It's time for the Coaches and Players..

To get on the same page.
Creehan must get a defencive package together..that will work, with the players... right now I think the defencive plays being used, are simply not working. Even Zeke looks like he's lost out there...
The lack of any defencive adjustments, is also very concerning. Without adjustments to what the opposing offence is doing to you...well, look at the Calgary game or even the Sask game. Gorden was burned all night long by Burris in Calgary, no adjustments were made..Gorden was made to look like chump-change. All his fault, I don't think so.

On Offence, why is Bellefeuille trying to turn a scrambling type QB like Printers..into a pocket-passer???? I really don't understand this one. Printers is out of his element, he is forcing his throws, and he just simpley does not look comfortable out there. The play-calling is so predictable, that even the fans in the stands...know what the next play is going to be..(most times). The O/C reminds me of Joe ( who )... with all this 4, 5 and 6 yard pass, dink and dunk plays. What happened to the screen pass, to the back...? That's disappered, for some reason.
Our Cats go into week 5 next week at home against Edmonton. The Coaches and Players have got to get on the same page, and the right page, as the Edmonton game, is not going to be, just a walk in the park.

Fingers...crossed. :thup:

I agree Casey looked very uncomfortable last game and the defense just tanks in the second half, except for the Toronto game.

I didn't know that we were getting a couple of dud coordinators this year. I knew Creehan was let go from Calgary but I thought it was due to the head coach change. I don't follow every team closely, I assumed he was with Calgary all season. I haven't heard anything flattering about Bellefuille, or whatever his name is. Why would we sign these guys? I believe these were Obie's choices, not Charlie's. I thought he knew what he was doing.

I will only say this..

Saskatchewan is really playing well against Montreal as I type this. We have all seen how good Montreal is this year and we all expected much worse from them.

My point is that we came within a millimeter of beating Sask. and they are a great team. Last week was just a really bad game and every team in the CFL has at least 2 horrible games per season. Last year the same thing happened to calgary on a short week when they played in toronto. I think the blue team put up almost 50 points on them that game.

The Cats will be fine. Even Clime on the TSN panel said he thinks Hamilton can play 500 football this year. If he thinks they are that good then I bet they can do better than 500.

Creehans zone pass cover style has to go also..

Yes what was that about Durant being a 3rd stringer ? Where are all the experts on here that were dissing us cause we got beat with him at the helm ??

Im betting that he remains the starter !!!

8) Agreed. Also where are all those so called experts that said the Cats would have a cake walk against Sask. and their 3rd string QB !!!
 Those "experts" have gone into hiding now !!!

 Durant is the real thing, and I agree with you that he will remain the starter, even when Crandell is healthy enough to play again !!!