Let's face it! The Lions need something extra to motivate them to make a comeback this year and next.
What a great time for Wally to bring back the "Big Bear" to be the head coach. That is the one thing that will bring this team to life and let Wally have a break. It is also the only thing that will bring Dave Ritchie back out of his retirement. He is probably just itching to get back up here and help his former team out. The Big Bear still has at least 2-3 good years left for professional coaching. Let's face it, Dave Richie will probably die some day on the field somewhere where he is adored and coaching. He will never give it up. The "Big Bear" has the knowledge and the heart to guide this bag of bond team back to respectability just like he did in 1994. Let's not discriminate against age anymore!

At the age of 72 I would think Dave Richie is enjoying his retirement from football. Great football man and I was there at B.C. place in 1994 to see the Lions (whom he coached) win the Grey Cup.

its a better world we're going to.

the great flaw that pissed me off about DR was his game time decision making. Totally sucked at it. Lions won in 94 cause danny and darrell got on a roll. They won in spite of DR. Great assistant coach, but lousy HC