It's Time for Us To Speak Up!

I don't know how much longer I can keep coming on here. Every day there are trolls from other teams coming onto our forum and berating our team. I've been posting on here for a few years now, and it has never been this bad as it has been the past couple months.
As the fans of out team, we have to speak up - these guys do not belong on this forum, and we don't want them here! If enough of us voice our opinion the mods will have to listen.
If not, well then I guess we're short 1 poster.

I agree, it's a joke. When they start making light of Bauer's Cancer ,Im thinking people need to be banned from this site.

wow thats weak I cant believe people make light of someones cancer. I browse through this forum but I dont make ignorant comments and I am sorry for any Rider fans who have come in here and said anything rude. Unfortunatly this is a free site and we all have the right to go into whatever forum we please so I will continue to post in here and I will continue to respect Bomber fans and their team

Scroll down to BAUER STEPS IN ABOUT THE O. thread.

That was HFXTC. Why paint everyone with the same brush.

This place is moderated. Heavily so at times. If there's a problem, they're all big kids, and will deal with it.

Weak, weak , weak like everything else about Mike Kelly and his four or five minions.

1- NO one is bad mouthing the Bombers, that is false. We are questionning the integrity and performance of decisions that affect the Bombers on the football field and the image of the CFL.

2- We know YOU and your minions are determined to control the message, you’ve told us, but if you think you will censor football fans LOL!

3- I didn’t laugh at Bauer’s cancer. I made a reference to him having no balls. Despit that I even appologized to buy the peace and shut up the couple minions.

Those that want to defend a guy who has had a losing record everywhere he’s been in Football with the exception of Cal Murphy’s teams (Where he takes credit for the success) go ahead but don’t try to censor those of us that feel different. For someone who claims to be such a tough guy. Kelly and his minion have thin skin…

Yeah says the poster who joined the forum a few months ago, right after Kelly was announced as coach of the Bombers. You think we are stupid ?

From the Forum Guidelines:

1. The individual team forums are 'safe havens' for the fans of that team and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams.
I agree, LetsGoBlue. It certainly doesn't seem like a "safe haven" to me.

Joined 3 weeks ago already you are a forum rules expert and forum police already.

As far as yours truly is concerned ? I know that I am not a favorite here,but never bashed the team in any respect! I was bashed because I said a few kind words about Michael Bishop. I am a CFL fan first and foremost, I do not really have a home team. Michael Bishop is my favorite player in the CFL at present. A lot of people here do not understand, nor respect it. I have adopted Bombers as my home team at the moment because of Michael Bishop, last year it was Sask, until they threw Bish and I out with the trash :x

I have rooted for the Bombers in years past, as well when Dunigan was here. Some of the greatest players to ever play the game where from The Peg.....Tom Clements, possibly the greatest QB to ever play the game anywhere! Joe Poplowski(sp) Jeff Boyd, even Dieter Brock.

While it`s true most of my career as a CFL fan was as a ARGO,I am truly ashamed of the gang over there now, what they did to Bishop and Coach Stubler was a new low. Bad enough what they did to Bishop, was probably worse what they did to coach Stubler.

So NO, I have never bashed the Bombers!!!

Regardless of when they joined, they are correct...

Why don't you worry about your als choking in the big game, again and again ? Why can't Calvillo handle the pressure ? 1in 5 in the big game is pathetic.


I don't get involved in trash talk, sorry

The truth hurts. I didn't say one thing that wasn't true.

That's about the biggest crock I've heard in a while...

...I am FIRM BELIEVER in free speech....I think what most of us Bomber fans have to realize is that everyone on this BOARD IS ENTITLED TO THEIR OPINION....however....the rules do state that this is a 'haven' for Wpg. Blue Bomber fans....and that should be respected.....There are a couple of posters...hfxtc (montreal,hamilton fan) who comes on here solely for the reason of agitating...Most of his posts, along with on in two, are not to talk about the merits of football but mostly to insult , ridicule, and make horrendous statements like the 'cancer' post related to Bauer....If this continues we'll have no choice but to get the mods involved...We may have to get on the report button and see if that corrects the problem....Otherwise , if the mentioned posters want to talk FOOTBALL and find a way to RESPECT OUR SITE....then i have no problem with them....I hope they comprehend... :slight_smile:

Amen that...

Amen times two. . .

You are always (well, almost always anyway!) a voice of reason, papa. . .

HfxTC, it seems to me that you've been told by multiple Bombers fans that they don't appreciate you posting in their board.

So, it looks to me like you have two choices:

  1. You can respect them and leave the board, and go discuss the Als in the Montreal board.
  2. You can ignore them and continue posting, but if you do that, you risk being suspended.

I'll let you decide what option you want.

...and add another amen for that chief... :thup: :thup: