It's Time For Wally to Move Upstairs...

Well, I waited until the morning after to post, to see if some of the disbelief about last night's game would subside in me...but it hasn't...

Some good plays, some bad plays, some ridiculous calls, lots of was a BRUTAL game...many players simply did not show up (Paris Jackson and Geroy Simon to name two...), while others gave their all (Javy Glatt, Ryan Phillips, and Martell Mallett come to mind), but in the end this game was about particular, Head Coaching...the Lions last night were NOT READY to play that game...Saskatchewan did not win that game, WE LOST it...Durant and the Riders tried again and again to GIVE US the game, and to our incompetence and shame, we simply could not take it...

Buck Pierce was AWFUL, but when he came alive on the last drive with 2 gorgeous, big time throws, our WRs were simply not ready to win...our OLine's run blocking was great, their pass blocking was why did we throw the ball so much, on the road, with a young OLine and a rattled QB??? You tell me...was it just me or did we average at least 8 yards every time we ran the ball...and while the O game plan and play calling is left to other incompetents, it is still Wally who has the responsibility and the ability to change things and MAKE ADJUSTMENTS...

The special teams were a joke, starting with McCallum...Sean Whyte kicks the snot out of the ball, in all 3 aspects...kickoffs, punting and FGs...McCallum can't hold on to the ball, can't punt worth beans, and simply is a 50/50 FG kicker...his Kickoffs are atrocious, and thus we lose the field position battle to every opponent every game...Wally's fault...McCallum had a horrible preseason (like Pierce) and yet was allowed to hold off his challenger, who simply has more game...shame on you Wally, McCallum a lone cost us that game last night...

A 4-2-6 Defense...are you kidding me Benevides??? Never been done before they you think there might be a reason for this Mike??? Wait till a team with a real running game plays us, they will role up over 300 yards on the ground...and what is the point of all these DBs on the field is NONE OF THEM can is it that this team (under Benevides leadership...a Wally Buono selection) simply cannot get off the field with 2nd and long...Darriun Durant is a HORRIBLE QB and he torched us for nearly 400 yards of passing with huge efforts to throw an INT on almost every throw...what would Ricky Ray or Henry Burrris do to this D...shuddering to think...2 lonely LBs in McKenzie and Glatt who have to run around the whole field looking for needles in a haystack...BRUTAL design and BRUTAL coaching...Glatt and McKenzie are two of the better OUTSIDE LBs in the league...put a physical, strong MLB in there to support them and start playing some aggressive, hard nosed football...enough with this passive crap...bend don't break huh...Ricky Ray will break our backs all game long...

On top of all this mess, the DECISION MAKING last night STUNS me...I have witnessed Wally make some odd decisions before, but NONE like last night...trying to lose the game Wally??? If not, what else...because you can't seriously punt the ball from their 33 yard line, late in the game for the almighty single point and not tell me that you are either high on crack or which is it???

3rd and 5 at their 38 with 2 minutes to go down by a TD, and we kick the FG...WOW...does it get any dumber??? Seriously...the defense did hold, we did get the ball back only to have a 3rd and 21 from our own 29 with 30 seconds to play...hmmm...good call Wally, that is far better than the first option...and then Pierce makes the play, then Grice Mullin drops a sure TD at the 5 Wide Open (almost as pathetically as Lyle Green fumbled his own blocked punt recovery when he was tackled by the 50 yard line)...

BRUTAL...bush league...and it ALL RESTS AT THE DOOR STEP of one WALLY BUONO...this is a young man's game, and the league and the game has passed him is time to move upstairs and focus on player contracts before he embarrasses himself further...

Sorry if this seems disrespectful to Wally (who has been a HOF coach), but the truth is what is speak and sometimes it hurts, and hurts bad...

Wally is a cool guy and yes he will soon be the "winningest" coach in CFL history. But come on Wally, sometimes you are as stubborn and determined as a fish swimming upstream during spawning season.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I could not understand how Wally thinks sometimes and why he did not put in J. Jackson. I'll elaborate on that. I did not want to see J. Jackson in because Buck Pierce was not getting the job done. Like Mully said earlier, it is hard to execute plays when you're running for your life. But compared to Pierce I think Jarious is very effective at carrying the ball. He's very difficult to bring down and because of his size and strength he's able to get 5, 6 and 7+ yards whenever he does carry the ball. Look what Durant was doing to B.C. Jarious would have become an instant ground game threat and would have complimented Smart and Mallet. And when Smart got injured it was an even better reason to get Jarious in. I know when QBs have to take off with the ball that they are at serious risk. But Durant was eating us alive whenever he ran with the ball. And he never did get injured. Putting Jarious in would have made a much needed adjustment to the Rider's defense, who obviously were having a field day with Buck. Last year I remember seeing Jurious convert what appeared to be losses into huge gains. Buck Pierce does not have the same rushing ability. While I appreciate he has other strengths that Jarious lacks, Wally could still have used his QBs better.

Some might argue that it would not have mattered who was in at QB and that it was because of a porous offensive line. Maybe. But they still could have put in Jarious to give the Riders a different look.

Last year Wally saw both QBs as A+ and felt he could go with either QB cause they were that even in ability. And yet last night he insisted on having Pierce play the entire game. He has shown this kind of stubbornness before.

With the kinds of mistakes the Riders were making last night they could have been had. I just don't think Wally was creative enough with his QBs. If it were not for the number of times B.C. coughed up the ball I think the game would have been ours. Oh well. Still 17 games remaining.

Can't wait to see the Hamilton kitty cats come into town. Of course they have something to prove. And they have lost so many games of the past few season I'm actually feeling sorry for these guys. Maybe I will wear a Hamilton jersey. hehehe

I agree.

I personally think he should have been canned after we lost the Grey Cup,leaving Dickenson in there for so long.

k, if you fire him, who replaces him? I don't know of any other good head coaches out there. Last night was the players not knowing wtf was going on. Yeah he has made bad calls before but I still think without a doubt he's the best man for the job.

Isn't there a few other threads just like this??? :roll: Including one started by you?

Ummmm... I don'ttt think so. Is that you Wally? lol

I would have liked to see JJ in for the same reasons he could have slowed down their pass rush. Would have liked to see a few qb draws as well If RGM caught that ball tho the story would be very different today. Its probably good they lost, to come out with a win in that game would have been ridiculous and I wouldnt be running around all proud of our team thats for sure. Today I think they suck and the Riders suck just slightly less is all.

If you guys don't want Wally, we will surely take him.

From my point of view, Wally is as good as they come. He has a great system in place where if someone leaves, you have a good enough player to fill their shoes. Your scouting staff is amazing.

From what I saw on Friday nite, you guys still put up 24 points. Limit your turnovers and you can compete with anyone in this league.

I think you guys are going to be happy with the outcome on Friday nite. We got not pass rush and Pierce will be piercing our d for many many yards.

We’ll see. Even if the TiCats pass rush isn’t great, that doesn’t mean poor Bucky’ll have any time. He still may be on his arse all night…

Good point Bobby P about the QB draws. Jarious was very effective on those plays from what I recall.

Tiger_Dirt, I will of course be rooting for B.C. but I do feel for the Ti-Cats. They play their hearts out like all of the other teams and sometimes just do not get the breaks. It has to be disheartening to win only a couple of games all season. They practise as hard as other players and work as hard. Hopefully it will be their turn this season. I just don't want it to be this Friday. Hehee. By the way, it is not that fans don't want Wally. As I said, in my opinion he tends to be too set in his ways (strong headed) and it has back fired.

I'd also like to see Hamilton have a successful year because it would be healthy for the league. The league already lost Ottawa.

Hey Vike and zzzzz ,Do you really think that Wally should be let go as coach ??? .Did you think about this?? Would you like to go back to the Vic Rapp era of the late 70's with fast starts and lousy second half of the season and only make the playoffs every second year. Or maybe we should hire back Adam Rita were he shown loyalty to a point, Our team would be too old and no developement to replace those players? How many times under Rita did we develope a qb behind ALLEN WHILE THEY WERE LIONS??? ( 0) Thats right zero. Thats why the lions were in trouble every time we had an injured Allen.
Since Edm won the last grey cup thay had missed the playoffs 2 of the last three years. What happened to TO when they won the grey cup. They became one of the worst team in the league when they had no qb to replace Allen.
At least WB makes the lions into contenders every year like it or not. He replaces the older players with youth . He always find diamonds in the rough especially in the qb department . His past record proves that.
Tell us who would you replace Wally with that kind of record . He's the only Lions Coach to take his team to 5 straight Western finals Before Wally came to the Lions, we only had ONE playoff game at home in 13 years. Thats right from 88-2000 we had no playoff games. Grey Cup don't count either.
Be careful what you wish for zzzz.

Intelligent post is intelligent.

Yeahhhhh… I say we keep the soon-to-be winningest coach in CFL history.

He NEVER Challenges When He Should! The Tiger-Cat Who Caught The Ball Between His Legs Is A Good Example. It Was OBVIOUS That The Ball Hit The Ground! BOZO Did NOT Challenge And Hamilton Got The Extra Yardage To Make The Field Goal! We LOST By Those Very POINTS! Other Coaches Challenge When There Is NO Reason To! BOZO Never Does When There IS A Reason To! :thdn:

How about the 14 points your were handed in the 1st Q

the 1st TD.. was NOT a TD

the PI on the ball that was UNcatchable

By my math.. were still up 11 points

Good game to watch though!!

BTW, there are a number of spotters each team has watching for that. IE more people than the head coach.

Well that Bozo you been calling will have a better record then you even have. Now your blaming the coach??? Your other post said it was Pierce that cost us another game!!!! Wow !!! Make up you mind now!!! But it would be ok if Casey were playing then the blame would be on the coach. Great Logic Tyrone.

I dont think you can blame Wally or anyone else for the loss. There were some errors but you also have to look at Hamiltons play. Cobb......what a great game. This kid has a big future ahead. He kinda reminds me of Logan :cry:

As dumb as it may be
Pass Interefence on an uncatchable still pass interference

From the rule book

[url=] ... k_2009.pdf[/url]
(c) If a player commits pass interference when a forward pass is deemed uncatchable, it shall be ruled as “Pass Interference.?
its been that way for about 3 years now
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Keep saying that sort of stuff, I could use a joke this early in the morning.