Its time for AC to pass the Torch to AD-

The greatest franchise in the CFL has had a great run with AC at QB- He has done a lot for the team- There comes a point in time in every BUSINESS where TOUGH decisions have to be made and a YOUTH MOVEMENT has to be made to ENSURE future competitiveness.

AC will have a job in the front office I would imagine, he will make his 150k doing something in management for the ALS.

However its clear that AD is the future and the ALS better realize that pretty quick. You see for 1 major reason AD has to be the starter for the remainder of the season-

1- A combination of (ABILITY TO SCRAMBLE and BUY TIME in the CFL which has SMALLER quicker defensive ENDS is crucial as is the ability for a QB to break tackles and not be afraid of pass rushers is why AD should be the starter--

You see BIG PLAYS are what the CFL is all about--- AC can move the ball but is not GETTING any big plays anymore, if there is any PRESSURE on him, its virtually a WIN for the DEFENSE every time--

AD puts PRESSURe on the defense because he can BEAT A blitz and RUN for 35 yards easily- He can also run and throw and is physical enough to keep a DEFENSE on its HEALS--

What we are seeing from AC is at this point he is TOUCH FOOTBALL QB- HE can complete passes if he has a 100% perfect CLEAN POCKET- If there is pressure he is OFF TARGET and will not complete it- HE also cannot outrun defenders and cannot escape pressure--
One play in mind when KUALE came late in the game and pressured AC and AC threw it low to a wide open receiver on a crucial down was a key example of this---

RICKY RAY threw for 40 yards in the 2nd half-- ALS were down by 7 at half-- When your DEFENSE holds the opposing qb to 40 yards PASSING and numerous 2 and outs thats a game that YOU MUST WIN----

This ALS team is a good team, it just needs to RETOOL a few key areas------

  • Seth Williams must be CUT- Remember PAUL WOLDU, he was not picked on nearly as much as WILLIAMS is, WIlliams is not physical and looks like a guy who is just not that good- A new import corner must be bought in, look at Edmonton, they had RONNIE PRUDE who is 3rd stringer DB from LSU and he made an INT last night---
    Williams play way too off and has no instincts and is not willing to come up and challenge receivers--
    I think the entire CFL knows WIlliams cant cover and teams are keying on him bigtime, no other CFL corner's name is mentioned more than WILLIAMS name-

  • LUC MULLINDER-- Been there done that- DO you ever hear this guys name? He is not improving at all, he rarely makes impact plays either- He must be cut, he is terrible imo--

-Deslauriers- There hasnt been a worse receiver in the CFL in years than this guy- Terrible at everything and cant take a hit, he is fast for sure, but has no natural football ability- He is the opposite of a GAMER-

TRENT GUY- I like this Guy= He is fast and quick, he would be good in the short passing game to let him run, on end arounds-
He could add some speed to a receiving core that has huge receivers and needs 2 speedsters- HIM and BRATTON as wideouts and LONDON looks really good-- LONDON is playing at a high level also--

SJ GREEN needs to show more consistency- He has the talent, but he needs to learn how to make FIRST DOWN CHAIN MOVING CATCHES- I am starting to believe that LONDON is better than GREEN- Green is a finesse receiver, he doesent like contact and runs too many deep routes- He needs to start catching the ball-

Now hear me out here- The offense with AD and WHITTAKER can be absolutely LETHAL- You can run a lot of the playaction that BURRIS and REYNOLDS use to run- AD can keep the ball and pass or give it to WHITTAKER or fake it and throw a pass- This can really put a defense on its heals--

teams that play the ALS will have to worry about AD running and breaking tackles and they will know that PRESSURe alone will not RATTLE AD- AD will welcome pressure and can make a GAME CHANGING play on any play--

IF we make these 4 to 5 changes and mainly AD at QB, the ALS will be harder to gameplan for- THe defensive coordinators like CHRIS JONES and BENEVIDES and RITCHIE HALL have played vs AC for years, eventually they know him so well that AC just wont have any new tricks- Its time for a new QB to play and one who is younger, faster, tougher, better arm, more athletic-- Only thing AD doesent have is experience, but he can only get that by starting games--

Trestman is showing that he is a good coach with the TALENT but I question his ability because him and POPP are obviously not THINKING LONGTERM HERE- They are going to STRUGGLE really badly-- Look at what FAVRE DID to MINNESOTA, he had a good year and then LEFT and then Minnesota struggled and had to play with a ROOKIE QB PONDER last year.

They need to see that AC is scared- I dont blame him, he has a family and has stated that FOOTBALL is second in his life, I can assure you that football is #1 PRIORITY TO AD-- Its time for AC to move into the head office or QB coach and let AD take over--

Just with 1 change you remove the most scared QB in the leauge with the MOST FEARED RUNNER in the CFL with the most UPSIDE---- I am sure AD can do the JOB-- You just need to tailor the offense around his skillset--

The sack that AC took was ridiculous tonight, what was he thinking? You cant take a sack there, you at least throw the ball out of bounds--


Being a longtime fan of the Ottawa Rough Riders I used to remember when the Coach seemed to have a LOVE AFFAIR with some really bad QBS- The fans would CHANT the backup qbs name but the COACH would never put the backup in-- It seemed no matter what the starter was the QB regardless of how bad he played--

I believe that TRESTMAN loves AC- Trestman is an X and O coach but its clear he is not a good on a PERSONAL level. John HUFFNGEL is an good example of a COACH who thought with his HEAD and not his HEART- IT was hard to release BURRIS but HUFFNAGEL realized BURRIS was finished, (WHICH BY THE WAY BURRIS is FINISHEd- worse QB in CFL to read a defense) Huffnagel realized that Burris was declining and getting worse and got rid of him and started the younger future QB TATE-

HUFFNAGEL took a lot of courage but he made the right move for sure- Burris was doing nothing in CGY excpet getting progressively worse and making defenses look good-- Even last week the ALS would have beat the TICATS if Chris Williams wasnt matched up vs SETH WILLIAMS and FANTUZ VS OSAISOS-- Those 2 mismatches meant BURRIS who stares down receivers with TUNNEL VISION could stare at WILLAIMS or FANTUZ and just play PITCH and CATCH--

TRESTMAN has to learn from HUFFNAGEL and start AD NOW-- EVen if it costs 1 season, NEXT season the ALS with some time will be a challenger for sure-- Both Winnipeg and Hamilton will not be good next season-- Winnipeg is not getting better and Hamilton will not be better because of BURRIS who I believe is one of the worst players in CFL history at the QB position- The ALS have the youngest BEST brightest prospect in AD who can lead the team for a long time---

Trestman must make this change--- AD IS THE MAN --

I agree and see it this way as well, tonight was a confirmation for me. Till tonight I wasn't sure but now I am. As much respect as I have for AC this team has been in a slide since the middle of last year while that is not his fault it means its time to make the tough decisions and the team will need to roll a hard six now or later, but that discussion won't even be entertained by the Als for at least another month or two. Its kind of like an old married couple who are together out of habit and comfort unwilling to take risk out of fear of change.

Within the next couple months the pressure on the organization will mount from the media, fans and eventually the owner. If hamilton pulls an upset tomorrow and we lose in Winnipeg next week the Als will be 2-4 tied for last in the league.

What If find upsetting is that if AC came clean and said I think its time for my role to diminish and phase in my replacement it would make it much easyer on his coach, teammates and himself. AC could play for two, three more years backing up and mentoring Adrian. If the Als lose Adrian and Jamel at the end of the year because Trestman and Popp refuse to put the team first. It could sink this franchise. Fans can handle losing but they will take it personnaly if we lose our young talent and see them blossom elsewhere because the 500k a year gurus can't grow a pair.

This LAVOIE kid is showing to be a good receiver-- Like a tight end he has good soft hands and is a big target-- He is a good first down guy-- Unlike Deslauriers who stinks--

Lavoie could be lethal with AD at QB with the playaction or misdirection on short passes----- Get AD moving and now LAVOIE becomes more of a threat as he can run way more routes with AD at QB--

Sean WHYTE placekicking is SOLID-- He is at least pretty sure to make most of his KICKS-- I like him- HIs punting seems to be getting better also-

Linebackers look good, and the ALS can stop the RUn also-- THe run defense is really good, what is lacking is ANOTHER D END who can GET around the EDGE_- THey need a FAST GUY who can run around the edge like ODEEL WILLIS or MARCUS HOWARD or CAM WAKE--

Have you NOTICED this season, not ONCE has a D END been able to COme around the EDGE and Collpase the POCKET? Maybe Bowman gets through but the other side never gets AROUND the tackle-- IF they can do that they will be much better--

A speed pass rusher is neeeded badly for the ALS- The ALS havent had one in years, ANWAR was the last guy and he is sorely missed, we need a SMALLER QUICKER D end badly----

One thing that I do TRACK and MONITOR is Where QBs are throwing the ball-- AC is throwing way too many passes INSIDE THE NUMBERS-- When AC was in his prime he would throw the ball all over the field- he would throw deep to Watkins on the sidelines short on the sidelines, short inside to Cahoon, middle of field 10-15 yards--
Now AC throws almost 80% of his passes INSIDE MIDDLE about 5 to 15 yards--- Defenses know this and are covering that area-

You dont see AC throwing the deep out anymore to GREEN OR RICHARDSON- Perhaps the arm strenght is gone? He can throw the corner but not the OUT route on a LINE--- He can only throw hard when he steps into the throws but the problem is he is AFRAID to step in the pocket because he knows he WILL get NAILED by a rusher--

I dont think AC will make it past the WINNIPEG and EDMONTON games, I worry how AC will make it through vs EDMONTON or SASK who have fierce physical pass rushes- I worry that AC will get hurt in those games--

HXFC-- Yes agreed- We both know how hard it is to find good QBS in the CFL---

Look at TORONTO and there struggles with no quality QB until this year- EDMONTON is stuck with JYLES who is terrible, Hamilton has Burris, mostly QBS just shuffling teams-- There are very few starting QBS in the league-- GLENN on CGY another example of the LACK OF DEPTH of starting QBS--

We have AD, we must KEEP HIm- WE MUST PAY HIM-- If we lose him, we are TOAST-- Where do we go them when AC gets a CONCUSSIOn and retires that same game lol? Who do we have?

It can take years to find a good QB- Popp needs to also contact the SEC area in states ALabama LSU area and find some DBs, that area for SCOUTING is where TILLMAN is well connected and CHRIS JONES is also-- That is how TORONTO has a brand new secondary that looks pretty good- THier DBS make plays and are all big and fast--

POPP needs to find BIGGER AND TALLER and FASTER DBS--- Williams, Brown and Anderson and Estelle are all too SMALL, need bigger dbs to cover-- Remember Brandon BRowner and look at the INTERCEPTION on CALVILLO before half, that DB was 6'5 wow --------

POPP needs to stop slacking and start FOCUSSING on the weakest area which is D END SPEED RUSHER and also SECONDARY--




We are not really seeing a REGRESSION by the ALS in scouting department, what we are SEEING is other CFL teams are JUST SCOUTING BETTER--

Look at some teams and look at the LEVEL of SCOUTING they are doing in the past few years---

Edmonton- Tillman retooled the Defense and by the looks of it they have the BEST DEFENSE In the CFL-

TOronto- In a matter of 1 season their entire Defense has been changed- All big fast good football players-

BC- Last year brought in awesome talent from the states on route to a grey cup--

SASK- garbage last season, this season new secondary linebackers and they are in 1st place--

Calgary- brought in 3 new secondary players- all look good and big and fast---

Other teams are SCOUTING good PLAYERS on the D LINE and in the SECONDARY-- Its all about IMPORTS and the quality of IMPORTS-- IMPORTS can and should be NFL ABILITY--
MONTREAL's imports are not NFL LEVEL PLAYERS-- Seth Williams is nothing--There are much better players available--

POPP has to CATCH UP and look at what other teams are SCOUTING and FROM WHERE-- THey have to go SOUTH or TEXAS and bring in better players-- EDMONTON was down to their 3rd stringer Db and he was reallly good and made an INT- Their second stringer played vs BC and also looked really big and physical- NOt surprisingley both the 2nd and 3rd stringer DB from Edomonth had NFL experience and SIGNIFICANT NFL EXPERIENCE--

I've been tracking our US scouting and just about EVERY single prospect comes from the Carolinas. That's a huge problem for me. Ticats have found incredible talent by having McManus scout Florida, he's been worth his weight in gold and black I guess :slight_smile: Lions have owned California. I am starting to be real uneasy about our scouting in the US. This organization needs a wake up call...

Yep its time for new scouts-- Maybe they should go to the Texas area? You could get a wicked athletic IMPORT secondary from there and I am sure a pass rush also--

Nick Lewis is from Texas, that worked out well--

POPP has never really scouted a great secondary- Always undersized Dbs who arent good on anything downfield-- If you look at the CURRENT CFL you need Dbs 6 feet and taller-- Toronto has done this and even has Dbs well over 6 feet some in the area of 6'2 to 6'5---

That makes it much harder on a wide field to complete a pass-- Calgary also brought in FRED BENNET and QUINCY BUTLER who both have good size--

IF you are smaller, you better be able to cover good and be super fast--

Maybe Deslauriers can be CONVERTED to play CORNER? HE can replace SETH WILLIAMS- He might be a natural, he can run STRAIGHT up and down the field without cutting, and is good at DEFLECTING the Football and not catching it and would provide a BIG corner at 6'4-- He would look imposing to QBs who might not test him--- THey can change his last name on the jersey to WASHINGTON or JONES - a name that would make him look good--

Did you know Jim was an undersized DB ? :wink:

Seriously. I don't have a problem with our guys but yes going forward the trend is to taller and bigger guys. Most of that is Trestman's fault. He's the one who brought over that offense with the big physical receivers running rubs and blocks. :smiley:

Actually I'm kind of hoping Reinebold will be a good scout for us in Texas. I'd certainly give him that mandate and pick up the expenses if I was the Als.

[i]Every single prospect comes form North Carolina, because that is where Popp and Trestman live. With his last contract, Popp got permission to work in his pyjamas from his home, in NORTH CAROLINA. Popp isn’t even trying anymore. Wetenhall (who is rumoured to be not always in tune…) loves Popp and trusts him. Popp is running the team… Lalonde was fired because he complained that Popp was the real boss.

Popp and Trestman are sucking up their 500k a year salaries, and control the team 100%. They are sitting on their laurels, rings and achievements, to bleed the team dry. They are now complacent and lazy fat cats. They know they can get away with it, cause the owner trusts them. This team needs a top to bottom purge.

New ownership and a whole new staff. If that doesn’t happen, 3 years from now we’ll all be talkin bout the Habs… [/i]

It is clear that TRESTMAN and POPP are sitting at home eating Lucky Charms in their Pajamas. The following reasons lead me to that statement.

Alouettes have been LAZY relying on Free Agents to bolster their weaknesses. Added to this fact is that the FREE AGENTS have been busts and 2 have been cut. They missed the boat badly with Aaron HUNT and Marc RESTELLI. They got lazy and ended up with 2 guys that weren't that impactfull and it showed in their play and the lack of demand from the rest of the CFL about these players.

After the back to back GREY CUP CHAMPIONSHIPS I am sure that POPP and TRESTMAN were on top of the world. The OWNER probably loved them. I mean they brought back to back TITLES which is something rarely done these days. POPP and TRESTMAN were legendary, and they had the USUAL GREY CUP HANGOVER and they didnt have a great season last year however this season is looking like POPP and TRESTMAN did nothing in the off season to bolster the team. An argument can be made that POPP and TRESTMAN actually made the team worse this season with key releases of Anwar Stewart, Guzman, and by retaining Seth Williams who cant cover and DESLAURIERS.

An argument can also be made that the ALS have not been doing their research with the CIS draft. Lately there has been an array of good CANADIAN receivers that the Als have failed to capatalize on. The ALS do draft offensive lineman in the Draft but they have missed out on guys like Sean Gore, Nate Cooehorn, Shamad Chambers, Marco Iannuzi, the ALS should have drafted a STUD CANADIAN receiver to help with the import ratio --

Popp and Trestman failed to do any real serious MANAGEMENT of the team pretty much and tried to use a BANDAGE solution by signing free agents from a GREY CUP WINNING TEAM BC LIONS and by signing another player whose biggest thing was a NFL TRYOUT despite doing nothing in the CFL. Now we are stuck with players like Seth Williams, Osaiao, and slower defensive lineman, vs bigger athletes. I think the ALS have been outmuscled in the Calgary game and the game vs the Tigercats-- The current lineup is filled with weak players or NON IMPACT PLAYERS--

This is why POPP and TRESTMAN probably start AC because they are so LOST and COMPLACENT after winning that they think they are GODS, but they dont know that the LEVEL of TALENT on this team is not ELITE to compete for a GREY CUP-

Agreed. We're doing way too much scouting in Popp's backyard and not enough canvassing of other states in the US. This is a difficult time and there will be changes, eventually.

Is Okeke still not scouting for the Als?

At one time, they had him and at least one other scout splitting the US, one covering the east and one covering the west.
Not sure if that is still the case.

One point about AC's play of late. Not disputing the fact that last night was not one of his better night's.

But so far this season (excluding last night) he and the O have had to put up over 30 pts to have a chance at winning.
That's a tall task for any QB and O.

I'm giving some credit to Chris Jones and his defence here. They made some key plays when they had to. I doubt McPherson could have fared much better. Gonna be a long week.

Maybe McPherson can magically make Green able to hang on to the football, or Lavoie be where he's supposed to be on second and short. :roll:

A quick comment. AC is not the problem! He is still one of the best in the League.

Number 1 priority is to improve the defence/play of the defence.


Agreed, Richard.

Amidst the gloom, the defense's second half of football and our (hold breath) improved special teams play are positive signs. Guy was consistently ripping off big gains on kick returns, we limited Owens to one big punt return, and we didn't make any catastrophic mistakes (blocked punt, etc.). If we can build on these positives, we'll be better than people think. It's a big 'if', though. As I've said before, one good half of football is not a large enough sample size to convince me that our D has turned a corner.

Even if he is he is also on the verge of retirement and we have a young, talented QB that we are letting rot on the bench for the sake of playing a guy who is better now but won't be around next year and is on the decline. If we dont start playing MacPherson soon we are going to lose him at the end of the year to free agency and then youll really see attendance drop with a third stringer starting games.

Calvillo's talent isn't in question it's the long term viability of riding him as much as possible that is