Its time for AC to pass the Torch to AD-

We have been getting pretty much shut down in the second half of our 3 losses 0,7,7 points despite great field position and great play from the defense especially in the last two weeks. 7 points in the late half of the last two gamesisn't good enough And to make it worse we've been turning the ball over. We have no ability for option , play action or AC running , QB draw. Pretty easy for opponent to figure out how to defend against us. Only way we make a play is if the opponent has a breakdown in coverage. It is what it is...

Wha? This is flat-out incorrect. Against Hamilton, the offense came back to within 8 of the Cats before our defense once again collapsed and let Hamilton go back up by two majors in the 4th quarter. The final drive stalled because Green dropped a catchable ball.

I have no idea how you can say the defense had 'great play' against Hamilton, they were awful from bell to bell, and any time we needed them to make a stop, they could not do it.

Its enough to convince me the talent is there.

I’m not saying AC is done but he struggles badly at times and he’s been unable to do anything in the red zone for most of the season this far. It helps him if Adrian goes out there with a no huddle package and scrambles Jones brains for a bit.

You can look at all the stats you want. AC’s touch on the ball since injured is poor. he’s late throwing the ball and he’s throwing it short more often than not. Watkins interception was a great catch but the ball was thrown behind his receiver, its just a matter of time before one of our slots gets their knees taken out or get blindsided into concussion land and they know it. His red zone production has turned this offense into a field goal machine.

Our field position in the second half was never great and once again we had to put together long drives. Jamel always came within a hair of a big gain had it not been for a trip of the foot here or a grab of the jersey there.

AC was pissed at the end of this game and when AC gets pissed: watch out! :slight_smile:

In any other football town
If a team was having the losing streak the Alouettes have...
Let's face it...but for Glenn's bumbling...the Alouettes would be sitting at 1-4 right now
Most...if not all of the talk would be about the quarterback

Burris has been through it
So has Kevin Glenn
Pierce hears his name murmured in disapproval
Ray's been through that particular fire regularly
Durant's been attacked
Stephen Jyles is just waking from that particular nightmare
And then there's Anthony Calvillo...

A few years back AC was in the same situation
Folks were counting him out...figured he was finished
In rode Marc Trestman to save his bacon
It's been a fine run...

But that "cloak of impermeability" has got to show some cracks eventually
Despite the almost deafening wall of silence about Calvillo and his responsibility
However much there is
For the team's misfortunes
One fact remains:

This is the CFL
Defence...despite what the gridiron purists will tell you
Will ALWAYS be trumped by an equally good offence
Just ask any CFL defensive back you happen to meet
you might have to slip him some truth serum or something...if he's been in the league a while

It's why we have such an exciting game
And why passing is such a HUGE component of this game
The combination of factors the inspired creators of this game
Put into place
Favours the offence...and scoring...over defence.

There are exceptions of course
There have been exceptional defences over the years and they have been dominant
But one doesn't have to look past last year to see that great defences DON'T win Championships
Just ask the Blue Bombers

So we get the the tired adage:
"the best defence is a good offence"
While this smug little quip has been misused and overused over the years
Alouettes fans would do well to take it to heart

One series of downs comes to mind
As a microcosm of this season and it's troubles:

The Alouettes had been trailing 23-20 with over 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter
The Alouettes defence gang-tackled their way to providing the offence with one LAST chance to lead the team down the field
After all...with over 40 seconds to go...all AC had to do was get us into FG position
And send things into overtime:

Bo Bowling was swamped under on the return after that gang tackle
Billy Parker contented himself with punching the air in frustration
Rather than actually attempting to block out the pack of tacklers that surrounded Bowling and negated ANY return...

AC throws a strike to London
1st and 10...37 seconds left
An Argo is injured
The delay gives the team time to call a series of plays in the huddle
Managing the clock in the final push for OT
AC lofts a 27 yarder to London again
Argos 45 with 27 seconds to go
Piece of cake...

AC drops back for the next pass
Where the heck else would he be?
And gets dropped for an 8 yard loss
It's not like he can escape from a rice-paper bag
The whistle blew somehow
Even though on the replay AC clearly fumbled the ball
On the way to the turf
Another mystery: no review

AC throws an 8-yard pass to Green on second down
Forcing the team to kick a fieldgoal

Whyte misses a 54-yarder
What would have been his career longest
And the Als go home (ooops they were home)

Headline in the Gazoo:
Als Defence Continues to Struggle

The defence gave up 23 points a league that is built for offence
With a team that's built for offence
When the defence gives up so little
And the offence ONLY puts up 20 points
And can't even send the game to overtime
Needing 3 points fer God's sake
With over 8 minutes left to play
Does the headline become:

Als Defence Continues to Struggle

I have no idea what has happened to this city
It's like something's been put in the water
And Herb...for one...has been drinking gallons of it

A game like this
With 1st place on the line
And the offence only manages 20 points?

You have to wonder what they'd be saying...who they'd be blaming
In Hamilton...Regina...Winninpeg or Calgary
There would be some discussion
About who starts at the most important position on the team

Guess that's what we get
When we annoint a
Quarterback for Life

Always nice to suggest that our team is led
By a despot
and a religious fanatic


At this point that amounts to one good game the following week then back to same old same old after that. This team has shown no consistency in any area of the game thus far and for the offense at least part of the blame should be on the QB and the coach for going with the mentality of riding the same guy until he retires at the end of the season. We don't have a very good team this year so it would be way better to insert a young guy to learn the ropes in a season that wont have grey cup pressure instead of relying on a guy that wont be here next year in the desperate hope of maybe winning a playoff game or two

We're 2-3, just a few points out of first place, and people want to write the season off?

Five games in and we have yet to see any unit play well for an entire game and we could easily be 1-4 were it not for a single bad pass by Kevin Glenn. This team has not shown anything to indicate it can perform at a championship level our secondary is weak, our return game might as well not exist, our pass rush rarely gets any pressure, our receivers are dropping passes and our starting QB is banged up and playing hurt because thats the only chance this team has at winning right now. There are too many things not working right to be able to fix in the middle of a season to turn into a championship team so might as well use the year to develope our up and coming QB or get enough evidence to decide he isnt our future QB

In reply to the title of this thread: AC did try to pass the torch to McPherson. But the torch wobbled and fell incomplete...

Given how things turned out last year, no team is incapable of turning things around even after six weeks of total futility, and I don't really remember the championship team radically changing anything in order to succeed in the end. This season has shown no team as being any more consistent than any other, so how the season is already slipping away already eludes me.

Some folks just want what they want.

The org is 3-7 in their last 10 games. That’s pretty bad.

If anyone wants a deeper insight into the lack of confidence that's gripping Calvillo and the Alouettes
A sense of his final moments...dignity is sacrificed for rumour and vague promise
I invite them to read Herb's latest article in the Gazette

I can't imagine what's happened to journalistic integrity
But such loaded and borderline ridiculous statements like,

"“We feel all phases are improving,? added Calvillo, [i]the unparalleled leader of this team[/i].
Calvillo made it clear there’s no sense of panic. And, [i]if a 19-year Canadian Football League veteran said he detects a feeling of change, everyone who’s not in the dressing room owes him the benefit of doubt.[/i]
There's almost a bullying tone who are WE to make up our own minds about what's happening with this team? The days of entitlement and privilige, of Alouettes teams that can do a "Johnny Rogers" (aka: a [i]Reverse Chris Williams[/i]) to the East Championship are clearly over.

Let's be clear
We are talking about a team that didn't make it past the East Semi-Final last year
And is struggling this week to avoid the ignominy of a share of last place

So with all due respect to AC
And anyone else that would have us believe:

“We know what we’re capable of doing. There’s a belief we can get this done. There are no more question marks of can we? I have a sense. It’s hard to explain. You have to be in the locker to see how we responded to the loss.?
It would be lovely to believe in this prescience But we've heard it week after disastrous week The evidence up to know is hard to ignore If AC believes that they can turn things around And there's no sense of panic whatsoever

Then the next few weeks will certainly determine
Whether Calvillo's the leader some believe him to be
Or just another old man
Dreaming of better days

The Als have a lot more things wrong than AC at QB in fact he is playing quite well at this point. Terrible return teams have given him awful field position and terrible defense has put the Als behind very quickly in each game frocing them to do a lot more passing and forcing them away from a more balanced game plan. Ridicoulous to replace him now he is not the problem. However if he keeps getting popped he may be forced to the sidelines. Only if the Als are out of it quickly and AC is at risk of really getting injured he will be the QB. a much different offence will need to be put in for AD so a start for next season for Ad woth Valvillo retiring this year may be a better deceison. He may very well be playing his last season and culd proboably play a few more but has nothing to prove and is still fairly healthy after all those years but a shot at the 100th Grey cup was a muxt play season. He has accomplished everything he can and a return next year would be dragging it on but this year no doube a good decision.
Maybe opening Ncphersons packaches up a little bit during the game if it will be something that will really help the team like coming in on 2nd and threes where a roll out option pass or keeper may be somehting successful but only if it is truly somehting legit not just to get AD in

Hmmmm Ac and the O putting up over 40 pts in that game.... TiCats putting up 52.

Als D ??
Als St ??

Je vois les choses un peu différemment. La défensive s'améliore constamment depuis le début de la saison. Dans le match contre Toronto, elle a réussi à garder l'équipe dans le match.

Le problème est à l'offensive et dans les unités spéciales. I

Il m'apparaît maintenant que Marcus Brady n'était pas prêt pour devenir coordonnateur de l'offensive. L'attaque est mal préparée, la ligne offensive n'arrive pas à créer les ouvertures pour le jeu au sol, Richardson et Green jouent sous leur capacité, lorsqu'ils ne jouent pas blessés. Ils échappent des ballons très attrapables, et Deslauriers peine à s'acheter une ouverture.

Il m'apparait encore plus clair que Calvillo n'aurait pas dû jouer cette partie contre Calgary, voir même manquer la suivante. Calvillo a passé ces trois parties à se protéger, ce qui a provoqué des passes précipitées, hors-cible, ou des jeux manqués. À sa décharge, il avait plus de pression qu'il n'aurait dû, et ça, c'est le jeu de la ligne offensive.

D'autre part, les Alouettes partent à l'offensive souvent avec de longs terrains à traverser. Les schémas de blocages sont toujours aussi nuls, et nos retourneurs de bottés parviennent difficilement à donner un position favorable sur le terrain.

Je crois que les Alouettes doivent regarnir leur équipe d'entraîneurs. Brady faisait un travail extraordinaire avec les receveurs, et Bischoff en faisait autant avec les porteurs de ballon. L'équipe doit constater que nous avons besoin d'un coordonnateur à l'offensive de premier plan, et d'un coordonnateur des unités spéciales simplement digne de ce titre.

??? L offensive et la probleme? 4 matches cette saison, et l offensive doit mettre plus que 30 pts pour avoir eu une chance de gagner. Ca c est pas normal!

Le match contre les Argos, la defense a joue le pire la premiere partie. 2 posessions, les Argos ont marque un TD.
C etait seulement la deuxieme partie que la defense o joue mieux. Mais encore, les Argos etaient en avant 20-10.

Pour moi la defense et la ST et encore la probleme avec les Als.

Let's not overrate the defense's performance against Toronto. They were strong in the second half, but absolutely putrid in the first half, when they couldn't stop Ray, couldn't cover, couldn't defend the run, couldn't stop taking penalties to extend drives, and couldn't generate one miserable punt from the Argos until the second quarter. Ray had something like an 80% completion percentage! Williams was exposed, again, and Brown was torched by Owens on both TDs. If Toronto had maintained their first-half pace, they'd have finished the game with 40 points. That is just not acceptable.

Furthermore, as well as the D played in the second half, they didn't force any turnovers when we needed it. Extremely tough for any team to win when you lose the turnover battle.

Finally, the fact that it took us a half to figure out that we needed to take away the corners and posts from Ray doesn't speak well of Reinebold at all. Those are Ray's bread-and-butter throws, everyone knows it. A cursory look at game film proves it. Take away those two routes on most downs and you have a pretty good chance of stopping Ray.

and who just happens to lead the league in passing yards? :roll: another MOP nominated season in the works.

??? L offensive et la probleme? 4 matches cette saison, et l offensive doit mettre plus que 30 pts pour avoir eu une chance de gagner. Ca c est pas normal!

Le match contre les Argos, la defense a joue le pire la premiere partie. 2 posessions, les Argos ont marque un TD.
C etait seulement la deuxieme partie que la defense o joue mieux. Mais encore, les Argos etaient en avant 20-10.

Pour moi la defense et la ST et encore la probleme avec les Als.
La défensive n'est pas encore au point, j'en conviens, mais elle évolue depuis le début de la saison. Il s'agit qu'elle réussisse enfin à aligner deux bonnes demies au lieu d'une et demi. Cependant, on ne peut pas demander à la défensive de compter les points.

L'attaque des Alouettes génère pas tout à fait 26 points par partie. Ce n'est pas un rendement qui assure une victoire. Si la moyenne était plus autour de 29-30 points, on serait dans des eaux plus confortables. Lorsque l'attaque aligne les "2 essais, on botte" comme contre Calgary, la défensive ne peut pas reprendre son souffle. Elle va craquer quelque part. Lorsque Richardson et Green alignent les échappés, il y a quelque chose de pourri au Royaume du Danemark. Certes, la défensive a craqué en début de partie contre les Argonauts, mais elle a tenu l'équipe dans le match. L'offensive a eu au moins 3 quarts pour resserrer l'étau. Elle n'y est parvenu que trop tardivement. Notre attaque ne semble plus capable de soutenir ses séries offensives comme elle le faisait au cours des dernières saisons. Cela coûte des parties à l'équipe. Notre jeu au sol est pitoyable. Nous nous réjouissions d'avoir Whitaker et Devine, mais voilà qu'aucun des deux n'a réussi à faire sa marque de quelque façon. Les autre équipes serrent et frappent Richardson et Green. Cela augmente le nombre de fois où ils s'ajoutent de la pression à cause de l'enjeu, de l'urgence de faire le jeu. Et ils en ratent plus qu'avant. Deslauriers semble ne pas éclore, lui qui faisait 2 gros jeux sur 3 l'an dernier. La ligne offensive peine à protéger Calvillo et non seulement cède plus tôt à la pression mais n'arrive presque pas à ouvrir la voie pour le jeu au sol. La défensive n'est pour rien dans ces problèmes. Il y a un manque de préparation flagrant, qui mène à un manque de finition.

La bonne nouvelle, c'est que les meilleures équipes du circuit ont une fiche de 3-2 et les Alouettes ont une fiche de 2-3. La saison est encore jeune, et les Alouettes ont encore l'occasion de redresser la barre. Mais il faut que les choses commencent à se mettre en place dès cette semaine. Le temps des ajustements doit cesser et l'équipe doit commencer à avoir une certaine cohésion.