It's time to......BELIEVE.......

A hard fought great…great game.
This was a team victory.
Hats off…to all the players and coaches.

Cheers. :thup: :thup: :thup:



Props to Marcel Bellefeuille and the club tonight -- super job in sticking with it and finding ways to win. This club is on a roll!

Some might point out that Esks were missing their two Maurices (Mann and Lloyd) but we were missing a few starters of our own. I thought we'd be in some serious trouble without Adams and Floyd, but D held up. And wait'll we get Caulley and Keith back.

And now it's time to start the "Riders Look Beatable" thread, because they did look beatable last night, did they not? :slight_smile:

VERY beatable!!!

Hats off to all on the ticat team and hats off for all those rain soaked fans who not only showed up in the driving rain stayed to the end soaked to the bone.Proud of all those fans from the hamilton who stuck with the team through all the dark years.The rest of the league is watching and they also know we are no longer the doormats and a easy 2 points. :smiley:

Bob Young on the 5th quarter.....thanked the fans repeatedly for their support, to-night.
First class.....all around. :thup: :thup: :thup:


I know I said this in another thread, but I would like to hear from those rain-soaked fans once they get home and log in here. To see this, was it worth sitting through that rain?

Next week's game is at Taylor Field, where the Ticats have not won in a long time. But it's also been a long time since the team started of 4-2, swept BC, etc...

Plus Matt kirk had his 1st career sack! The big one at the end. Good for him.

As we all know many players in the past have come to Hamilton and played worse. Kirk’s play has stepped up here big time over what he did in Ottawa and BC. Good for him!

That was 1st of his career? Well, it was a good time to get it, after he could not take down Pierce on 3rd down on last drive in BC. And was he not injured earlier in the evening?

There were a few standouts performances. Bruce, Knowlton, Cobb, McIntyre, and a few others I must have missed did well. But this was a team effort.

I was there and am rain-soaked and it was definately worth it!!!!

Good on ya!! Crowd really rose to the occasion in this one!!

Team effort for sure. . . but if they gave out watches on Saturday games, Knowlton would have been the winner.


ALWAYS better to be Gene Kelly than Mike Kelly...spy that! :wink: Good on everyone who went and enjoyed themselves!

Man I wish I was at the game even though it poured rain all night. Watching it on the tube at the cottage will suffice :thup: Can't wait for next week and next home tilt. Glad to be a season holder!!

I was at the game and it was not as bad as it probably looked. as long as you were dressed for it you didn't get too wet. Did you see me there, I was the one in the poncho. lol :smiley:

THAT WAS YOU????????

LOL.. I saw ya.. you're 15 seconds of fame is forever etched!!

True fortitude here, the ability to come from behind and grind out a win by any means necessary. Hamilton is for real this year, and they are making me eat my words. Good job, Cats! :thup: :thup: