception of that game against Calgary this year, Ranek has gone nowhere. Good for him for getting a td tonight though, he deserves it.

That O-Line has to get it together, they're basically ruining most games for Ottawa. Joseph never gets a rythm going and when he does, the sack parade begins, and the other team rides the wave to a win. How about Phillon waltzing in untouched late in the game to sack Ranek behind the line of scrimmage, give me a break, that tells it all about that O-Line. And that interception off of Armstead's fingertips...come on give me a break. It's stuff like that that just makes me shake my head.

This game and the last one against Winnidead should've been W's. We'd be 7-3 and the Als would be fighting for their playoff lives, but oh no we can't have that happen. Heaven forbid things go well for an Ottawa based team and we have it a bit easy. Can anyone tell I'm going on a rant and venting?

Is anyone still reading this?? Does anyone else feel the same way I do and does anyone else notice those little mistakes during a game that just drive you crazy? Come on Renegades fans, I'm interested in hearing what you have to say. BC up next.

I was hoping, praying, for Ottawa to beat the Als, but I'm not surprised it didn't happen ... Still, judging from the highlights I saw, it looked to be doable up until the 4th quarter. What happened?
I've also been wondering when the wheels would fall off of the Gades - but don't count them out quite yet. Hopefully they'll be able to pull out a few more wins. A strong first half is never a bad thing, and as long as they can keep Hamilton off of their tail, they should be alright. Saskatchewan is currently 1.5 games behind Ottawa; Winnipeg is currently 2 games behind Ottawa. Hell, even Calgary is 0.5 games behind. And remember, for a crossover to happen, the Western team has to be AHEAD, not tied, in points with Ottawa.
There's still one game against Winnipeg (who aren't great); two games against Hamilton; and one game against Calgary (whom you seem to be able to beat consistently). There's also one home game vs the Als, and you've beaten them at home once already ...
I really hope Ottawa keeps it going ... I hope the wheels don't fall off! I want to see this team in the playoffs! I've been wanting to see them go somewhere ever since they came into the league ... I don't know why I love 'em, but I do!

Gang, The Al's are still the best team in football. Don't forget this also we had no punter which costed us the game. Ottawa fans are the worst when you win you cheer when you lose you bitch. A true fan supports the team through thick and thin. Trust me this team is even better than their record, but injuries always hit the key players. Also how many times did the Als hit our players out of bounds and get away with it? anyways do not want to whine but support the team. How many of you even have tickets to the Thursdays game

I have tickets to thursdays game and next fridays games and all the games after that

Let's face is the only reason the renegades are in 2nd (Tied) is cause the Als faltered in the first half of the season. Every team, with the exception of Hamilton is playing the same kind of game. In a normal universe the als would be 8-1, argos 6-3, gades 4-6 (taking away their miracle win against the Als). So really the only thing that was changed is that someone forgot the lace up their shoes on the Als D. But after last night I think they sent a msg around the league.

oh and here I put the customary, hahaha you guys lost. Joseph spent more time on his back then some of the people who work on St-Catherines street.

Hey Moscow... if you were a real fan of the Gades/Rough Riders, you would realize that this happens all the time to Ottawa teams... I've been a season ticket holder for decades, my mom even longer. I've seen it all before... good starts, only to find out the team was overacheiving. I have supported this team through everything. This gives me the right to say what I've said.

Ok... I was there last night... Our D line was not bad last night. AC wasn't outstanding in my opinion... as I said to the Als fans around me… 4 field goals are not 4 touchdowns. Al’s didn’t have the offence to finish drives either.

What I was surprised at was ball placement. From where I was sitting "U2-seat 40, right behind the Gades bench, I wasn't impressed in the ball placement. The refs were a little liberal on ball placement last night for the Als. I guess its small things like this that are noticed on another guy’s field.

I'm in it for the long haul... Go Gades Go!!!!

One thing I found funny during my stay in Montreal… Do guys piss standing up? I had to take a second look at the sign on the can door… I when to take a quick wiz and found myself in a room full of sit downs with little white boxes on the wall… Shit I thought I was in the gal’s room… Don’t guys use urinals in Montreal?

I think you were in the ladies room.

Well I have really been rooting for you Gades this season. ONe reason being the fact that Im a Ti-cats fan so therefore Rivalry With Toronto. I dont wanna see them win (no offence to the argos of course :lol: ) PLus Montreal has just dominated the East up to and including last year. All though id much rather see my ti-cats in a playoff spot. I dont know if that will happen this year. Yet I still keep routing for them. And I will keep supporting the Gades as much as I can. But after all is said and done.
I love my Ti-cats but the Gades will always be second on my list.

this is not the end the Gades will be making it too the playoffs no matter what.

Geez man, just how many beers did you had? There are about twelve urinals in every men's room.

I hope you did not use the tampons' dispensers too! :smiley: